Have you ever wondered, how much fun it might be to live like a unicorn? But the question is: How to be a unicorn? Should you just glue a horn to your head? No, I have better suggestions for you. I´d like to share 5 proven tips with you, how to be a unicorn.

First, I´d like you to take a unicorn quiz to find out, how unicorn-like you already are! There are 5 questions on this unicorn quiz, and you get the result immediately after answering them.

Are You A Unicorn?

Have you always wanted to live like a unicorn? Take this quiz and find out, are you a unicorn!

Are You A Unicorn?

Question 1 of 5.

A princess asks you to save her kingdom. What do you do?

1. You grant her wish without a second thought.
2. You refuse.
3. You think about it for a while, and then save her kingdom, because you feel like the princess is sincere.
Question 2 of 5.

How quickly do you make friends?

1. As soon as you meet someone you like.
2. Not very quickly. You want to build trust and experience something with a person first.
3. Making friends is not really your thing.
Question 3 of 5.

Where would you like to live the most?

1. In a forest.
2. In a big city.
3. On a beach.
Question 4 of 5.

Do you like sweets?

1. You don't do sweets. You refuse to eat sugar.
2. Yes, yes and yes. You have no self control, when it comes to sweets.
3. Yes, but you only eat them occasionally.
Question 5 of 5.

How do you feel about rainbows?

1. You don't feel anything about them, really.
2. You think they are pretty.
3. You love them so much you could eat them!

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All 5 questions completed!

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Are You A Unicorn?

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1. Help Others, But Don’t Be Naive.

You might think unicorns always help others, because they are pure souls. Actually, unicorns don´t always help people. Unicorns only help those who are sincere, and they only grant unselfish wishes. No use hoping for a promotion or winning in a lottery from a unicorn!

A wish that a unicorn might grant, would be something like saving a caring princess´s kingdom from destruction. Unicorns also take time to consider, whether they will grant a wish. Humans are quick to makes wishes, and unicorns want to be sure they make the right decision.

How should you apply the unicorn mindset, when it comes to helping others? Be kind and help other people, but do n´t be a doormat. Don´t sacrifice your own happiness, and don´t help anyone do anything that harms others.

2. Choose Your Friends Carefully.

Unicorns are friendly, but it takes time and trust to really become close with a unicorn. To bond with a unicorn, you should experience a quest together.

A quest could be something like saving a treasure from a dragon´s cave, or catching apples from a tall tree. The quest you take together builds a bond between you and a unicorn.

So, if you don´t instantly make friends when you meet new people, don´t worry. Neither do unicorns.

3. Connect With Nature.

Connect With Nature - Tall Trees
Unicorns can´t live without nature and sunshine. Many unicorns live in a forest, and they have a deep connection with the forest and trees.

You don´t need to move in a cottage in the middle of a forest, but spend time in nature. Connecting with nature is very important for humans too.

Spending time in a forest lowers blood pressure, helps focus, boosts the immune system, reduces stress and helps you sleep better. You also get in a better mood. Taking a walk in a forest might make you feel like a happy little unicorn!

4. Enjoy Your Life – Including Sweet Treats.

Cupcakes - Unicorn´s Treat
Unicorns just love sweets. They don´t have much self-control, when it comes to treats. They could eat cupcakes and ice cream all day long.

If you´re one of those people, who constantly think about diets and calories, relax a little. It´s not the end of the world, if you eat a chocolate bar after a long day of work, or can´t resist a danish in a coffee shop.

Unicorns don´t count calories, and it´s the big picture that matters. If you eat mostly healthy food, some sugar now and then is not a big deal. Do unicorns only eat sugar, then?

No, they eat grass, leaves, fruits, oats and flowers, so they don´t worry about the dessert. Read more about unicorns’ diet on this post.

You should think about the mental side too; you are probably happier, if you can enjoy life and treat yourself from time to time without quilt.

5. Chase Rainbows!

How To Be A Unicorn - Chase Rainbows
Rainbows are hard to catch, but unicorns chase them, because they love rainbows. In fact, they love rainbows so much, that they even eat them!

Unicorns have fun while catching rainbows; they play with them. So, they´re not only after the treat, but they enjoy the ride too.

How should you interpret this? Should you chase rainbows to be like a unicorn?

Not necessarily. You should go after things you really want, even if they are hard to get. Chase your dreams! And while chasing your dreams, enjoy the journey too, not just the outcome.

How To Be A Unicorn? – Be Deep And Wise, And Remember To Play.

Unicorns are deep and thoughtful creatures. They don´t instantly trust people, but they are willing to grant a sincere wish, if it´s unselfish.

Are you someone who is always there for others? That´s great, but don´t let others take an advantage of you. Consider how sincere the help-seekers are, and take care of your own needs too.

Unicorns don´t instantly make friends. They like to take a quest with a person to build a bond. Don´t worry, if you don´t make friends easily. Deep friendship built on trust is long-lasting, and that kind of friendship unicorns value too.

Do you like to spend time outdoors, or do you find it hard to put on the sneakers and go for a walk? Unicorns love nature, and they have a deep connection with a forest and trees.

There are so many health benefits in spending time in nature, that you should go out for a walk right now. You can start with short walks, the most important thing is to get out regularly. Let the nature boost your happiness and unicorn spirit!

Unicorns have a relaxed attitude, when it comes to sweets. They eat lots of vegetables too, so they don´t worry about the sweet treats they also like to munch on.

If you have a sweet tooth, be kind to yourself and allow yourself occasional treats. The big picture is what matters, and this is also true, when it comes to diet.

Unicorns are known to chase rainbows and eat them. Should you do the same to be like a unicorn? No, rather chase whatever it is you really want. Chase your dream, and have fun while chasing it.

So, here we have 5 proven tips how to be a unicorn. Try them yourself and start living your own magical unicorn life!

I´d love to read your thoughts on the topic, and please share your unicorn quiz result in the comment section below!

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