Unicorn Cake Topper Decorations


  • Create a magical unicorn cake with ease!
  • Choose your favorite unicorn cake topper or cake decoration kit
  • Material: Fabric, wood, paper
  • Multiple color options
  • Eco-Friendly
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Do you remember, when you tried decorating a magical unicorn cake for a birthday party, graduation party, baby shower or some other occasion? Was it harder than you expected?

Now, decorating your dream unicorn cake has never been easier, thanks to the stunning unicorn cake topper decorations!

Create Your Dream Unicorn Cake with Unicorn Cake Topper Decorations.

A cute unicorn cake is a guaranteed eye-catcher for any party setting. Whether you want to arrange a birthday party, graduation party, baby shower, bridal shower or even a magical unicorn wedding, your guests are going to love the unicorn cake!

Pictures of the stunning cake will be shared on social media, and you will receive many compliments on your cake decorating skills…

The problem is, that it’s not so easy to make the unicorn horn and ears to top up the cake. Even if you’re crafty, you may find it challenging to create the same look you have seen on unicorn cake pictures on social media.Unicorn Cake Topper Decorations

These unicorn cake topper decorations will make creating an amazing unicorn cake super easy!

The unicorn cake topper comes in different colors. With the unicorn cake topper, you will get a shining unicorn horn, glittery ears and beautiful flower decorations for your cake.

The unicorn cake topper takes care of the hardest part of the process, and you can focus on the more fun part of cake decoration.

The Winged Unicorn Cake Decoration Kit – All You Need for a Stunning Winged Unicorn Cake

If you want to make a truly extraordinary unicorn cake, you might want to try a winged unicorn cake. You can really use your imagination with this one. Take a look at the photo gallery; aren’t those winged unicorn cakes stunning?

Unicorn Cake Topper DecorationsThe winged unicorn cake decoration kit is all you need for this fantastic unicorn cake.

The winged unicorn cake decoration kit includes a unicorn cake topper, eyelashes for the unicorn, decorative wings, glue dots, a straw and wooden sticks for attaching the decorations.

As you can tell from the winged unicorn cake photos on the image gallery, you can add any additional decorations you want.

The winged unicorn cake kit works as an essential base for your fantasy cake; you can focus on having fun while baking your dream cake!

Let Your Imagination Fly – Mix Different Cake Decorations

The fun part of decorating a unicorn cake is letting your imagination fly. Mix different cake decorations to create a unique unicorn cake!

To compliment your unicorn cake, try a rainbow cake topper, or a set of balloon or cloud cake toppers; these are available variations for this product.

And who says you need to discard your beautiful unicorn cake topper decorations, when the party is over? There are various ways you can use a unicorn cake topper for crafting or decorating; it doesn’t have to be just for decorating a cake.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Set

The ultimate unicorn cake topper:

  • Decorate a magical unicorn cake for a birthday party, graduation party, baby shower, bridal shower, wedding etc.
  • Easy cake decoration for any skill level
  • Eco-friendly; made of eco-friendly material, can be re-purposed
  • Create a stunning unicorn cake, and get ready to receive compliments and social media shares!

Choose your favorite unicorn cake topper decorations, and start planning a magical unicorn party today!

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Size Chart

Unicorn cake topper: 5.7'' / 14.5 cm x 5.7'' / 14.5 cm Rainbow cake topper: 4.3'' / 11 cm (height) x 3.7'' / 9.5 cm (width) Cloud cake toppers: 5.12'' / 13 cm (height) Balloon cake toppers: 4.92'' / 12.5 cm (height)
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