easy unicorn birthday party ideas

Today, we’re introducing 5 easy unicorn birthday party ideas. For a unicorn fan, what would be better than having a unicorn themed birthday party? I hope this post will get you inspired to start planning the perfect unicorn birthday party! Whether it’s a kid’s birthday party or an adult unicorn fan’s birthday party, a unicorn themed party will make your birthday truly unique and memorable.

This post is not only limited to unicorn birthday party decor ideas. We’re introducing unicorn themed ideas for sending the birthday party invitations as well. We’ll also give you some ideas for unicorn themed games and activities you can set up for a birthday party.

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1. Send the Magical Unicorn Birthday Invitations.

Organizing a magical unicorn birthday party starts by sending the invitations to the birthday guests.

This unicorn birthday party invitation card pack includes 25 unicorn birthday party invitation cards, 50 matching envelopes and 25 thank you cards! So, you can also send thank you cards for the party guests later. This set is top rated on Amazon. It’s an absolutely magical, cute and easy way to send the birthday invitations AND thank you cards!

2. Unicorn Birthday Party Made Easy – Unicorn Party Pack

A unicorn party pack is the easiest way to get the decorations you need for a magical unicorn birthday party.

This unicorn party pack is highly recommended. It’s top rated and it’s also on Amazon’s choice list. This pack has party ware for 16. The 16 unicorn paper cups, paper plates, paper straws and paper napkins make this pack an eco-friendly choice. A unicorn table cover is also included in the set.

You also get all the essential unicorn party decorations with this pack; a unicorn birthday bunting and unicorn balloons.

This pack even includes unicorn themed accessories for the birthday girl or boy; a cute unicorn headband with a golden horn and a bracelet.

A unicorn party pack is a time-saver because you don’t need to buy all the party ware separately. For a kid’s unicorn themed birthday party, this is the perfect pack. It works perfectly well for adults too, but the unicorn headband and bracelet might be too small for adults.

But don’t worry, you can also make your own unicorn headband! This tutorial is for making a Halloween unicorn headband, but just change the colors of the materials, and you can make a unicorn headband for any occasion.

3. Take the Birthday Photos with a Magical Background.

When you’re having a birthday party, you want to take some photos, right? Taking magical unicorn birthday party photos requires, obviously, a unicorn photography background! This unicorn photography background is on Amazon’s choice list, comes in different sizes and it’s very affordable. Plus it’s super cute.

4. Need Some Party Activities? – Try Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Party Game!

This is a classic party game, but a unicorn version! Hugo & Emmy Pin the unicorn party game comes with 24 numbered horn stickers, so that it’s easier to keep track of the results. The game also comes with 24 numbered prize stickers. The horn stickers are reusable, so this game can be played multiple times.

A cute unicorn blindfold is included with the game. I think the unicorn on the poster is just sooo cute!

5. A Finishing Touch – Unicorn Cupcake Toppers and Unicorn Gift Bags

Now, I’d like to give you a couple of more unicorn birthday party ideas for a finishing touch.

If you like baking, these unicorn cupcake toppers and wrappers really give birthday cupcakes the perfect look! This is a set of 24. Amazon customers seem to love them, because they are top rated and on Amazon’s choice list.

The unicorn gift bags are also top rated and on Amazon’s choice list. This is the perfect bag for a unicorn fan’s birthday present. The gift bags can also be given to party guests with candy inside.

Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas – Which One Is Your Favorite?

By now, you probably have some unicorn party ideas on your mind. I hope this post gave you some inspiration for planning a unicorn birthday party, whether it’s a child’s birthday party or your own. Remember, you’re never too old for unicorns, so it’s totally allowed to have a unicorn party, even if you’re all grown-up!

Did you find a favorite in the unicorn birthday party ideas we introduced today? Or did you get inspired by them and got some more ideas? Have you ever had a unicorn themed party or are you planning to have one? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. My little sister’s birthday is coming up soon and I thought she would love some of these themes and ideas. I think the post is well put and the designs and colors are really cute. I think the unicorn could be the next best idea for her birthday coming up. Thank you for the post

    1. Hi Ian,

      Happy to hear you liked these unicorn birthday party ideas!

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