7 Amazing Unicorn Facts + A Unicorn Quiz!

7 amazing unicorn facts

Have you read a lot about unicorns, and even consider yourself a unicorn expert? But how much do you really know about unicorns? Test your unicorn knowledge with this fun unicorn quiz! Just answer the 7 questions on the unicorn quiz, and find out 7 amazing unicorn facts.

Please share your result in the comment section below this post, and in social media. Did you know the right answer for all the questions, or not quite?

After taking the unicorn quiz, read today´s post and learn more about the 7 amazing unicorn facts! These are not the most common unicorn facts, and they will take your unicorn knowledge to a new level.

Test Your Unicorn Knowledge

do unicorns have magical powers

How much do you really know about unicorns? Test yourself with this unicorn quiz!

Test Your Unicorn Knowledge

Question 1 of 7.

Where are unicorns born?

1. In stardust
2. In fairy dust
3. In pollen
Question 2 of 7.

What is a baby unicorn called?

1. A sparkle
2. A rainbow
3. A buttercup
Question 3 of 7.

At what age do unicorns gain their magic?

1. When they are born.
2. At 5 years old.
3. At 10 years old.
Question 4 of 7.

Which one of the following unicorns DO NOT need to survive?

1. Sunlight.
2. Their horn.
3. Food.
Question 5 of 7.

How many unicorns are able to speak?

1. None of them.
2. One in four unicorns.
3. Half of them.
Question 6 of 7.

Which country or area has the highest unicorn population?

1. Scotland.
2. North America
3. France
Question 7 of 7.

Which one of the following was a real prehistoric animal?

1. Giant African unicorn
2. Cave unicorn
3. Siberian unicorn

Next question 1 of 7

All 7 questions completed!

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Test Your Unicorn Knowledge

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Please do not peek at the text below before taking the unicorn quiz!

7 amazing unicorn facts unicorns are born in stardust

1. Unicorns Are Born In Stardust.

According to Madeline Swanson´s book Unicorn Secrets: 30 Magical Secrets of Raina the Unicorn, “unicorns are made when stardust combines with river mist and light of the rainbow”. This doesn’t happen very often.

Moreover, it is not just any stardust that makes unicorns. All the stardust that makes new unicorns comes from the stars in the constellation of Monoceros.

Monoceros means ‘unicorn’ in Greek. Monoceros can be seen in the night sky on both Northern and Southern Hemisphere of the Earth, so it can be seen all over the world.

2. A Unicorn Baby Is Called A Sparkle.

A baby unicorn is called a sparkle. When a unicorn is born, there is a magic trail left after the new unicorn.

Common places for unicorns to be born are waterfalls; the river mist and rainbows needed for making new unicorns are there.

3. Unicorns Gain Most Of Their Magic On Their 5th Birthday.

You might think unicorns are born with all the magical powers they have, but that´s not the case. Are humans born with all the abilities we have as grown-ups?

No, we´re not. Human babies can´t speak or walk, and neither can unicorn babies make much magic. The older the unicorn, the stronger its magical powers.

Unicorn babies can only make their coats shine and their horns glow a little. On its 5th unicorn, a unicorn returns to its place of birth with its family. Then, when the night falls, Monoceros gives the little unicorn its magical powers as a 5th birthday present.

7 amazing unicorn facts a baby unicorn

4. Unicorns Don´t Need Food To Survive.

This might be a little surprising, but unicorns don’t need food to survive. They do need sunlight and their horns. In fact, they absorb energy from sunlight trough their horns. It is like photosynthesis, which plants use in order to get energy.

Obviously, unicorns are not plants, but they are magical animals. They have magical abilities, such as an ability to survive without food.

Even though unicorns don´t need food to survive, it doesn’t mean they don’t eat. Unicorns love food! They eat horse food, like oats, grass, flowers and hay.

Unicorns also eat human foods, and they are very fond of sweets. Rainbows are one of the things unicorns eat for fun.

