Unicorn horn

The Origin of the Unicorn Myth - A White Unicorn Rearing Up at Night

The Origin of the Unicorn Myth

What is the origin of the unicorn myth? We are going to trace the unicorns across history. We will visit ancient Greece, India and China to find out the truth.

What Is a Unicorn - A Brown Unicorn on Meadow

What Is a Unicorn?

What is a unicorn? Does a single horn make any animal a unicorn? Can humans be unicorns too? And what on Earth are the troublesome unicorn hunters?

The European Unicorns

European Unicorns

While European unicorns are well-known, there’s more than meets the eye to this magical unicorn species. Let’s explore this sparkling creature of fantasy!

What Is Karkadann

What Is Karkadann?

What is karkadann? Karkadann is said to live in India, Persia and North Africa. What is this mythical creature all about? Is karkadann beauty or a beast?

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