DIY Winged Unicorn Christmas Tree Decorations

DIY Winged Unicorn Christmas Tree Decorations

Today, we’re going to make easy and affordable DIY winged unicorn Christmas tree decorations.

These beautiful unicorn Christmas tree ornaments look like sweet unicorn angels. Get ready for Christmas in unicorn style with this fun DIY project.

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Tools and Materials Needed:

DIY Winged Unicorn Christmas Tree Decorations – Step-by-Step

1. Cut the Unicorn’s Body and Wings out of the Felt

Cut two identical unicorn shapes out of the white felt fabric. You can make a pattern first if you want. The unicorn’s body shape can be plain and rounded.

2. Cut the Unicorn’s Wings

Then, cut two identical wings out of the felt. Cut two identical wing shapes out of the glitter fabric as well.

3. Cut the Unicorn’s Ears

Cut the unicorn’s ears out of the felt as well. You can cut the inner parts of the ears out of the fabric scraps if you want.

4. Cut the Unicorn’s Horn

Cut a triangle-shaped piece of felt for the unicorn’s horn. Cut an identical shape out of the glitter fabric.

DIY Winged Unicorn Christmas Tree Ornaments - Cut the Unicorn Out of Felt

5. Cut Lengths of Yarn for the Unicorn’s Mane and Tail

You can also cut shorter lengths of yarn for the unicorn’s bangs if you want.

6. Tie the Unicorn’s Tail Hair Together with a Length of Yarn

Take a short length of yarn to tie the unicorn’s tail hair together.

7. Roll the Triangle-Shaped Fabric into a Horn and Sew

Roll the triangle-shaped felt fabric piece into a horn. Then, sew to keep it together. Wrap the piece of glitter fabric around the horn and sew it in place.

8. Sew the Fabric Scraps into the Ears

If you cut the fabric scraps for the ears, sew them into the ears.

9. Sew the Ribbon into the Wings

Take a length of ribbon and tie the ends together. Sew the ribbon loop on the inside of the felt wings, so that the ribbon is between the two wings.

10. Sew the Glitter Mesh Pieces on the Wings

Sew the glitter mesh wings on the felt wings.

11. Sew the Unicorn’s Ears on Top of Its Head

Sew the left ear on the left side of the unicorn, and the right ear on the right side.

12. Sew the Two Sides of the Unicorn’s Body Together

Start at the front side of the body. Move up towards the head. When you reach the unicorn’s forehead, place the horn between the two sides. Sew the horn in place. Then, place the unicorn’s bangs behind the horn. Sew it in place.

13. Sew the Unicorn’s Mane

Put the unicorn’s mane hair between the two sides of the head. Sew it in place.

14. Sew the Wings on the Unicorn’s Back

When you reach the unicorn’s back, place the wings between the sides of the body. Sew them in place.

15. Sew the Unicorns’ Tail

When you reach the unicorn’s bum, put the tail between the two halves of the body. Sew it in place.

16. Fill the Unicorn with Fiber Fill

Leave a little hole in the unicorn so you can fill it with pillow stuffing. Then, sew the hole closed.

17. Sew the Unicorn’s Eyes

Sew two black beads on both sides of the unicorn’s head. You can use the same length of thread for sewing the beads. Sew through the unicorn’s head. This way, the eyes look symmetrical.

DIY Winged Unicorn Christmas Tree Decoration Hanging on Christmas Tree

And you’re done! Now you can hang your winged unicorn Christmas tree decoration on the Christmas tree.

If you want even more unicorns on your Christmas tree, check our post on the best unicorn Christmas lights.

How did this DIY project go for you? Please let me know in the comments. Have a magical Christmas!

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