DIY Unicorn Easter Basket

Unicorn Easter Basket

The Easter is coming, and it’s time to get started with Easter preparations. For a unicorn lover, this means making some unicorn Easter crafts. Today, we are going to make an easy unicorn Easter basket.

You don’t need much crafting experience or lots of material for this cute and fun Easter craft. This is a very beginner and budget friendly craft project.

This pretty unicorn Easter basket will get your home ready for Easter! It´s nice to put Easter eggs (especially unicorn Easter eggs!) and candy in your DIY unicorn basket, and it is going to make a stunning arrangement.

Follow the video and the step-by-step instructions, and you will have your own unicorn Easter basket in no time.

If you can’t see the embedded video, click here to watch it on YouTube.

Materials & Tools You Need for the Unicorn Easter Basket

  • A rattan basket with a handle (any light color and any size)
  • Soft ribbon
  • Pink fake fur (you can use other color too, or fake flowers instead of fake fur)
  • Sewing thread of matching color with the fake fur
  • Piece of slim cardboard (white / pastel color)
  • Any colorful paper or slim cardboard for the horn
  • Quality washi tape for decorating and putting up the horn (you could use duct tape too)
  • Scissors
  • Black duct tape for the unicorn’s eyes
  • Duct tape of matching color with the basket
  • Colorful duct tape (optional, any color you want)

Decorate the Handle of the Basket with Ribbon.

First step is decorating the handle of the basket with ribbon. I recommend using soft ribbon for this; my ribbon was very stiff, so I had to use some safety pins for attaching it.

If you are using soft ribbon, first tie the other end of the ribbon into the other end of the handle, making a pretty bow. Then, start rolling the ribbon around the handle. Roll all the way to the other way of the handle.

Then, tie the ribbon into a bow again. Now you have bows on both ends of the handle.

making unicorn easter basket

Make the Horn and Tape It to the Basket.

Next, take the piece of paper or slim cardboard you have reserved for the horn, and roll it into a horn shape.

Then, take the washi tape or duct tape (golden duct tape would look awesome here) and roll some tape around the horn, so that it stays in shape.

When the horn is ready, attach it to the front edge of the basket with duct tape or washi tape. Use tape that matches the color of the basket. Take advantage of the openings of the rattan basket, and slide the tape through them.

Make the Ears and Attach Them to the Basket.

Cut triangle shaped unicorn ears out of the slim cardboard you have reserved for this purpose. Leave some extra length for attaching the ears to the basket.

If you want, you can decorate the ears with the colorful duct tape.

Fold the ears at the root and slide them through the openings of the basket, so that the ears will be on both sides of the horn. You will probably need to use duct tape to make sure the ears stay in place.

Attach the Fake Fur “Mane”.

Now, attach the fake fur “mane”. Cut a piece of fake fur with a desired size. You can place it in front of the horn and ears, or loop it around them like I did.

Use the sewing thread for attaching the mane. Slip the thread through the openings of the basket several times and tie the mane in place. Tie it in different parts, so that it stays firmly on the basket.

Actual sewing is not required, but you can use a needle for slipping the sewing thread through the openings of the basket.

Make and Attach the Duct Tape Eyes.

The last part is making the eyes for the unicorn out of the black duct tape.

Cut a piece of duct tape (around twice the desired width of an eye). Then, cut two slim strips lengthwise as shown on the video.

Next you will have fold the piece of tape in half lengthwise, but leave the slim strips intact.

Cut the duct tape into a shape if a closed eye with eyelashes. Again, leave the slim strips intact.

When you’re done, place the eye on the desired spot on the basket. Slide the strips through the openings of the basket and tape them in place on the reverse side.

Make the second eye exactly like the first one, but make sure you cut it so that the lashes point to a reverse direction.

diy unicorn easter basket finished

Have a Magical Easter!

Now you have a cute unicorn Easter basket, and you can fill it with Easter eggs and candy.

If you made your own unicorn Easter basket, please let me know how it went for you in the comment section below. If you have any questions about this DIY project, feel free to ask.

Have a magical Easter!

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  1. I love it that this year Easter is on my birthday, it will be a perfect time for all of us to spend time together (social distancing still active of course). Thank you for sharing the DIY unicorn basket! They are super cute! I think I am going to make this together with my nieces, they will love them. 

    1. Happy birthday! And the national unicorn day is also just before Easter (on 9th April). Many reasons to celebrate around the Easter, even though we have to stay at home. I hope you will enjoy making the unicorn Easter basket with your nieces! 

  2. Many thanks for sharing such a beautiful DIY with us. My niece is totally crazy about unicorns. She loves things related to unicorns and makes some DIY by watching from YouTube. Both of us enjoyed your tutorial and she is trying to make one. I appreciate your craft works, I do also love craft works but don’t get too much time to do it. I would like to share your article in my social media, so that others would be able to know about this beautiful unicorn basket DIY. 

    1. Hi,

      If your niche is going to try making a unicorn Easter basket, please let me know later how it went for her?

      You mentioned you love crafting, and your niche is into unicorn crafts as well. We also have another Easter unicorn craft tutorial, if you want to give it a try; DIY unicorn Easter egg. It’s even easier to make than the unicorn Easter basket.

  3. Most of us are staying home now due to Coronavirus. Easter is coming and we are looking to find ways to celebrate Easter without going out. I am excited to make my Easter baskets. My kids love Unicorn too :).
    I have a few baskets at home and I just need to buy the accessories.
    Thank you for the information.

    1. Hi Christine,

      Making Easter crafts is definitely a good way to celebrate Easter this year. Many of us already have some baskets at home. By crafting an old plain basket into a colorful unicorn version, you can give an old basket a new life.

  4. Hi Kirsti, 

    What a cute idea! I am definitely going to try and make my niece one for Easter to fill with some candy 🙂  

    I already have a few ideas in mind and there will definitely be glitter! When she gets a little older this would be a great craft that we could do together as well!

    Thanks for the the great post!

    1. Hi Anna,

      I definitely support adding glitter for a unicorn craft. ^^ Have fun making your own unicorn Easter basket!