It’s that time of the year again; time to think about the Christmas presents. Why does it seem harder each year to figure out the perfect Christmas gifts? If you know your friend or loved one adores unicorns, that already helps you in the right direction. These unicorn Christmas gift ideas will make it even easier to pick up the best Christmas gift for a unicorn lover!

We all want to give Christmas gifts that will be loved, instead of useless presents. These Christmas gift ideas are guaranteed to make a unicorn fan happy!

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1. Unicorn Chopping Board

Even if you’re not a passionate cook, most of us use a chopping board. I’m not a big fan of cooking, personally. I cook maybe once a week. Nevertheless, I use a chopping board daily. It’s necessary even just for chopping vegetables and fruits for a snack. Even as a non-enthusiastic cook, I must admit I couldn’t survive without a chopping board.

As a unicorn lover, I would happily replace my plain white plastic cutting boards with a cute unicorn cutting board made of quality glass!

You simply can’t go wrong with this one, if you’re looking for a useful and practical Christmas gift for a unicorn lover.

2. Unicorn Light Up Slippers

Pajamas and slippers are classic Christmas presents. But will they be worn? If they’re plain and boring, probably not. If they’re unicorn light up slippers, I would wear them all the time!

Warm and plushy unicorn slippers that light up in rainbow colors. I can’t imagine anything better to warm up my cold feet in the winter. These slippers have received good ratings too. The size is one-size US 8-11, and the lights operate with batteries.

These slippers actually light up magically; a build-in sensor lights them up when walking!

3. Boon the Unicorn Plush 10”

I just can’t resist the cuteness of this unicorn plush! It’s my favorite color too. The people who have purchased Boon the unicorn seem to love him as well. One of the people who have left a review says she has two of these; one for display and one for cuddling. When her sister’s kids come over, they have a tea party with Boon the unicorn (yes, the reviewer is a grown-up).

I wish I had Boon the unicorn for Christmas!

4. Smoko Elodie Unicorn Diffuser

In the winter the air is cold and dry. It’s hard to breathe, especially for us with Asthma. A diffuser is a great help for this. I also happen to love essential oils. Aromatherapy is a great help for anxiety, depression and all kinds of conditions. My favorite essential oil for anxiety is lavender. If I feel depressed or the winter blues is bringing me down, lemon is my go-to essential oil.

I usually mix the essential oils with body cream, but if I had a diffuser, I could spread the aroma around the room easily. A diffuser would take care of both aromatherapy and moisturizing the room air.

So, a diffuser is on my wish list. But then I found out there is a unicorn diffuser, and I changed my mind. I don’t want a diffuser, I want a unicorn diffuser!

Smoko’s Elodie Unicorn diffuser is every aromatherapy-loving, asthmatic unicorn lover’s dream come true.

5. Elodie Unicorn Rainbow Teapot

What else do you need in the winter? A nice cup of tea!

Ceramic Elodie unicorn rainbow teapot is a wonderful addition to kawaii unicorn gifts. I’m a big tea lover myself, and I drink green tea daily. Sometimes I want more than just one cup and that’s when a teapot comes in. This super cute unicorn rainbow teapot makes me think about having a tea party on top of clouds with unicorns. I’m already in fantasy land!

Unicorn Christmas Gift Ideas – What’s Your Fail-Proof Favorite?

Did you find a favorite out of these unicorn Christmas gift ideas? Is there a unicorn Christmas gift you would like for yourself, or are you planning to give a unicorn present to someone special? Please let me know what’s on your unicorn wish list this Christmas!

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