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10 Best Unicorn Face Masks for Kids and Adults

Face mask is still pretty much a daily accessory to wear all over the World. That’s the case here in Finland, and probably where you live as well. Luckily you don’t have to settle for plain and boring face masks, as there are so many cute unicorn face masks available in the market.

On today’s post, we are going to have a look at the best, high quality unicorn face masks for kids and adults. When it comes to face masks, there’s something for everyone. Unicorn face covers are not just for kids, but luckily they come in adult sizes as well.

To make it easier to find what you need, we are introducing 5 best unicorn face masks for kids first, and then 5 best unicorn face coverings for adults. All face masks on this post are intended for everyday use, so they are not medical grade masks.

Most of them are reusable and washable cloth face masks, but I have included one disposable unicorn face mask option for both adults and children. All masks featured on this post have at least 2 layers; single-layered masks are left out, because they are too thin to provide much coverage.

To get more information on each face mask on this post, click on the image link on each chapter, and you’ll be redirected to the product page on Amazon.

Let’s find out how to stay safe in unicorn style!

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Best Unicorn Face Masks for Kids

California Tot 100% Cotton 2 Pack Reversible Unicorn Face Mask for Kids

California Tot unicorn face mask for kids gets a perfect score for cuteness and comfort. The adorable gray unicorn pattern is sure to catch kids’ attention.

Most face masks on the market are made of polyester, which can feel unbreathable. So, it’s very positive that this unicorn mask is made of 100% cotton, which is a very breathable material.

And I do mean all 3 layers are made of cotton, not just the inner layer as in some face masks. Many face mask sellers advertise their masks as 100% cotton masks, even though only one or two layers are cotton.

This high quality kids’ mask has adjustable ear loops, adjustable nose wire and even a filter pocket. As a nice extra feature, the mask is also reversible. Only one side has the cute unicorn pattern, though.

The cute unicorn mask comes in 3 different sizes: X-small for 4 to 7 years old children, small for children ages 8 and up (or even small-faced adults) and adult size.

As this unicorn mask comes in adult size as well, you can get matching face masks with your unicorn-loving daughter or niece!


  • Only one side has a unicorn pattern; the reverse side comes with an abstract triangle pattern


  • 100% cotton; very breathable
  • Reversible
  • Has a filter pocket
  • Adjustable ear loops
  • Adjustable nose wire
  • Different size options

Weddingstar Unicorn Doodles Kids’ Face Mask

This cute face mask by Weddingstar comes with an adorable unicorn doodle pattern. There’s also a very pretty mermaid scale design available, so you might want to check that out as well.

With 3 layers, an adjustable nose wire and adjustable ear loops, this unicorn face cover seems like a high quality option. Not to mention the thousands of positive reviews it has on Amazon.

According to the seller, this face mask prevents fogging when worn with glasses, so you might want to consider this mask for a child who wears glasses.

As a bonus, there’s a filter pocket in case you want to add a filter in the mask.

I also find it positive that this face mask is made of cotton. And the design is cute and unique; I haven’t seen it on face masks sold by any other brands.

If I have to find something negative to say about this unicorn mask, I guess it would be the price. It’s higher than the average price of kids’ face masks on Amazon, but on the other hand, you get very good quality here. Even though you can find face masks for cheaper, I think this unicorn face cover is worth the price.


  • The price is higher than on some kids’ face masks


  • Adjustable ear loops
  • Made of cotton
  • Has a nose wire
  • Has a filter pocket
  • Prevents fogging with glasses

2 Pcs / Set Cute Unicorn Face Mask for Kids

This 2 pcs unicorn face mask set is the number one bestseller on Amazon in 3 product categories; girls’ costume accessories, boys’ costume accessories and boys’ costume masks.

When you consider the features of this face mask, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. These masks are made of cotton, first of all. That’s much better than polyester, because cotton is breathable. You want a face mask to be breathable, especially a kids’ face mask.

