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Unicorn Christmas Story: The Secret Ingredient

Hello, magical friends. I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the Christmas season. I have some special content for you today; we’re introducing Magical Unicorn Life’s original unicorn Christmas story. This story is suitable for all unicorn lovers; children and young-at-heart adults alike. The story takes place in Scotland, the native land of unicorns.

The unicorns Raina and Hippolyta need to save the Christmas and Claire’s job in a unicorn café. What is the secret ingredient they discover?

Unicorn Christmas Story: The Secret Ingredient

Chapter 1. Claire’s Bad News

The winter had arrived in the Scottish Highlands. The snowy landscape was picturesque like a scene from a fairy tale. In fact, Scotland is not far from a fairy tale at all; unicorns have always inhabited the beautiful natural environment of Scotland.

One of the many unicorns living in Scotland is called Hippolyta. She is a very brave and kind unicorn. Hippolyta has always been open-minded and willing to make friends with all kinds of creatures, even those very different from her own kind.

In fact, Hippolyta even has a human friend. Her name is Claire, and she lives in a nearby village. Claire works in a coffee shop her family owns, and she often brings Hippolyta chocolate cupcakes, Hippolyta’s favorite treat.

It was Saturday afternoon, although being a unicorn, Hippolyta did not really care about which day of the week it was. Hippolyta had agreed to meet Claire just outside Hippolyta’s home forest. Claire greeted Hippolyta happily, as usual. But Hippolyta could tell immediately, that something was bothering Claire. Unicorns always know such things, so trying to hide your true feelings from a unicorn would be a rather silly thing to do.

As usual, Claire had brought chocolate cupcakes with her, as well as green tea in a thermos bottle. She poured some green tea for Hippolyta in a bowl. Hippolyta had developed a taste for green tea, and she rather enjoyed sipping it with her chocolate cupcakes.

The unicorn and the human girl munched on the cupcakes in silence. Hippolyta ate five cupcakes before she spoke to Claire. To be exact, Hippolyta did not speak aloud, because she does not belong to the minority of unicorns who can speak in human languages. Instead, she sent her words to Claire telepathically.

“So, Claire. Do you want to talk about it?” Hippolyta asked.

“Oh, Hippolyta. I should have known you would notice something anyway. Oh well, as you know, the stupid COVID-19 virus is spreading around”, Claire said.

“You’re not sick, though, are you?” Hippolyta inquired. “If you happened to be sick, I could heal you in an instant, you know.”

“I know, dear Hippolyta. Thanks to you, I’m not worried about my health at all. It’s my job that worries me. See, because of the epidemic, almost no one is coming to our coffee shop these days. We’re trying to promote all kinds of Christmas pastries, but nothing is working. If we won’t start having more customers soon, I’m afraid we’re gonna have to close our café altogether.”

“Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that”, Hippolyta said. “After all, your grandmother founded the coffee shop, didn’t she?”

“She did, in the 1970’s. My grandma also loved unicorns, you see. That’s why she named the place ´Café Unicorn´. I would hate to see her legacy gone, now that my grandma’s passed away and all”, Claire sniffed.

“Oh, dear. I can’t imagine not having your delicious chocolate cupcakes anymore. I wish I could just magically save your café. But I’m afraid it’s rather complicated. See, I can’t make the customers return against their will”, Hippolyta explained.

“That’s OK, Hippolyta. I understand”, Claire assured.

“Don’t worry, Claire! Even though I can’t magically solve this problem, I will definitely do my best to help you. I will talk to my friend Raina and we’ll figure out something together. Two unicorns can think of twice as many magical ideas as one unicorn, you know?”

Chapter 2. Raina’s Magical Idea

Unicorns don’t have phones, so obviously, Hippolyta could not call or text Raina to contact her. But unicorns have their own means of communication. Hippolyta simply concentrated her thoughts, and reached out to Raina with telepathy.

At the same time, Raina the unicorn was making a snow unicorn with her sister. She immediately received Hippolyta’s telepathic message, and agreed to meet her friend.

Raina and Hippolyta set an appointment at the edge of the forest, near a big hill. Unicorns don’t have clocks, so they don’t set appointments at exact times like humans do. Instead, unicorns use expressions such as “let’s meet by the big hill in three unicorn walks from your place”. This means three times the time it would take for one unicorn to walk to the hill from where the other unicorn lives.

Hippolyta wanted to speak to Raina urgently, so they had agreed to meet in just one and a half unicorn walks. Raina was right on time, and she looked beautiful, as always. Raina the unicorn had a pure white coat and bright pink, shining mane and tail. She always wore a star necklace on her neck; the necklace had been in her family for centuries.

As the unicorn friends met, they chased each other playfully for a while; this is a common way unicorns greet each other. Then, Raina and Hippolyta started walking on the forest side.

Unicorn Christmas Story - Hippolyta and Raina Play in the Snow

“Raina, I need to talk to you about Claire. She’s in trouble”, Hippolyta said.

