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Best Unicorn Garden Ornaments – Unicorn Magic for Your Garden

It´s summer! If you´re lucky enough to have a garden of your own, this is the best season. Maybe you are growing some food plants in your garden, and the flowers are in full bloom. It is such a bliss to relax in the garden, reading a book, knitting, playing some yard games or whatever you enjoy.

If you are looking for a little something to make your garden even more enjoyable, unicorn garden ornaments are certainly an eye-catcher.

Do you feel like your garden still needs something unique to be truly your garden? Make your garden a unicorn lover´s paradise! Unicorn garden decorations are available for all budgets, tastes and weather conditions. They come in different sizes, colors and materials. Place one on the lawn or on the porch.

We´re introducing some most adorable options to meet different garden unicorn needs. These ornaments are not for a fairy garden (they are adorable too!), but for a regular garden, because these are bigger than the fairy garden unicorns.

This post has been updated, since we have found some new, even more stunning unicorn garden ornaments. Some of the older finds have kept their place on the top.

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Design Toscano Enchanted Unicorn Garden Statueblank

Hand painted and featuring blue eyes, Design Toscano unicorn statue in a rearing position is detailed and hand-cast. This quality statue has received a top 5 star rating from all Amazon customers, who have left a review after purchasing it. It is designed as a garden statue, but some people on Amazon are saying the statue is “too nice to put outside”.


Design Toscano Mystical Unicorn Of Avalon Statue

Design Toscano mystical unicorn of Avalon statue is a lying unicorn garden statue in a white color. Each statue is individually hand-painted by an artisan.

This garden statue is perfect for both garden and home. Customers have left positive reviews on unicorn of Avalon on Amazon. They love how it looks in their garden, and they are happy with the large size.


Design Toscano Sparkle the Mystical Magical Resting Unicorn Statue

This is another Design Toscano unicorn statue that comes individually hand-painted. Sparkle the mystical magical resting unicorn has very beautiful rainbow colors on her mane and tail indeed. The pastel colored flowers around her neck are a charming detail.

Sparkle the mystical magical resting unicorn is hand-cast. I must say Sparkle is one of the most beautiful unicorn statues I’ve ever seen!


Design Toscano Mystical Winged Unicorn Glass-Topped Table

Another piece of art from Design Toscano doubles as a stunning ornament and a table. The winged unicorn is made of resin, and theblank table panel is glass. It has been hand-painted individually.

The table can be placed outdoors or indoors, so it works as a fabulous garden blanktable. The manufacturer does not recommend keeping it outdoors on harsh weather, though. It is best to store it indoors during the winter.


Unicorn Magic For Your Garden – Which One Is Your Favorite?

So, these are the top unicorn garden ornament picks by Magical Unicorn Life. Unicorn garden statues come in different materials and sizes. If you’re looking for a unicorn garden ornament that doubles as a garden furniture, I recommend the unicorn themed Design Toscano winged unicorn table.

I would choose Design Toscano mystical winged unicorn table, but unfortunately the shipping fees to Finland are too expensive. I think the price of the table is fine, but shipping it to Finland would cost much more than the table itself. That´s unfortunate, because I think this table is absolutely stunning!

Which one of these unicorn garden ornaments is your favorite? If you have a garden, do you have any unicorn ornaments there yet, or are you planning to get one? Please share your unicorn garden dreams in the comment section below. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Best Unicorn Garden Ornaments – Unicorn Magic for Your Garden”

  1. blank

    After reading this article I’m sorry that all I have are normal garden gnomes!  People are always wanting original items to beautify their garden and I think these unicorns would do just the trick.

    I had never thought of unicorns and I’ll bet a lot of people hadn’t.  I think this is a great niche to be in.  Also, offering actual usable furniture rather than just decorative items is a complete inspiration!  I just wish I could have seen the pictures.  Unfortunately, the individual pictures are not showing.  Without this, I don’t think you will get much traction.

    I do love the top pictures and the over-all design of your page and site.  This article really gave me some great ideas on how to beautify my yard and garden and for us fantasy lovers – unicorns are now at the top of my list.

    Very appealing article.  Keep up the great work!

    1. blank

      Thank you so much for your feedback! Oh my, you didn’t see the pictures? On my computer and mobile they are showing. They are a little small, though, because those are the image + text links of Amazon. First, I had the image only links, which are bigger, but then, there was no price on them. I thought it would be good to have the prices visible too. 

  2. blank

    Hi Kirsti, Wow, thank you for this magical display of gorgeous and whimsical garden ornaments. It’s hard for me to choose a favorite. I was thinking of the Unicorn Cast Iron Bench for my front porch since I have it adorned with many hanging flower baskets in the spring and summer. My flower garden is rather small, (petunias in summer and pansies in winter) so I think both the Enchanted Unicorn Garden Statue or the Mythical Unicorn Ornament would look spectacular!

    I’m so glad I found your website! Growing up, my very best friend had a thing for unicorns and every year on her birthday and Christmas, I got her a unicorn of some kind. She will absolutely love your website! Thanks for a breath of fresh air!


    1. blank

      Hi Sue,

      The cast iron unicorn bench would no doubt look lovely amongst hanging flowers on a porch. 

      I´m happy to hear your best friend loves unicorns! Please do show her my website. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment.


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