DIY Winged Unicorn Christmas Tree Decorations – 7 Easy Steps

diy winged unicorn christmas tree decorations

Does your Christmas tree still need some more magic and sparkle? Let’s make some easy DIY winged unicorn Christmas tree decorations! If you’re tired of the same old Christmas tree decorations you hang on the tree every year, flying unicorns are something new and different. And the best part is, that you get to enjoy Christmas unicorn crafting!

This is an easy and budget-friendly last-minute Christmas craft for unicorn fans. The winged unicorn Christmas tree decoration also makes a nice Christmas present.

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DIY Winged Unicorn Christmas Tree Decorations – Items Needed



  • Embroidery needles


1. Cut the Unicorn, Wings, Ears and the Horn Out of Felt.

The first thing we’re going to do is cutting the unicorn shape out of the felt. The wings, ears and horn will be cut separately, so leave them out of the unicorn’s body. It’s easier to cut the felt unicorn, if you make a pattern first. The shape of the unicorn can be rounded, with round legs. We’re not aiming to get a realistic unicorn shape here.

Cut two reversed pieces of felt for the unicorn’s body. Also, cut two unicorn ears. You can cut two smaller pieces of a different fabric to make the insides of the ears, if you want. Cut two reversed wings of the felt as well. Then, cut two reversed pieces of the lace or mesh, making them the same shape as the wings.

Cut a triangular shape of felt for the unicorn’s horn. Also, cut a similar shape of the lace or mesh.

diy winged unicorn christmas tree decorations - felt

2. Cut Lengths of Yarn for the Mane and Tail.

Cut some lengths of yarn for the unicorn’s mane and tail. Make sure you cut each length double the length you want the mane and tail to be. You can also cut some shorter lengths of yarn for the unicorn’s bangs.

You can tie the tail hair together, so that the unicorn’s tail won’t look scattered.

3. Sew the Unicorn’s Horn and Ears.

Roll the piece of felt you cut for the unicorn horn, so that it becomes a horn. Sew the horn to keep it in this shape.

Next, take the piece of lace or mesh you cut for the unicorn horn. Roll it around the horn to decorate it, and sew it to attach it to the horn.

If you cut the smaller pieces of fabric to decorate the unicorn’s ears, sew the pieces to the ears. Sew them on the front sides of the ears. Then, sew the ears on each side of the unicorn; the left ear on the left side and the right ear on the right side.

4. Sew the Wings.

Now, let’s sew the pieces of lace or mesh to the unicorn’s wings. Sew the lace on the outside of the wing.

Take the length of ribbon and fold it in two. Sew the wings to the ribbon, so that they cover it.

5. Sew the Winged Unicorn.

We’re going to sew the unicorn together and attach all the pieces to the body. I would suggest starting at the unicorn’s neck. Sew upwards towards the face. When you reach the forehead, insert the unicorn’s horn and some shorter lengths of yarn for the bangs between the two pieces of unicorn’s body. Keep sewing.

Insert some mane hair and the unicorn’s ears on top of the head. Attach them by sewing. Insert more mane hair as far down as you want to, and keep sewing.

At the middle of the unicorn’s back, insert the ribbon and the wings. Sew them in place.

When you reach the unicorn’s bum, insert the tail and sew it in place. Keep sewing.

Remember to leave a hole to insert the filling. Then, sew the unicorn together.

6. Sew the Eyes for the Unicorn.

Finally, we’re going to sew the eyes for the winged unicorn. You can use the same thread for sewing both of the eyes. Sew through the unicorn’s head, so that the eyes are in the same place on both sides of the unicorn’s face.

7. Hang the Winged Unicorn on a Christmas Tree.

That’s it, now you can hang your DIY winged unicorn on a Christmas tree!

We will publish more unicorn themed DIY videos on our YouTube channel in the future. Subscribe for our channel, so you won’t miss any of them!

If you tried this DIY project, please let me know how it went in the comment section below. Have a magical Christmas!

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  1. Wow! What a lovely unicorn!

    I love the step-by-step ways to make this cute and lovely unicorn plus the DIY video. Thank you very much. Maybe after this, I will ask my daughter to make the unicorn so that it can be hung on my Christmas tree.

    Once again, thank you so much.

    Oh yeah, by the way you are very creative, where did you get these interesting ideas?

    I like this website (bookmarked)

    1. Hi Ronny,

      Thank you! I get ideas for my unicorn crafts by seeing what other people have made on Pinterest etc. It gives me inspiration to come up with my own ideas.

      As for the winged unicorn Christmas tree decorations, my husband came up with this idea. I made a “normal” unicorn Christmas tree ornament first. My husband suggested why not make wings for it, and hide the ribbon underneath the wings. That way, you won’t notice if the ribbon is not straight, and it looks like the unicorn is flying. 

  2. Kirsti, you have such a nice and unique website.  I love that you want to share your love of unicorns and do it in such a creative way.  The unicorn Christmas tree decoration is so cute and it looks like it would be loads of fun to make and hang on one’s tree.  I had one question.  I’m assuming since there was no mention of a sewing machine that this was hand-sewn? What a cute idea. I’m sure there are going to be people who will love making this unique decoration. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Pamela,

      Thank you. 🙂 

      That’s a good question. Yes, I sewed this decoration by hand. I do have a sewing machine, but I found it easier to sew this unicorn decoration by hand. 

      That’s because there are many small “parts” to attach, and the horn is too thick to sew with a sewing machine (at least with my sewing machine). It’s totally OK to use a sewing machine for this craft, but I found it easier to sew this by hand.

  3. Hi, there, This is such a pleasant and very kind article. I enjoy so much reading this post. My daughter like unicorns and, I will follow your instruction and prepare this decoration for her. She’s about two years old, and she likes to decorate the Christmas tree every day by adding new decoration, it is like a game for her. So, tomorrow we will have some fun to make our unicorn. Thank you.

    1. Hi Alketa,

      Your daughter is the same age as my niece. 🙂 I hope these instructions will be helpful for you, and you’ll be able to make a nice Christmas unicorn for the tree. I’d love to hear later how this craft worked for you. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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