Best Valentine Unicorn Plush Gifts 2020

valentine unicorn plush gifts

Valentine’s day is approaching. One of the cutest Valentine’s day gifts is an adorable Valentine unicorn plush. If you are looking for a Valentine’s day gift for a unicorn lover, these are the best Valentine unicorn plush gifts to consider.

First, let’s have a look at 3 things you should consider before buying a plush gift for Valentine’s day.

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Stuffed Animal Valentine’s Day Gift

1. What Kind of Plush Is Great for a Valentine’s Day Gift?

If you are considering a plush as a Valentine’s day gift, think about what your sweetheart likes. Does he or she even like plushies? Many adults do, though, and you know best what your loved one likes. If your special someone likes unicorns and cute unicorn stuff, a unicorn plush is an excellent Valentine’s day gift.

OK, then you need to decide what kind of unicorn plush to purchase.

You are going to buy a Valentine’s gift, so you might want to have some extra cute factor on it. Pink color is often a good choice. Ideally, the Valentine’s gift plush is fluffy and huggable. Hearts are always a plus.

2. Do You Want Just a Plush or Something Extra?

You might buy a plush just for display and cuddling.

But there are also plushies with some extra qualities. Some stuffed animals are especially designed to double as a pillow. There are even scented stuffed animals! A sweet scent might add some extra romantic factor to the stuffed animal.

So, you can get a plush toy just for display and fun, or the plush toy can double as a relaxation tool.

3. Should You Buy a Small or Big Plush?

Usually, smaller stuffed animals are cheaper, and big ones are more expensive. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can purchase a small, medium-sized or big plush.

However, it is possible to get a surprisingly big plush with a small budget. Actually, all the unicorn plushies I’m going to introduce you today come with a generous size and a reasonable price.

Infloatables 13″ (33 cm) White Unicorns Plush Toy with Pink Wings, Rainbow Hair & Writable Pink Heart Paws

If you are looking for a super cute unicorn plush for the Valentine’s day, this smiling winged unicorn plush is the go-to gift. The 13 inch (33 cm) tall white unicorn has pink wings and hooves, a golden horn and a rainbow colored mane and tail.

The Infloatables unicorn plush is made with premium material, and it meets the USA child safety standards.

The hearts on the unicorn’s hooves make this an adorable Valentine’s gift.

This unicorn friend also comes with some extra features, that make it a perfect gift:

  • The unicorn has special writable heart paws! This means you can write a special message on the unicorn’s paws with a dry erase or permanent marker. That is a perfect way to personalize this unicorn gift for your loved one.
  • This unicorn arrives pre-packaged and gift-ready. You don’t even need to pack your present!
  • As an extra fun factor, the Infloatables unicorn comes with a birth certificate.

The Infloatables unicorn plush is on Amazon’s choice list for “adopt a unicorn”. It has an average 5 star rating from hundreds of happy customers. If you want to see what they are saying about this unicorn plush, click on the link below:


Lunaki 19” (48 cm) Unicorn Stuffed Animal Plush Toy in Pink Tutu Dress

What could be cuter than a cute unicorn? A cute unicorn wearing a tutu!

That’s what you get, if you decide to adopt the Lunaki unicorn plush. This 19 inch (48 cm) tall cutie is wearing a pink ballerina dress and ballet shoes for added cuteness.

Lunaki unicorn plush arrives in a premium gift box. She even has an adoption certificate with her, so you can officially adopt a unicorn!

The Lunaki brand is actually a luxury toy maker, and receiving a Lunaki plush as a Valentine’s day gift is sure to impress your loved one.

The price of this ballerina unicorn plush is not luxurious, though. It’s very affordable, and more than a hundred happy customers have rated the Lunaki unicorn plush with 5 stars on average.

Have a closer look at the Lunaki unicorn on the link below.

Mary Meyer Blush Putty Stuffed Animal Soft Toy, Unicorn, 13” (33 cm)

If you are looking for a cute unicorn plush gift with a Teddy bear look and feel, you should consider Mary Meyer Blush Putty unicorn plush. I am saying this because this is a top rated product with an affordable price, and this plush looks very much like a Teddy bear to me, except for it’s a unicorn.

This stuffed animal is soft, fluffy and pink, which are desired qualities for a Valentine’s gift plush.

Mary Meyer company has been around since 1933, and they are an environmentally conscious company. Purchasing one of their soft toys is a safe choice, as you can tell by more than a hundred customer reviews with a 5 star average rating.

Pillow Pets Sweet Scented Pets, Cotton Candy Unicorn, 16″ (40 cm) Cotton Candy Scented Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

The Pillow Pets Cotton Candy unicorn has to be the sweetest Valentine’s gift ever!

The Pillow Pets company makes stuffed animals that double as pillows. That is the case with the Cotton Candy unicorn too; it is a plush toy, but you can unfasten its belly, and it becomes a pillow.

