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Today’s post is about unboxing my second Unicorn Dream Box I got this week.

There is nothing as fun as getting a box full of unicorn surprises on mail. I can only imagine how excited a child would be to receive a unicorn surprise box like this!

This is the February box, but it took 3 weeks to arrive, because I live in Finland.

Watch the video below and see what unicorn surprises I found in my new Unicorn Dream Box!

If you can not see the embedded video, click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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“Must-Dos with My Unicorn BFF” Educational Flash Card

The first item I found in my new box was a “must-dos with my unicorn BFF” educational flash card. On this flash card, there are suggested activities to do with your unicorn BFF (Best Friend Forever). These include making unicorn slime and making unicorn BFF necklaces.

I daresay this educational flash card is targeted for younger audience, and I´m not be in the target group.

Apparently, there is an educational flash card in every Unicorn Dream Box. On the previous box, it was the unicorn yoga card game. That was awesome, but I might be a bit too old for the “must-dos with my unicorn BFF” flash card. I’m sure this would be great for, say, tweens.

must dos with my unicorn bff

The Glittery Pink Unicorn Pencil Case

The second item that popped out of the box was the glittery pink unicorn pencil case. Anything that is pink and has glitter is awesome, and if it’s a unicorn, it’s even more awesome!

This cutie doubles as a plush and a pencil case with a zipper. I think it looks like like a hybrid of a unicorn and a dachshund, because it’s so long.

glittery pink unicorn pencil case

The White Unicorn Plush

It seems there is a plush in the Unicorn Dream Box every month, and that is fantastic. This time I got a small white sitting unicorn plush. It’s so cute!

white unicorn plush

Unicorn BFF Cotton Candy Scented Erasers

The pack of two Unicorn BFF cotton candy scented erasers was the second “Unicorn BFF” item in this box, so I’m guessing the theme of the February box is friends or Valentine’s day. Each Unicorn Dream Box has a different theme; the January box’s theme was “back to school”.

The cotton candy scented unicorn erasers smell very sweet, like candy. The only problem is, that these are too cute to be used as erasers! I think I will just end up putting my unicorn erasers on display.

unicorn bff cotton candy scented erasers

The Pastel Blue Unicorn Pen

The next item in the box was a cute pastel blue unicorn pen. On my previous unboxing video, I said all pens should be like the glittery unicorn pen I got on my first Unicorn Dream Box. If there is a unicorn pen in every box, eventually I might end up with a decent unicorn pen collection!

I tried writing with my new unicorn pen, and found out it is filled with excellent quality black ink. This might be my new favorite pen.

pastel blue unicorn pen

Note Pals Rainbow Hearts Sticky Tabs

note pals sticky tabs

The last item in the box was Note Pals rainbow hearts sticky tabs. There are not unicorns on them, but rainbow colored hearts, polka dots and stripes.

These sticky tabs are just what I needed, because I’ve been missing something to bookmark my bullet journal with.

Unicorn Dream Box February Box – Lots of Cute Stuff

The Unicorn Dream Box February box was full of cute stuff. I got many useful items too; stationery is always needed. There was only one item in this box I didn’t really care for; that was the Unicorn BFF educational flash card.

There was something memorable written on the inside of the February box:

It is said that we all have a unicorn heart, we just need to have fun in order to find it within ourselves.

Unicorn Dream Box is just what you need to find your unicorn heart! A unicorn surprise box really helps awaken your inner child, your unicorn spirit.

Even a grown-up like me is excited and filled with a warm feeling inside, when a new unicorn subscription box has arrived. It must be double the fun for a child.

Unicorn Dream Box is one of the thousands of different subscription boxes you can find on Cratejoy, the ultimate subscription box shop online.

The monthly subscriptions for Unicorn Dream Box start from $38. I ordered the more affordable box with 4-6 items. They also have a more expensive option with 6-9 unicorn items, and a deluxe box with 10-15 items. You can subscribe for one month, 3 months or 6 months. The price per box is cheapest with the 6 month plan.

If you want know more about this magical unicorn subscription box, click on the link below.

Read More About Unicorn Dream Box

See the full details of Unicorn Dream Box on Cratejoy website, and click on the link below.

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  1. Oh my goodness, my daughter would flip for this. She turns five on Tuesday and I need some more presents – I think this would work if I gave her something to open now but let her know it’s coming in the mail. Getting things in the mail is the BEST when you’re a kid (now it’s mostly bills lol!). Thanks for this idea! 

    1. Hi Katie,

      Yes, I can only imagine how exciting it would be for a child to receive a unicorn surprise box on mail (even I’m excited about it, and I’m a grown-up 😀).

      I think Unicorn Dream Box would be perfect for a 5-year-old, because there’s always stuff kids of that age like; plushies, stickers, unicorn pens, coloring books… Happy (and unicornful!) birthday to your daughter!