Masked Singer Unicorn UK Revealed - Man with a Unicorn Mask Celebrating
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Masked Singer Unicorn UK Revealed

The identity of the Masked Singer Unicorn UK has been a hot topic for weeks. The media has been guessing who the sparkling pony might be. Magical Unicorn Life also made our own guess of the Masked singer Unicorn’s identity. It turned out I was right!

Masked Singer Unicorn UK Took Over the Show – A Prancing Unicorn with Funky Dance Moves

The Masked Singer Unicorn has been in the headlines more than other Masked Singer contestants. I can totally understand that; he is a unicorn after all!

But this sparkling pony can actually sing and dance too! The Unicorn’s version of Lizzo’s song “Juice” won me over.

On week five, Unicorn continued prancing with ZZ Tops’s “Sharp Dressed Man”.

Unicorn’s last performance was his version of Blur’s song “Girls and Boys”. Look at the flashing unicorn lights on the background!

I was a bit surprised Unicorn was eliminated already, and didn’t make it to the Masked Singer UK final.

But I have to admit he should have chosen a  more up-beat song than Blur’s “Girls and Boys”. I’m sure Unicorn would have made it to the final, if he had made another groovy performance like his version of “Juice”.

Unicorn’s elimination meant his identity was finally revealed, though, which was a highlight for the Masked Singer judges and fans. For me, his identity was not a surprise, because I already made my guess weeks ago, and I was correct.

Masked Singer Unicorn UK – His Identity Was a Mystery for Weeks.

One of the top candidates for the Masked Singer Unicorn was the Dancing on Ice and Dr. Who star John Barrowman.  The media also included the Scissor Sister singer Jake Shears, Glee star Kevin McHale and singer Adam Lambert on their guess list.

It was mentioned, that the Unicorn’s rainbow colored mane and tail might mean the person behind the mask is part of the LGBT community.

On our previous post about the Masked Singer Unicorn, I made my official guess about the Unicorn’s identity.

The Unicorn had mentioned he comes from a small island and then moved to a big city. This is what made one Unicorn candidate stand out from others: Jake Shears. He was the only one of the possible Unicorns, who had actually grown up on a small island.

As I mentioned before, my official guess for the Unicorn was Jake Shears, because of the small island detail.

It turned out I was right; as the Unicorn took off his mask, Jake Shears was revealed as the Masked Singer Unicorn UK 2020!

On the video, Shears says he was “having a time of his life” and being a unicorn was “right up his alley”. I must give him thumbs up for that comment!

Masked Singer Unicorn UK 2020 – Did You Know He Was Jake Shears?

The Masked Singer Unicorn UK gave us unicorn fans something to be excited about for weeks. A dancing and singing unicorn is something I would like to see on TV more often.

I have to admit it was a bit too easy to guess Unicorn’s identity, as it turned out my guess was right. For me, the “grew up on a small island” clue gave Jake Shears away.

How about you? Who was your guess for Masked Singer Unicorn UK 2020, and why? Were you surprised the Unicorn turned out to be Jake Shears? Please let me know in the comment section down below.

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  1. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on Masked Singer Unicorn. he Masked Singer features celebrities singing in head-to-toe costumes and face masks, which hide their true identities from other contestants, the panelists, and even the audience. As each episode passes, we’ll look at the theories and clues behind each mask .
    On Dancing on Ice, hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby asked judge Barrowman if he could be the Unicorn.

    1. Hi Harish,

      Yes, Barrowman kind of fooled people into thinking he would be the Unicorn. Many people thought it must be him.

      But I wasn’t fooled, because I caught the “grew up on small island” clue, and Barrowman didn’t grow up on a small island. Jake Shears was the only Unicorn candidate who actually grew up on a small island.

  2. Hi Kirsti,

    You are right if he had chosen another song the chances for qualifying for the finals would have been more. It was heartbreaking and disappointing.

    I do appreciate you for making the right guess. I enjoyed watching those videos again and thanks for embedding it. It was an awesome moment when Jake Spears revealed his identity. To be honest, I was not able to guess and I was blank.

    Being a unicorn fan I enjoyed the performance of Jake Spears. And the only concern is he didn’t make it to finals.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Really, you didn’t have any idea about the Unicorn’s identity?

      Yeah, if only Jake Shears / Unicorn had made it to the final! Then we could have enjoyed more of his funky dance moves.

  3. Kirsti,

    First off, what a great discovery! I couldn’t figure out who was the person behind the talented masked singer unicorn! I looked it up, and you’re right! Jake even tweeted, “The unicorn is out of the bag!” I agree it was too bad that the masked singer unicorn didn’t make it to the finals, because he could’ve won it. Either way, semi-finals are still impressive for any of The Masked Singer contestants! Thanks, Kristi, for the informative post!

    1. Hi Josh,

      Thanks! I must admit I’m quite proud of myself, because I figured out who the Masked Singer Unicorn is. ^^ 

      The Unicorn definitely could have won the whole contest. Well, at least we got to enjoy his great performances for a couple of weeks.