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Unboxing My First Unicorn Subscription Box

Hello, unicorn fans. Today, I received my first unicorn subscription box on mail! I had been waiting for the January box to arrive for a while, and I was so excited when I found out it had arrived in my local post office. I hopped behind the wheel and picked up my first Unicorn Dream Box.

Is the unicorn box as dreamy as it sounds like? Watch the unboxing video below and see what I got in my box! If you can’t see the embedded video, click here to watch it on YouTube.

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A Rainbow Colored Unicorn Subscription Box

It took 3 weeks for the January box to arrive. Now it’s already February. I was not upset, though, because I live in Finland, and the Unicorn Dream Box is shipped from the United States. If you live in United States, you would get the box much faster.

Even the box itself is an attractive, a rainbow colored box with a unicorn on it. The empty box is going to make a great organizer later.

“My Little Unicorn Carrier”

One of the items was packed separately, apparently because it didn’t fit in the box. This item was “My Little Unicorn Carrier”. It’s just as cute as it sounds like! It’s a little pet carrier with a unicorn plush inside.

The cuteness of this first item got me even more excited about unboxing the Unicorn Dream Box!

my little unicorn carrier

The Insanely Cute Unicorn Plush / Bag

The first item that popped out of the box was this insanely cute unicorn plush. Actually, it’s also a bag. It has carrying straps and a zipper on it. Inside, I found a longer, adjustable carrying strap you can attach on the unicorn.

I probably won’t be using this cutie as a bag, she’s just going to be my unicorn plush pet. I have already fallen in love with her. ♥♥♥

cute unicorn plush bag

Unicorn Stationery – A Pen, Crayons, Stickers and a Coloring Book

I found all kinds of unicorn stationery inside my Unicorn Dream Box. The unicorn pen is just as fluffy and glittery as a unicorn pen should be! Actually, all pens should be like that, if you ask me.

You can always use some stickers, at least if they are unicorn stickers. I use stickers a lot on my bullet journal, so these will be put in use.

A unicorn coloring book and unicorn crayons were also included in the January box. The coloring book is cute, but for a grown-up like me, the coloring pictures on this book might be a little too easy.

But I can give the coloring book to my niece. She’s 2 and she loves coloring. I’m sure this coloring book will be great for her.

unicorn stationery

The Unicorn Yoga Card Game

The Unicorn Yoga card game was one of the best items that came with this box. This is because it combines two of my favorite things; unicorns and yoga.

There are cards with pictures of unicorns in different yoga poses. The yoga poses have been given new unicorn names; The tree pose is “enchanted tree”, the downward facing dog pose is “tail to the sky” and the camel pose is “dancing unicorn”. So cute!

The idea is to spin the spinner. Then the player does the unicorn yoga pose based on the number the spinner lands on. Players take turns, and the first player who has done all the different yoga poses, wins the game.

I can’t wait to play the unicorn yoga game with my husband! I bet he’s just as excited as I am [sarcasm goes here]. 😉

unicorn yoga cards

My First Unicorn Subscription Box – A True Unicorn Dream Box

For a unicorn lover like myself, my first Unicorn Dream Box was just as magical as I expected. I was hoping for cute unicorn plushies, and I got them! Cute unicorn stationery is always useful. The unicorn yoga card game was a real surprise. It was right up my alley, because I love both unicorns and yoga.

I think the items that came with this box are great for unicorn fans of all ages. Even for unicorn loving adults, who are young at heart (like me). Obviously, I’m a grown up, but I love cute unicorn plushies.

The items in the box were not just for kids; grown-ups can play the unicorn yoga game too, and grown-ups also need stationery. The unicorn coloring book might be a bit too easy to color for adults, so I’m gonna give it to my niece.

I’m sure unicorn loving kids would go crazy about this box, because even I as a unicorn loving adult went a little crazy. 🙂

Unicorn Dream Box monthly subscriptions start from $38 / month. Each box has a different theme and different items. The January box’s theme was “back to school”, which explains all the stationery I received. Click here to watch my unboxing video of the February box.

This subscription box is an amazing gift for a unicorn fan! Whether it’s a birthday present, Christmas present or a Valentine’s gift. For your child, grandchild, niece, girlfriend, or to treat yourself (that’s what I did 😉 ).

If you want to know more about the Unicorn Dream Box, click on the link below.

Read More About Unicorn Dream Box

To see the full details of Unicorn Dream Box, click on the link below to go to Cratejoy website.

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  1. Great review of the Unicorn Dream Box!  It was great that you listed each item that came in the box and what your thoughts are on each item.  How great that you had an unpacking video as well!  Hopefully you will do that with every box you receive!  I would be interested in seeing what you receive in the next subscription box as well.  It seems like a great value for the price!  Here’s to staying young at heart!

    1. Hi Jim,

      Thank you! I’ll definitely make more unboxing videos when I receive the future boxes. 🙂 

      Yes, the Unicorn Dream Box is great value in my opinion. The monthly subscription cost of the smallest box (this is the one I subscribed for) starts from $22, and the total value of the items in the box is up to $60.