However, only the inner and middle layer are made of cotton. The outer layer is made of polyester. Based on the product description, you might get the idea that the whole face mask is made of cotton, but that’s not the case. That being said, two cotton layers do make the mask much more breathable than a mask made of 100% polyester.

These adorable unicorn masks have 3 layers of fabric, which provides enough protection. The face covers also come with an adjustable nose clips and adjustable ear straps, which guarantees a great fit.

And look at those cute unicorns on a pink background! These mask sets come in tons of patterns to choose from, but for a unicorn lover, the set of two pink unicorn face masks is the go-to option.

This face mask doesn’t have a filter pocket, but you don’t really need a filter with a 3-layered mask.


  • No filter pocket
  • The outer layer is made of polyester


  • Inner and middle layer are made of cotton
  • Adjustable nose clip
  • Adjustable ear straps

Mask by Design Youth Unicorn Face Mask

Mask by Design has the perfect solutions for those looking for a unicorn face mask for school children. Many kids’ face masks on the market are targeted for younger children and might be too small for school kids. However, this unicorn face cover is designed for 6 to 12 years old children.

This face mask comes with various patterns, and a couple of them are unicorn themed. The face mask is 3-layered, so it’s thick enough, and it also has a filter pocket and a nose wire.

The inner layer is cotton and the middle and outer layer are polyester. So, it’s not a 100% cotton mask, but the cotton inner layer will add comfort to the mask for sure.

The youth unicorn mask is sold by an American clothing company Mask by Design. All in all, this is a decent face mask option for any school child who loves unicorns.


  • The middle and outer layer are polyester


  • Has a filter pocket
  • Adjustable ear loops
  • Has a nose wire
  • The inner layer is 100% cotton

100 Pcs / Pack Kids’ Disposable Unicorn Face Covers

These disposable unicorn face masks are here to save the day with cuteness! They are available in packs of 100 and 50 pieces, so you can make a pack of them last for a while.

While I prefer cloth face masks to disposable face masks, I wanted to include a disposable mask option in this post as well. Even with disposable masks, you don’t need to settle for the boring light blue masks you see all over the place.

These face masks are marketed as comfortable, and it is designed for 3-12 years old children. But according to customer reviews on Amazon, adults have worn these masks successfully as well.


  • Not reusable; not eco-friendly
  • Ear loops are not adjustable


  • Disposable, so no need to wash
  • According to customer reviews, these masks fit adults too
  • Adjustable nose clip
  • Elastic ear loops
  • Breathable

Best Unicorn Face Masks for Adults

Mask by Design Unicorn Face Mask – Made in USA

The 3-layered purple unicorn face mask by Mask by Design is made in USA. It may be more pricey than some face masks on Amazon, but you do get great quality for the price.

As you can expect from a premium face mask, the purple unicorn mask has an adjustable nose wire and adjustable ear loops. There is also a filter pocket in case you need to insert filters.

According to customers who bought this face mask on Amazon, it’s easy to use with glasses and doesn’t fog them up.

The inner layer of the face mask is cotton, but the middle and outer layer are polyester, which is a con in my opinion. That’s because cotton is much more breathable than polyester.

As for the design, there are tons of patterns to choose from. Make sure you select the unicorn design! In addition to the purple unicorn pattern, there is also a black unicorn pattern and a pink unicorn design available.


  • The middle and outer layer are polyester, which can feel unbreathable for some people


  • Has a filter pocket
  • 100% cotton inner layer
  • Adjustable nose wire
  • Adjustable ear loops
  • According to customer reviews, glasses don’t fog up with this mask

Doomfist Kawaii Unicorn Face Mask

The kawaii face mask for adults by Doomfist has a super cute unicorn pattern featuring unicorns, feathers, rainbows and mushrooms.

As a writer, this design inspired me immediately! It’s not the most usual unicorn design you see all over the place, so it really caught my attention. It makes me think of fairy tales and enchanted forests where magical unicorns live.

Made of 100% polyester, this face cover has all the features you can expect from a quality face mask, including an adjustable nose wire and adjustable elastic earbuds.

