It´s August, and in many countries the school year is starting. Smaller children are starting kindergarten or day-care. School children will start their new school year, and for the first-graders this is an especially exciting time, as they are starting a whole new chapter in their lives. A schoolchild needs a comfortable backpack bag to carry all the books. Is your child asking for a unicorn backpack for school? Many children want a specific school bag with their favorite character or animal.

If your child is a unicorn lover, you won’t run out of options, when it comes to cute good quality unicorn backpacks. A backpack is the most ergonomic option for a school bag, because the books can be heavy. We´re introducing the best unicorn backpacks for children going to kindergarten or school.

Teenagers and grown-ups won’t be left out either; the bigger unicorn backpacks are great for teens and adults. You´re never too old for unicorns, so a unicorn backpack is an adorable option for college students, for work, hobbies, travel or any activities.

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CAMTOP Preschool Unicorn Backpack

CAMTOP preschool unicorn backpack has received top 5 star ratings from Amazon customers, so we chose it as the best unicorn backpack option for children going to preschool, kindergarten or day-care.

The cute backpack features a pink color and unicorns dancing on rainbows. It has adjustable padded shoulder straps and an adjustable chest strap to make it easier for a small child to carry.

The water-resistant material is easy to clean, and the backpack has side pockets for a water bottle and an umbrella. The customers who left a review say it´s just the right size for a kindergardener, unlike many backpacks which are too big. Some customers have bought this bag for a first grader.

Abshoo Lightweight Kids Unicorn Backpack

Abshoo unicorn child-size backpack is lightweight and it has easy to open zippers with tags. This cute unicorn backpack is ideal for elementary school children.

This backpack is suitable for an active day of a schoolchild. The material is water-resistant, and the backpack has many pockets. Side pockets can carry a water bottle or an umbrella, and the backpack has an inner divider for a tablet or a laptop smaller than 14 inches.

Abshoo backpack comes with adjustable, padded shoulder straps to make it easier for the small shoulders to carry all the school books. It has a breathable mesh in the back.

This backpack has received good ratings from customers on Amazon. The customers and their children love this bag and its good quality. This backpack is also Amazon´s choice, so it is recommended by Amazon.

Vaschy Unicorn Backpack For Teenagers And Women

Vaschy has an excellent backpack option available for older unicorn fans. Middle school, high school and college students, as well as any adult women who love unicorns should consider this Vaschy unicorn backpack. It has adorable unicorns and flowers printed on a black background.

This backpack has adjustable, padded shoulder straps and a breathable and comfortable back panel. The Vaschy unicorn backpack is water-resistant and it has a large capacity. It has a laptop compartment for a 14” laptop and tons of other pockets, making it easy to keep everything organized. Two side pockets can hold a water bottle and an umbrella.

Vaschy unicorn backpack is an Amazon´s choice item, and it has received great ratings from customers. This backpack is a girly and stylish option for heavy-duty use, and for those who need a large backpack with lots of pockets.

VentoMarea Unicorn Backpack For Teens / Adults + A Pencil Case

VentoMarea unicorn backpack is another quality backpack for teenagers and adults who love unicorns. This backpack is also on the Amazon´s choice list, and it has received good customer ratings. The backpack has a cute teal color, and it has a lovely unicorns and happy clouds pattern. You also get a pencil pouch with the same pattern with this backpack!

Like a quality school backpack should, this backpack comes with adjustable, padded straps and a breathable mesh in the back. It has a padded laptop compartment, which is large enough for a 15.6” laptop.

This backpack has many small pockets inside, and it also has a key chain clip. It has two side pockets for a water bottle and an umbrella.

Thanks to the water-resistant material, this is a great backpack for traveling and outdoor activities, as well as for school and work.


Which Unicorn Backpack Would You Choose?

Unicorn fans have plenty of options for a unicorn backpack, whether you´re in kindergarten or college. School children love unicorn backpacks, and so do grown-ups. That´s because backpacks are so comfortable; the weight you carry in your bag is more evenly balanced in a backpack compared to a shoulder bag. This is especially important, when you go to school and need to carry lots of books in your bag.

Personally, I usually take a backpack with me, when I go to the city. Even though I don´t go to school anymore, I find a backpack so comfortable, and it has lots of space inside. I don´t have a unicorn backpack, because my backpack with flowers and butterflies pattern is pretty too. But if I need to get a new one at some point, I´ll go for a unicorn backpack.

Has your child asked for a unicorn bag for school, or would you like a unicorn backpack for yourself? Let me know in the comment section below!