Unicorn Bandana – Funny Unicorn Accessory


  • 95% polyester, 5% elastane
  • Breathable, comfortable material
  • Washable and reusable
  • Stretchy fabric
  • One size
  • Printed on one side, reverse side is left blank
  • 100% magical!

Our cute unicorn bandana is here! This funny unicorn neck gaiter is only available from our shop.

The cute unicorn bandana features a funny Uni-Corn design with a cute little unicorn peeking from a corn.

Wear as a Bandana, Face Mask, Neck Warmer…

The unicorn bandana is more than just a bandana; you can also wear it as a face mask, neck warmer or a wrist band. So many different uses for a single product!

This magical accessory is perfect for summer adventures, sports and leisure.

CDC Recommendation for Wearing Cloth Face Masks in Public

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends the use of fabric face masks in public places to help prevent the spreading of GOVID-19 virus.

Our unicorn bandana can be worn as a cloth face mask. Cloth face masks don’t protect you from corona virus, but they help prevent transmitting the virus to others.

Social distancing and washing hands often are still needed to help prevent spreading the corona virus as well.

Please keep in mind that this unicorn face mask is an accessory, not a medical device.

A Wonderful Gift for Unicorn Lovers

The Uni-Corn face mask / bandana makes a wonderful gift for a unicorn lover in your life. It ‘s an accessory loved by kids and adults alike.

The Uni-Corn neck gaiter / face mask / bandana is for your, if you are looking for:

  • A washable face mask you can wear multiple times
  • A cute gift for a unicorn lover
  • A bandana for summer activities and sports
  • A versatile accessory for a unicorn lifestyle

Save Money with an All-In One Unicorn Accessory!

Why settle for a plain and boring bandana or face mask, when you can get one with a cute unicorn design? And why purchase only a bandana or just a face mask, when you can get both in a single product?

Save money and get your cute and colorful all-in one unicorn accessory today!

Not sold in stores.

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Secure checkout via: Credit Card & PayPal
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