As a bonus, Doomfit’s unicorn mask comes with two replaceable activated carbon filters.

As this face mask has hundreds of positive customer reviews on Amazon, you can be fairly certain it fits the face mask needs of most users. Many customers thank the mask for comfort. Also, according to some users this face mask fits well with glasses. So, if you wear glasses, this might be the ideal unicorn face mask for you.


  • 100% polyester fabric can feel uncomfortable for some people


  • Comes with filters
  • Has an adjustable nose wire
  • Has adjustable ear loops
  • Waterproof
  • According to customer reviews fits well, especially with glasses, and is comfortable

California Tot 100% Cotton 2 Pack Unicorn Face Mask for Adults

California Tot’s unicorn face mask is one of the cutest I’ve seen with the sweet little unicorns (some of them are winged unicorns, by the way), rainbows and lollipops on a gray background. The colors of this mask are soft, sweet and dreamy.

Not only is this face mask insanely cute, but the whole mask is made of cotton. Not just one layer, but all 3 layers! Thanks to the cotton material, the face cover is very comfy and breathable.

The adjustable nose wire and adjustable ear loops guarantee this mask will fit your face. It’s also great that adults can choose from two different sizes. The adult size will fit most grown-ups, but smaller-faced adults can choose the small size.

California Tot even has a formula for choosing the right mask size. Measure your face from the middle of your nose to below your chin. If the number you get is below 5 inches, you should choose the small size. If it’s bigger than 5.5 inches, you definitely need the adult size.


  • Only one side has a unicorn pattern; the reverse side has an abstract design


  • 100% cotton
  • Reversible
  • Has a nose wire
  • Has a filter pocket
  • Adjustable earbuds
  • Adults can choose from 2 different sizes

Weddingstar Unicorn Doodles Adult Face Mask

Happy news for us adults addicted to unicorns: The super cute unicorn doodle face mask by Weddingstar is available in adult size as well!

Come on, you just can’t say no to that funky unicorn pattern.

To make things even better, this adorable face cover has 3 layers of cloth, is made of cotton and has adjustable ear straps and nose wire.

This face mask has made a crazy amount of sales on Amazon; it has more than 30,000 (mostly positive) customer reviews! You might also want to have a look at their mermaid scale patterned mask; it’s pretty cool.


  • More expensive than lower quality masks, but you get what you pay for


  • Adjustable ear loops
  • Adjustable nose wire
  • Cotton material
  • Has a filter pocket

60 Pcs / Pack Disposable Rainbow Unicorn Face Covers

No more boring single-colored disposable face masks! This 60 pcs value pack of disposable face masks will bring unicorns and rainbows into your daily life.

The customers who left reviews on these masks on Amazon appreciate the bright colors and the fact that the masks are individually wrapped. This makes it easy to carry a mask with you in a sanitary way.

A product review by a customer who purchased the disposable rainbow unicorn face masks on Amazon.


  • Not reusable; not friendly for environment
  • Ear loops are not adjustable


  • Individually wrapped; easy and sanitary to carry in a bag etc.
  • Has adjustable nose wire
  • Elastic ear loops
  • Latex-free

Which Unicorn Face Mask Would You Choose?

We made it; that was a lot of stuff about 10 unicorn face masks, but hopefully now you have a better idea which unicorn face mask might be the best for you or your child.

Of course, all of these face covers are cute, magical and make any unicorn lover happy for sure. We have covered other qualities of these masks as well, so that you can decide which face mask fits your needs. Material, size, adjustability and breathability are all important factors when it comes to choosing a face cover.

There’s no need to be boring even when it comes to everyday essentials. We can all use some unicorn magic and sparkle in our daily lives, especially in these strange times we’re living right now.

To bring even more fun and whimsy into every day, you might also want to check out our post on unicorn toilet paper. I know, toilet paper can seem like a weird item to have unicorns on, but why not? Everything is better with unicorns, right?

Are you still undecided which unicorn face mask you should choose? Click on the link below to have a look at the huge selection of unicorn face masks on Amazon!

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