(Of course, Hippolyta and Raina talk to each other in unicorn language, but we’re translating it into English for this story.)

“Oh my, what’s wrong with Claire? She’s not sick, is she?” Raina asked.

“No, she’s well. But she might lose her job. The café her family owns is losing customers because of the strange virus people are having. They might have to close the place, if they won’t start getting more customers soon”, Hippolyta explained.

“Oh, poor Claire. I would hate to see her lose her job. And she wouldn’t be able to bring us cupcakes anymore! What should we do?”

“I’ve been trying to figure it out, you know? But one unicorn has only one unicorn’s brain power, so I thought you and I could think of something together.”

“You’re so smart, Hippolyta. Yes, let’s think of it together”, Raina said happily.

The two unicorns walked silently in the beautiful snowy landscape. At the same time, their unicorn brains were working hard and sending thought energy to each other. Once in a while, the unicorns voiced out some thoughts they had.

“We need to think of something so special, that the customers will return to Café Unicorn”, Hippolyta said.

“Yes, something so tasty and magical they just can’t resist it”, Raina agreed.

Then, Raina and Hippolyta went silent again and communicated telepathically while walking.

Suddenly, Raina had such a wonderful idea, that it made her horn glow brighter than any Christmas lights. Hippolyta knew immediately, that this idea was exactly what Claire needed to save Café Unicorn.

Chapter 3. The Secret Ingredient

The village in which Claire lived was covered in snow. There were Christmas lights all over the streets and on windows. The houses looked like gingerbread houses with snow on the roofs. On the village square, there was a Christmas tree with glowing decorations, just like every year. The streets were more quiet than normally, but you could still sense the Christmas spirit in this beautiful little village.

Claire’s house was as beautiful as all the houses in the village. Even more beautiful, perhaps, because Claire had decorated the windows with unicorn Christmas lights, and there was even an illuminated unicorn decoration in the yard.

Now Claire was baking in the kitchen of her house. She was in a good mood, humming Christmas songs. Claire was baking Christmas cakes to be sold in Café Unicorn. She mixed the batter as usual, but this time, she added an extra ingredient.

Claire’s mom and dad were working at the café at the moment, and Claire wanted to surprise them. Claire’s younger sister Chloe came downstairs. Chloe was only 12, but sometimes she wanted to come and help in the café as well. Claire’s younger brother Carter, on the other hand, was 17 and he already worked at the café in the evenings and weekends. It was a family business, after all.

“I smelled something good. What are you baking, Claire?” Chloe asked.

“I’m baking new unicorn cakes for the café. This is a unicorn Christmas cake”, Claire explained.

“But we’re already selling unicorn cake, and it’s still been quiet in the coffee shop”, Chloe said.

It was true. Café Unicorn had Magical Unicorn Cake, Rainbow Sparkle Cupcakes and Unicorn Whisper Cookies on the menu. The unicorn themed delicacies had been very popular before, but they hadn’t helped attract customers in the past few months.

“I know, but this cake is different. See, there’s a secret ingredient”, Claire revealed.

“What’s the secret ingredient?” Chloe asked.

“I’ll tell you later. But first, do you want to help me decorate these cakes?” Claire asked.

Claire and Chloe started decorating the cakes with icing. When the cakes were finished, they looked wonderful. Each cake had unicorn and Christmas tree decorations on top of them. The cakes looked delicious, but Claire knew the secret ingredient was what made the cakes so special.


Everything worked out as planned. Claire’s family started selling the unicorn Christmas cakes in Café Unicorn. Claire didn’t tell her parents what the secret ingredient was, but both her mom and dad said the cake tasted “magical”.

Then, a local newspaper wanted to write about Café Unicorn. The reporter tasted the unicorn Christmas cake and praised it in her article. She wrote that after eating the cake, she had felt like all her worries had melted away, and she felt ten years younger.

The newspaper article went viral on social media, and so people all over the country found out about the magical unicorn Christmas cake. People from as far as London travelled to Scotland to buy the amazing unicorn cake for Christmas. Claire and her family worked from morning to evening baking cakes and selling them for customers in Café Unicorn.

So, the unicorn Christmas cake saved the Christmas and Café Unicorn. But what was the secret ingredient in the cake? What made the cake so special?

See, Raina and Hippolyta had donated some of their tail hairs for the cake. The thing is, unicorn mane and tail hair have magical properties. They are even more powerful, when the unicorn has given her hair willingly, as Hippolyta and Raina did.

Who knew a couple of tail hairs could have the power to save the Christmas? With unicorn magic, and a little bit of Christmas spirit, anything is possible.

The End

How Was the Unicorn Christmas Story?

So, our unicorn Christmas story had a happy ending. I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you did, remember to share this post in social media to spread some Christmas (and unicorn) spirit around!

I’d love to know what you think of the story, so please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Have a magical Christmas!

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