Unicorn Face Cover – Unicorns Rock!


  • 95% polyester, 5% elastane
  • Breathable, stretchy fabric
  • Washable and reusable
  • One size
  • One-sided print, reverse side is blank
  • 100% magical!

Unicorns rock, and so does this unicorn face cover!

This cute unicorn face mask features a funny design with unicorns wearing heavy eye make-up and playing guitar. Why do unicorns look super cute even when they play in a heavy metal band?

All-In One Unicorn Face Cover, Bandana & Neck Warmer

This cool unicorn face mask serves many different purposes.

Wear it as a face cover for a trip to super market, wrap it around your head as a bandana for a walk on a hot weather, or use it as a neck warmer while cycling on a windy day.

CDC Recommends the Use of a Cloth Face Mask in Public.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends the use of cloth face masks in public places to help prevent the spreading of GOVID-19 virus.

Fabric face masks, such as our unicorn face cover, don’t protect you from corona virus, but they help prevent transmitting the virus to others.

Other measures to help prevent the spreading of corona virus, such as social distancing and washing hands a lot, are still needed in addition to wearing cloth face masks.

The unicorn face mask is an accessory, not a medical device.

A Cool Present for a Unicorn Lover Who Rocks Hard

The unicorn face cover makes a super cool present for a unicorn lover, who also happens to like hard rock music, heavy metal music or who plays a guitar.

Combine two different styles; the magically cute world of unicorns and the cool hard rock / heavy metal music. There is no need to choose just one of them; be as cute as a unicorn and stay true to your choice of music at the same time!

  • Wash and wear multiple times
  • A cool gift for a unicorn / guitar / hard rock lover
  • Wear in multiple ways in different situations
  • A versatile accessory for unicorn lovers who rock!

Custom design! Not sold in stores.

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