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Masked Singer Unicorn – Who Is the Sparkling Pony?

The first season of the reality TV show Masked Singer’s UK version is on right now. The hot topic media talks about is the Masked Singer Unicorn and his identity. This sparkling pony has funky dance moves, and he can even actually sing.

But is there any way to figure out who the Unicorn might be? Let’s find out!

Masked Singer UK – Inspired by a Korean Reality Show

This is the first season of Masked Singer UK, but the American version has already appeared on two seasons, even though the show started in USA only last year.

The Masked Singer is based on the Korean reality TV show “King of Mask Singer”. In the original Korean format, the contestants have more simple costumes. The British and American versions have been criticized for having too complex costumes, and the contestants not being “actual celebrities”.

Nevertheless, I think this show is at least something different from the usual reality TV singing contests, such as the X-Factor and Idols. It might be because it’s based on an Asian TV show. East Asian TV shows are totally different from those in Europe and United States.

I’m also quite excited about the fact that a unicorn is singing and dancing on TV. The Unicorn is the character on Masked Singer UK 2020 everybody is talking about right now. This is the question the media keeps asking: Who is the Unicorn?

Who Is the Unicorn on Masked Singer UK 2020? – Clues and Speculations

Speculations about the Unicorn’s identity are running wild. After the first episode of the show, it was almost revealed the Unicorn would be the Danging on Ice and Dr. Who star John Barrowman. Barrowman refused to comment on the rumors, which made some people almost certain he actually is the man behind the unicorn mask.

However, many more celebrity names have been on the guessing list as well; the Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears, the Glee star Kevin McHale and singer Adam Lambert.

Are there any other clues about the Unicorn’s identity, except for his singing voice and his dance moves? The Unicorn has revealed he grew up on a small island before moving to a big city. He says he’s theatrical and stands out from a crowd. The rainbow colored mane might mean he is part of the LGBT community.

When the Unicorn was asked to reveal two lies and one truth about himself, he claimed that he likes pineapples, that he had a famous girlfriend and that acting changed his life.

Following the Clues – This Is My Unicorn Candidate.

OK, we have some clues to follow now. If the rainbow colored mane indeed means the Unicorn is a member of the LGBT community, Adam Lambert, Jake Shears, Kevin McHale and John Barrowman might all be possible candidates.

So, the gay clue doesn’t help rule out Unicorn candidates. How about the “grew up on a small island” clue? Unless the Unicorn used the small island only as a metaphor, we should find out did any of the possible candidates actually grow up on a small island.

Kevin McHale was born in Texas; that’s not an island. Adam Lambert is from Indiana, not an island. John Barrowman is from Glasgow. Many unicorns are from Scotland, but again, Barrowman didn’t grow up on a small island (I don’t think Great Britain counts as a small island).

However, Jake Shears grew up on a small island; San Juan island in Washington state. This makes me think he might be the unicorn. Why would the Unicorn talk about growing up on an island, if it wasn’t really an island?

You might think they would have British celebrities on Masked Singer UK, but all the judges aren’t British either, so who knows? Jake Shears is the only Unicorn candidate that both the gay clue and the small island clue match with.

So, Jake Shears is my official guess for the Masked Singer UK´s Unicorn. We’ll see if I’m right!

Masked Singer Unicorn – Who Do You Think He Is?

I feel like it was quite easy to figure out who the Unicorn might be. Maybe a bit too easy, if it turns out my guess is right.

Read our second post on the Masked Singer Unicorn, and find out the identity of the Masked Singer Unicorn UK 2020!

Whoever he is, I must say I like the Unicorn. After seeing his performance of the song “Juice”, I’m a fan. Come on, you got to admit he’s got the moves!

Do you agree with my guess on the Unicorn’s identity, or do you have a different opinion? Who do you think the Masked Singer Unicorn is? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. Quite a colourful and entertaining web post you have here. I definitely learned some things I didn’t know before. This show is definitely not like the usual TV reality singing contests like the X Factor and American Idols. And, by the way, I do like their costumes! I have no idea who the masked singer unicorn is! I guess we will just have to wait and see!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      I like their costumes too. Well, especially the Unicorn’s costume. 😉 Actually, on last Saturday, it was revealed on the show who the Unicorn is. You can find out the answer on this post.