Top 3 Unicorn Duvet Cover Sets for Sweet Unicorn Dreams

unicorn duvet cover sets

Am I the only one who is feeling sleepy during this time of the year? Because of feeling sleepier than usual, I was thinking to share my favorite unicorn duvet cover sets with you. After all, what would be better than sleeping with unicorns?

I wonder if it’s the Christmas magic that gives you some energy before Christmas, but when January comes, the winter really starts to take its toll on me. How is it for you?

Of course, some of you might live in Australia or another country in the Southern hemisphere, and it’s summer for you now.

Anyway, whatever season it is, sleeping well is very important for our well-being. There are many things that play a role on how well we sleep, and the choice of bedding is one of them.

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Natural Materials Are the Best Choice for Duvet Covers.

In my opinion, you should only use sheets and duvet covers made of natural materials, such as cotton. There’s no way I would accept sheets made of polyester in my bed! That’s because natural materials are breathable, and they feel comfortable on your skin.

Synthetic materials, such as polyester, make you sweat easily and make you feel sticky. That’s something that definitely affects the quality of sleep. Duvets made of just natural materials can be hard to find, but at least the duvet cover should be cotton.

There are many microfiber duvet cover sets on the market. They are promoted as hypoallergenic and easy to clean. But I would not buy them. Microfiber is 100% polyester. It is an excellent material for dusters, but I would not accept it in my bed.

It is true that microfiber is more breathable than regular polyester. After all, microfiber is often used in sports clothing. However, microfiber doesn’t have the ability to remove moisture. Moisture is something that tends to build up in bed, and you want to use bedding materials that help prevent that.

Cotton also has thermoregulatory qualities, which help keep the bed warm or cool depending on the season.

unicorn and a dog with a unicorn horn sleeping

So, I’m only going to introduce unicorn duvet cover sets made of cotton, because they’re the only ones I can personally recommend.

All of these sets have a duvet cover and pillow cases, but no comforter. One of the sets has 2 decorative pillows as an extra.

OTOB Unicorn Bedding Set – Sweet and Pink

This is a super cute bedding set made of 100% cotton, and it’s on Amazon’s choice list. Unicorns and clouds on a pastel pink background are guaranteed to calm you down in bedtime.

OTOB unicorn bedding set comes in twin and queen size sets. Both sets include 1 duvet cover and 2 pillow cases. Both are definitely big enough for adults too, so these sets are perfect for both children and grown-ups.

The duvet cover and pillow cases are double-sided; one side has the unicorn pattern and the other side has a striped pattern with pink and white stripes.

I like the hidden zipper closure and corner ties of the duvet cover; very practical. I find it annoying when a duvet cover doesn’t stay in place.

Urban Habitat Lola Duvet Cover Set + 2 Decorative Pillows – Fun and Whimsical

The Urban Habitat Lola duvet cover set comes in twin and queen sizes. The twin size set includes 1 duvet cover, 1 pillow case ans 2 decorative unicorn pillows. The queen size set comes with 1 duvet cover, 2 pillow cases and 2 decorative pillows.

The duvet cover, pillow cases and the shell of the decorative pillows are 100% cotton. Only the filling of the decorative pillows is polyester.

This set has two color options; purple and pink. Both colors come with a fun and whimsical unicorn print; the reverse side is solid color. I think it might be nice to have unicorns on both sides, but it’s hard to find duvet covers and pillow cases that have the same print on both sides. Usually the reverse side has a different print or a solid color.

It’s positive that the duvet cover of this set also has 4 corner ties. It closes with buttons.

I wonder if it’s a new trend to have corner ties on duvet covers, or does it depend on the manufacturing country? None of my duvet covers have corner ties (or any kind of closure), and it’s super annoying to pull the cover back in place every single night. Because it certainly doesn’t stay in place on its own.

A duvet cover with ties would solve this problem. Of course, I could sew some sort of corner ties to my old duvet covers.

Anyway, the corner ties seem to be a standard on duvet covers these days, as all the unicorn duvet covers I found have them.

Jumeyy Unicorn Rainbow Duvet Cover Set – Cute and Cozy

Here’s one more cute and cozy unicorn duvet cover set made of 100% cotton fabric. This set also comes in twin and queen sizes. Both sizes include 1 duvet cover and 2 pillow cases.

Jumeyy duvet cover set has a cute look with unicorns, rainbows and clouds on lavender purple. The reverse side has rainbow colored stripes, so as usual, the reverse side is different.

4 corner ties and a double zipper closure ensure the duvet cover is easy to put in place.

Unicorn Duvet Cover Sets – Which One Do You Like the Best?

So, here we have 3 quality options for a 100% cotton unicorn duvet cover set. Personally, I like Urban Habitat Lola duvet cover set the most. I think the unicorn pattern of this set is the cutest of all three, and I really like the purple color.

When it comes to quality, all of these 3 sets are quite equal. They are all 100% cotton, which was my requirement. All the duvet covers have the handy corner ties. You can get all the sets in twin and queen sizes, and they are suitable for both adults and children.

So, it’s a matter of personal preference, really, which set of these 3 would be the best option. Which one do you like the most?

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