DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs

Unicorn Easter Egg

Today, we are going to make an easy unicorn Easter egg. This is a quick and fun DIY project you don’t need lots of materials for. You can easily make more unicorn Easter eggs to fill your Easter basket.

Watch my DIY Unicorn Easter Egg tutorial video!

If you can’t see the embedded video, click here to watch it on YouTube.

List of Tools and Materials for the DIY Unicorn Easter Egg

  • Plastic / foam decorative Easter eggs
  • Black permanent marker
  • Strong paper
  • Duct tape or washi tape of matching color with your egg
  • Another duct tape or washi tape (for decorating the horn)
  • Slim washi tape
  • A paper cupcake pan
  • Scissors
  • Regular tape
  • Double-sided tape

If you use decorative eggs with ribbon loops like I did, you can also hang your unicorn Easter egg.

1. Cut the Unicorn’s Ears of Duct Tape.

Take the duct tape of matching color with your egg. Cut two triangle shaped pieces of the duct tape.

Fold a triangle into an ear, but leave some tape for attaching it to the egg.

Attach the duct tape ears to the egg with duct tape.

2. Make a Unicorn Horn out of Strong Paper and Washi Tape.

Next, we are going to make the unicorn´s horn. Cut a triangle shaped piece of the strong paper, and roll the triangle into a horn shape. Attach the rolled horn with regular tape.

Decorate the horn with washi tape by rolling the washi tape around the horn.

Use the same washi tape for attaching the horn to the egg. It doesn’t matter that the washi tape is showing, because we are going to cover it with the ribbon later.

3. Make a Ribbon out of the Cupcake Pan and Slim Washi Tape.

A paper cupcake pan is an excellent material for the ribbon. Cut two pieces of the side of the cupcake pan. The sides of a cupcake pan have the small ”waves”, which make it perfect for the ribbon.

Fold the pieces you cut into two fan shapes, and combine the ”fans” into a ribbon. Tie them together in the middle by wrapping the slim washi tape around the connecting point.

When the ribbon is ready, cut a small piece of double-sided tape. Attach the ribbon to the egg, in front of the horn, with the double-sided tape. Now, the ribbon covers the washi tape you used for attaching the horn.

4. Draw Eyes for the Unicorn Egg.

The last step is drawing eyes for the unicorn egg. Use the black permanent marker for this.

You can draw ”sleepy” eyes or happy eyes. Draw two arches on either side of the unicorn egg’s face in a desired place. Then, draw eyelashes.

It’s So Quick and Easy, That You Can Make More Than One Unicorn Egg.

That’s it, we are done! The unicorn egg was quick and easy to make, wasn’t it? You can easily make more than one of them to fill your Easter basket.

As for the Easter basket, you might want to try our unicorn DIY Easter basket tutorial. The unicorn Easter basket is easy to make too, and the unicorn eggs look really nice in a unicorn Easter basket.

If you made your own unicorn Easter egg at home, please let me know how it went in the comment section below. Have a magical Easter!

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  1. Hi Kirsti

    I must say that is a novel way of making Easter eggs, which is quite appropriate for the difficult times we are all going through at the moment. We all have bored kids who are not allowed to play out, and I can see that these unicorn Easter eggs with be fun and great to design. It will get the whole family involved and most certainly make a great difference from the chicks and bunnies so often seen at this time of year. I got to admit the relationship between Easter and Unicorn is not an easy one to make, but Easter is all about Rebirth and the joys of spring.

    I bet you could name your eggs as well.



    1. Hi Antonio,

      You can certainly name the unicorn eggs if you want to. I think unicorns are great for Easter (and any holiday). Easter is about joy, and so are unicorns; a perfect match!

      Thank you for leaving a comment, and have a magical Easter!

  2. Oh, this is just adorable. I just wish I had seen this article a few days ago. My daughter loves unicorns, and this would have been so nice for easter decoration and to give as an Easter present to her little friends. This year for Easter, we did old school blowing out eggs, and then painted them for our Easter decoration and as a gift for her little friend as well. I have to bookmark this for next year; she will be delighted to do it as an activity. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.
    Best wishes Jude