Read more about unicorn´s diet on this post.

5. One In Four Unicorns Can Speak.

Unicorns can understand any human language, so you can speak to a unicorn in your own native language. However, only one in hour unicorns can speak in human languages.

The majority of unicorns, that cannot speak, use telepathy for speaking to a human they are bonded with.

When communicating with a human a unicorn is not bonded with, a unicorn can send just emotions instead of thoughts. Unicorns can also nod their heads yes and no.

6. Scotland Has The Biggest Unicorn Population In The World.

7 amazing unicorn facts scotland has the worlds largest unicorn population
Scotland is probably the most unicorn friendly country or area in the world. Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland, and they even have a national unicorn day on April 9th. Being a very unicorn friendly place, Scotland has the biggest unicorn population in the world.

The landscape of Scotland is so beautiful and magical, it is easy to understand why unicorns love it there. There are rivers and lakes in the highlands, creating river mist.

Combined with rainbows and stardust, the river mist makes the circumstances right for unicorns to be born. The wild and untamed nature of Scotland is an ideal place for unicorns to be born, and they love it in such a beautiful natural environment.

7. Siberian Unicorn Was A Real Animal – It Just May Not Look Like You Expect.

Siberian unicorn, Elasmotherium sibericum, was a gigantic animal, that lived on Earth up to until 35 000 years ago. Siberian unicorn looked more like a rhino than a horse, but it had a horn on its forehead. Rhinos have a horn-like feature on their noses.

Because of the horn on its forehead like a unicorn, the Siberian unicorn is called, well, a unicorn.

Read more about the Siberian unicorn and other unicorn findings here.

7 Amazing Unicorn Facts – How Did You Do In The Unicorn Quiz?

These were the 7 amazing unicorn facts I wanted to share with you. Unicorns are born in stardust, actually when stardust from Monoceros constellation mixes with river mist and light of the rainbow.

A unicorn baby, sparkle, is born with only a little bit of magic. On its 5th birthday, a unicorn returns to its place of birth with its parents. At nightfall, Monoceros gives the little unicorn its magic.

Isn’t it peculiar, that unicorns don’t need food to survive? They get their energy directly from sunlight through their horns. Unicorns do enjoy eating, though, and they eat all kinds of foods.

Did you know only one in four unicorns can speak in human languages? All unicorns can understand any human language, though. The unicorns that can’t speak use telepathy for speaking to a human.

Scotland is the most unicorn friendly place on Earth, and the unicorn population of Scotland is the highest in the world. Unicorns love the magical highlands of Scotland.

Have you heard of the Siberian unicorn before? It was a prehistoric animal living in the Ice Age. Actually, the Siberian unicorn looked more like a rhino than a typical unicorn.

So, how did you do in the unicorn quiz? Did any of these unicorn facts surprise you? Please share in the comment section below!

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  1. Lots of cool facts here, but I actually didn’t know Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn. I also didn’t know that  the Siberian Unicorn existed. I just looked it up to see what it looked like and it kind of looks terrifying compared to what unicorns are portrayed as today lol. Looks fascinating, but wouldn’t want to cross paths with one in the wild, if they were still around. 

    1. Hi Nate,

      That´s right, the Siberian unicorn was not very pretty. It looked like a rhino, but actually uglier than a rhino, because I think rhinos are kind of cute. Like many animals in the Ice Age, the Siberian unicorn was huge and hairy. The only reason they call it a “unicorn” is the horn on its forehead.

  2. Loved the quiz, somehow I only got two wrong, think that I was going back to my youth of many years ago when we used to read about Unicorns in comics and other such papers that we had as children, must just have a good memory!

    If possible think that the answers really just required a logical and common sense approach to them.

    Very good post.


    1. Hi Stuart,

      Thank you for sharing your quiz result with us. Well done! Books and comics certainly are a good source for learning about unicorns and other magical creatures.

