The Unicork

The Unicork

Have you heard about the Unicork yet? It’s a trending unicorn kitchenware. It’s cute, magical and practical.

What exactly is the Unicork? Let’s find out!

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The Unicork – A Unicorn Bottle Opener and a Corkscrew

The Unicork is a unicorn corkscrew and a bottle opener. You can use the Unicork’s body as a handle, while its horn functions as a corkscrew. The Unicork’s front hooves work as a bottle opener.

The Unicork is a rainbow unicorn with a rainbow colored mane and tail, while the corkscrew horn has a golden color. The Unicork stands in an upright position on its own.

Made of solid metal, the Unicork weighs 1.2 pounds (approx. half a kilogram).

See the Unicork on action on the video below!

The Unicork Is Both Cute and Functional.

I had never even thought there could be a unicorn corkscrew, but someone did, and I think they’re going to make many sales. The Unicork has a real function (opening bottles), but it also looks cute, and you can put it on display.

If you have a kitchen cupboard with glass doors, you can put the Unicork on display.

Who says kitchenware needs to look boring? In my opinion, the more everyday items come in cute unicorn versions, the better!

“One of Those Products that You See and then Say ´of Course!´”

The customers who have purchased the Unicork on Amazon have left very positive comments about it.

“This product is exactly as described! Well made and very sturdy feeling. I had no problem opening wine and beer for friends and family over the weekend. It certainly left us with a feeling of whimsy! … A great product and I have bought 7 of them for gifts!” Adam praises the Unicork on his review.

Max writes: “This is one of those products that you see and then say ´of course!´. … All in all, this is exactly what I hoped for and more. You’ll certainly see this out on my bar for parties, if not to pull a cork or open a bottle, then to make a quick wish!”


Unicork – A Trending and Magical Kitchenware

The Unicork is a trending and magical kitchenware that customers love. It’s a unicorn shaped bottle opener and a corkscrew with a sturdy design. You will love the way you can get a firm hold of the Unicork’s body while opening a bottle.

This is a kitchenware that has a clear function, but it’s also super cute and you can put it on display.

If you like to host parties, the Unicork is going to be an attention catcher your guests envy.

The Unicork makes an excellent gift for any adult who loves unicorns.

This has to be the cutest corkscrew and bottle opener ever made, or what do you think?

If you’re interested in purchasing the magical Unicork, you can get one on Amazon on the link below.


6 thoughts on “The Unicork”

  1. blank

    That is just brilliant – using the unicorn’s horn as a corkscrew!  But really, isn’t it just begging to be used for that?  The natural unicorn horn shape is just perfect for that!  I can totally see buying these and using them as dinner party favor giveaways.  I think that everybody has a little bit of “unicorn love” in them so I doubt anybody wouldn’t just love receiving one of these!  Thank you for this amazingly unique idea!

    1. blank

      You’re right; the unicorn horn is readily shaped like a corkscrew. 😄 Yeah, I wonder who wouldn’t want a Unicork, if you drink bottled drinks even occasionally. And I’ve never heard anybody say “I hate unicorns”, so I’m sure most people would love this kind of gift.

  2. blank

    I haven’t heard about Unicork yet but it has 2 things that I love. The unicorn and wines lol Love them. I love the fact that you can use the two front legs to open the crown bottle, that is adorable! However with wine corks that can be tricky.. How can you pull the cork out of the neck of the bottle? I usually use the 2 steps wine key, it has a fang to push the bottle down and you pull the cork out. Is it hard to use?

    1. blank

      Hi Nuttanee,

      Unicorns and wine, I love them too, especially red wine.

      As for the wine corks, the Unicork’s horn functions as a corkscrew. The Unicork is both a bottle opener and a corkscrew; The Unicork’s front legs open a crown bottle. The corkscrew horn comes to action, when it’s time to open a wine bottle with. 

      You screw the horn inside the wine bottle cork, and then pull the cork out. This is not hard at all, as you can get a firm grip of the Unicork’s body while screwing. If you look at the video on this post, you can see how easily the Unicork takes care of opening a wine bottle.

  3. blank

    I’m so happy I found your website, my grand daughter is crazy about unicorns and she wants everything with unicorns on it!

    I will get this unicork for the house, but I guess my grandchildren will love to take a look at it. I see this is a good quality product I can get as you share there’re some good reviews about it on Amazon and you also said it’s sturdy and well made.

    So I’ll get a good and cute product with a very cute shape!

    1. blank

      Hello Alejandra,

      The Unicork is definitely the best unicorn bottle opener and corkscrew I know. It is made of solid metal, so it is the most durable material that can be used for a corkscrew. Of course, the cuteness of the Unicork is a big bonus!

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