Unicorn Christmas Lights – Let Unicorns Shine Their Magical Light.

unicorn christmas lights

We are approaching the darkest time of the year in the Northern hemisphere. In the area in Finland where I live, the sun sets before 3.30 PM today. The sun sets earlier every day, until just before Christmas the sunset is soon after 3 PM.

Christmas lights cheer up the home and yard. I wish there were unicorns to shine their magical light in the long night. Wait, but there are!

Unicorn Christmas lights are just what a unicorn fan needs to get some Christmas spirit. Why settle for boring and ordinary Christmas lights, when you can bring light to your home with glowing Christmas unicorns?

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For a Christmas Person – White LED String Unicorn Christmas Lights

These unicorn string Christmas lights are perfect for a true Christmas person looking for beautiful lights for a Christmas tree. Of course, Christmas tree is not the only place you can decorate with these pretty white unicorn lights. Hang them on a door, ceiling, window or even outdoors! However, the battery box is not waterproof, so beware of damp places.

The 10 sweet unicorns have LED light bulbs and they do NOT overheat even after prolonged usage. This makes these unicorn lights save to use. This unicorn Christmas light set is powered with batteries.

Cute and Pink – AceList Unicorn LED String Lights

AceList unicorn LED string lights make a Christmas tree really stand out! The adorable pink and white unicorns make these string lights a super cute decoration for other occasions than Christmas as well.

The length of the string is 1.5 m / 4.8 ft. 10 LED light bulbs operate with 2 AA batteries. These lights don’t overheat. These unicorn Christmas lights are on Amazon’s choice list, which means this item is recommended by Amazon.

Morning Star Market Magical Christmas LED Lighted Unicorn Yard Decoration

How many people can say they have a unicorn in their front yard? For a magical Christmas yard, Morning Star market LED lighted unicorn is the most beautiful thing you can get.

Standing 40 inches / 101 cm tall, this pre-lit unicorn brings the Christmas outdoors or indoors. If you’ve been longing for a unicorn with a glowing horn, you even get that; the unicorn’s horn light twinkles!

This magical glowing unicorn is on Amazon’s choice list.

Unicorn Christmas Lights – Let Unicorns Shine Their Magical Light.

Are you already decorating your home for Christmas? Any unicorn decorations? Do you already have Christmas lights you love, or are new Christmas lights on your shopping list?

Have you thought of getting unicorn Christmas lights, or are you OK with “regular” ones?

I have “regular” Christmas lights; star-shaped ones and so on, but I must say I’m tempted to get unicorn Christmas lights. The cute and pink AceList unicorn Christmas lights really caught my attention.

Have a magical Christmas!

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  1. I’m planning to buy a set early this December to make a Christmas gift for a girl. But I’d like to make sure if the standard of this is at par with the international standards as far as safety is concerned because there were numerous cases here in my country where a fire ignited from a short circuit of wires associated with defective Christmas lights. Can you give us assurance such incident won’t happen with these cute Christmas lights?

    1. Hi,

      Yes, these Christmas lights meet the safety requirements. The LED lights don’t overheat after long use, which can happen with some Christmas lights. Also, these lights are battery operated, so there is no danger from the power plug as you don’t need to attach these lights to the plug.

  2. Very beautiful! My youngest daughter loves unicorns. We have an inflatable unicorn decoration in our front yard right now. I think some of the suggestions would be great additions to anyone that likes unicorns and wants to make their Christmas decorations a little more unique to themselves. LED lights are always great by the way.

    1. Hi Lee,

      Really, you have an inflatable unicorn in your yard? Awesome! 

      Yes, LED lights are a good choice, especially for Christmas lights and concerning safety. It’s always a little worrying if lights overheat, and you don’t want that to happen with Christmas lights.

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