  3. Okay, I took the test and got 6 of 7 correct (only one in 4 can speak with humans?). That is actually better than I thought I would do. I guess all those hours playing with the girls so many years ago when they were young daughters learning about the world stuck!

    It could be that I am just lucky too because I think the girls used to make up the rules for the unicorns and what powers they had and what they could do. They were very powerful as I remember! Much more than the real unicorns perhaps, but we together decided that our unicorns were special.

    The quiz was a fun activity and although I did not share it I got a lot of enjoyment from this post. I am a better unicorn fan from the quiz and a better informed one too. Thanks for making my day, and that is yet another power that unicorns have (brighten your day!)…  

    1. Hello Dave,

      Well done, 6 out of 7 is an excellent result! Thanks for sharing it with us.

      I´m sure you’ve learnt a lot about unicorns from your daughters. Even if your daughters made up some of the unicorn powers, they actually might have been right about them, because each unicorn has unique powers. Some unicorns might have powers we don’t even know about. The unicorn power you mentioned, brightening your day, is probably my favorite! 

  4. I got 7 out of 7 in the quiz.  I didn’t realise I knew so much about unicorns? 

    Unicorns are very popular right now. I think it’s because we need to believe in magic in theses troubled and turbulent times. 

    It does make you wonder if there were such actual living creatures as pictures were found in early Mesopotamian artworks. There were also references to them in ancient myths of China and India. 

    Stories about them supposedly began 2,000 years ago in ancient Greece. So there must have been something similar living in ancient times.

    Thank you, I enjoyed the post, very interesting.

    1. Wow, that´s an awesome result, you truly are a unicorn expert!

      I agree, in the modern world with so many problems we need unicorn magic more than ever. 

      Yes, in ancient Greece unicorns were mentioned as part of natural history. So, they were considered real animals. Some of the old unicorn references were actually rhinos; people didn’t know what unicorns look like, so they confused rhinos with unicorns. But maybe there were some other animals too, animals that were more like how we imagine unicorns. 

      Thank you for taking the quiz and sharing your result, and your thoughtful comment. 🙂

  5. How charmingly whimsical.

    I can’t resist a quiz. 

    The closest I ever got to a unicorn was my daughter’s My Little Pony, unicorn version. And answering the quiz?… all were guesses. I got 3 of 7 correct. 

    When I shared the quiz on Facebook, I mentioned my daughter in a comment. Curious as to how many will take the quiz on my timeline.

    So, I am curious… how often are new unicorns born? Did they originate in Scotland? How widespread over the world are they? Do they only live in colder climates? Do they stay with one partner for life? What kind of magic can they do? Are they really angels’ messengers?

    I guess I have to bookmark this site and check back by for the answers. 

    A life well lived needs whimsey. I appreciate this work.


    1. Thanks, Mike! If you were just guessing, I think you did well with 3 out of 7 right. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your quiz result, I also appreciate you shared the quiz on your Facebook page.

      I haven´t found the answer how often new unicorns are born. I just know they are not born very often, because the right circumstances don´t take place too often. However, unicorns do live quite long, at least hundreds of years. 

      Unicorns didn’t originate in Scotland, or they might have. There are different stories about the first unicorns. According to one I have heard, the first unicorns were born in Himalayas.

      Unicorns live around the world, even in cold climate. They even live here in Finland. Unicorns are most widespread in Europe. They also live in North and South America, East and South East Asia, India, Africa, Arabian peninsula and Australia. So, they exist on every continent.

      As far as I´m aware of, unicorns don´t live their whole lives with one partner. However, unicorns usually live in small family groups. 

      Each unicorn has unique magical powers, but the common ones include ability to purify water, healing wounds and illnesses, granting wishes, extraordinary speed and strength, ability to run for days without exhaustion and ability to get energy directly from the sun.

      No, unicorns are not angels’ messengers. Unicorns make their own decisions and live according to their own guidelines, which are, of course, very pure and noble. 

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