Unicorn Christmas Sweaters Women Love

Unicorn Christmas Sweaters Women Love

We have an exciting announcement to make. Magical Unicorn Life has launched our first original unicorn clothing designs! Today, I’d like to introduce some of our first products: Unicorn Christmas sweaters women love!

I only want to design clothes I would wear myself, and I will, as soon as I get my samples. In the future, I’m probably adding some children’s unicorn clothes to my shop, but I’d like to start with adults’ and women’s unicorn clothes. Why? Because there are not as many unicorn clothes for adults compared to children’s unicorn clothes on the market.

Unicorn loving grown-ups like you and me also want cute and original unicorn clothes, and that’s what we’re going to get!

“Have a Magical Christmas” Christmas Sweater

The “Have a Magical Christmas” unicorn Christmas sweater comes with the slogan “Have a Magical Christmas”. A funny, magical unicorn seems to be meditating with a background of snowflakes.

Now even grown-ups get to wear a cute unicorn Christmas sweater! This sweater is available in maroon, dark green and dark blue colors. It comes in sizes S-2XL. This sweater is a limited edition and only available until January 6th 2020.

unicorn christmas sweater have a magical christmas“With All the Reindeer Around, Just Be a Unicorn” Christmas Sweater

This is a funny unicorn Christmas sweater with the slogan “With all the reindeer around, just be a unicorn”. This winter themed sweatshirt reminds you of the importance of being yourself.

A unicorn Christmas sweater is a great Christmas present for a unicorn lover! This original sweatshirt is available in green, cardinal red, dark blue and light gray colors. The available sizes are S-2XL.

This unicorn sweater is also a seasonal product, and only available until January 6th 2020.

unicorn christmas sweater unicorn and reindeerWinged Unicorn Christmas Sweater

The winged unicorn Christmas sweater doesn’t have any text or slogan. This sweater is for unicorn fans who love pink and cute things. A sweet little winged unicorn admires a small Christmas tree with a background of snowflakes.

This sweater makes an excellent gift. The color selection for the winged unicorn Christmas sweater includes white, light gray, black, red and green. The available sizes are S-2XL.

Make sure you get your cute winged unicorn Christmas sweater before January 6th 2020. This sweater is also a limited edition, and only available until this date.

winged unicorn christmas sweater

What do you think of our new unicorn Christmas sweaters? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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