That’s not all though; as the name suggests, the Pillow Pets Cotton Candy Unicorn is scented with a smell of sweet cotton candy! What would be sweeter for a Valentine’s day gift?

If your loved one likes unicorns and cotton candy, this soft toy is definitely the go-to gift.

The Cotton Candy unicorn is on Amazon’s choice list for “scented pillow”, so it is the most recommended scented pillow by Amazon.

There are more than a hundred customer reviews with top rating on this scented pillow plush. See on the link below what people think of this product.


GUND Pusheenicorn Plush Stuffed Animal Rainbow Cat Unicorn, 13″ (33 cm)

GUND Pusheenicorn Plush is actually a cat with a unicorn horn. However, it might be the most popular unicorn plush on Amazon! It has way over 1,000 reviews with a 5 star average rating. This magical cat is on Amazon’s choice list for “pusheen unicorn”.

GUND is a brand you can trust, when it comes to quality soft toys. The Pusheenicorn plush is made of soft, huggable, quality material.

You might recognize Pusheenicorn from Facebook. Pusheen is the cute cat character available on stickers on Facebook Messenger. Now Pusheen has been mixed with a unicorn, and Pusheenicorn is born!

The receiver of this gift won’t be disappointed; Pusheenicorn is cute, trendy and good quality. It is also very affordable, which is also a criteria for Amazon’s choice products.

See on the link below, what thousands of happy customers are saying about GUND Pusheenicorn stuffed animal.

Best Valentine Unicorn Plush Gifts – Which One Is Your Favorite?

So, these are the best Valentine unicorn plush gifts in 2020. This is not only my opinion, but also hundreds of happy customers have given these plushies top ratings.

A cute unicorn plush is an adorable Valentines present to give to a unicorn lover. It doesn’t matter if it is for a grown-up; surprisingly many adults still love stuffed animals!

A pink color and a soft, fluffy feel are qualities to look for in a Valentine plush gift. Mary Meyer Blush Putty unicorn stuffed animal has all these qualities.

Lunaki unicorn stuffed animal has some extra cuteness, because this unicorn plush is wearing a pink tutu.

In my opinion, Infloatables white unicorn plush is the best Valentine unicorn plush gift of all.

That is because it has hundreds of reviews with an average 5 star rating, and the plush comes with heart paws you can write a personal message on. If you give this unicorn plush to your loved one, he or she will always remember it is from you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a unicorn plush that is more than just a plush, you should consider Pillow Pets scented Cotton Candy Unicorn. This stuffed unicorn doubles as a pillow, and it is scented with a smell of sweet cotton candy. This is a go-to gift for someone who loves unicorns and cotton candy.

GUND Pusheenicorn has more than 1,000 reviews with a 5 star average rating on Amazon. This makes it probably the most popular unicorn plush on Amazon! Pusheenicorn is a good choice, if you’re after a fun and cute Valentine’s gift, and especially if your sweetheart likes both unicorns and cats.


With these unicorn plushies, you don’t need to settle for a mini-sized gift. They all have a nice size, and also a nice price. There’s no need to spend a fortune to find a quality stuffed animal with a generous size. A generous size for a stuffed animal means there’s more to hug!

And when you don’t need to spend all your money on a Valentine’s day gift, you will have more money to spend on a Valentine’s day dinner, wine, chocolate… Anything you want to have on this special day with your loved one.


Please let me know, if you found your favorite out of these cute unicorn plushies. Have a magical Valentine’s day!


  1. I think that unicorn gifts are the best gifts that you can provide for a loved one because they seem to be an image of good luck but I think that they are so much more. Do you think that there are any other symbolic creatures like the unicorn that can bring so much prosperity to the world? What is your favorite color unicorn?

    1. Hi Jon,

      I think unicorn brings the most blessing and luck, but there are other creatures that bring luck too. Out of magical creatures, dragon and phoenix are symbols of luck. The unicorn’s non-magical cousin, horse, is often seen as a symbol of luck.

      When it comes to animals that symbolize love (now that Valentine’s day is approaching, these animals might be interesting to know about), horse is on the list of love symbols as well. Dolphin, dove and swan are also known as messengers of love.

      My favorite color unicorn? A pink unicorn, of course! I also like light purple unicorns. How about you, what is your favorite color unicorn?

  2. Hello Kirsti. Valentine’s day is fast approaching and in a few days from now, we’d kickoff with the celebration. So thanks for sharing this article and guide on the best Valentine unicorn plush gifts. It’d be cool if the plush is bigger and scented.

    Well, among all these, my favourite is the first one because it looks really beautiful and has lots of nice features too. It looks truly appealing to me.

    1. Yeah, just a few days to go, until it’s time to get really sweet with hearts (and unicorns)!

      I also think the first unicorn plush is probably the best Valentine unicorn plush gift out of these all. It’s just perfect for a Valentine’s gift!

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