Unicorn Gift Ideas - Unicorn Figurine and Pile of Presents

Best Unicorn Gift Ideas

What on Earth should you give as a present for a unicorn lover? With so many unicorn items in the market, it can be difficult to choose the best gift for a unicorn lover. To help you choose the perfect gift, we’re introducing the best unicorn gift ideas for unicorn addicts of all ages.

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1. Unicorn Subscription Box

What makes a unicorn lover happier than a cute unicorn gift? Of course, a surprise box full of cute unicorn themed gifts!

A unicorn subscription box is a gift, that brings joy for the receiver for months to come. Subscription box is a themed surprise box sent monthly to the receiver. You can subscribe for a certain period, for example 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

So, a unicorn themed subscription box is full of unicorn themed items. There are different unicorn subscription boxes suitable for different age groups. The two unicorn themed subscription boxes I recommend are Unicorn Dream Box and Unicorn Fun Box.

Unicorn Dream Box

Unicorn Toys - Unicorn Gifts - Unicorn Dream Box
  • Monthly unicorn themed subscription box with 6-9 new unicorn items every month
  • The deluxe box has 10-15 unicorn items each month
  • Items include: Unicorn plush toys, unicorn squishy toys, unicorn stationary, unicorn stickers, bags, accessories etc.
  • Best for: Children, young-at-heart adults

Unicorn Fun Box

Unicorn Fun Box
  • Monthly unicorn subscription box
  • The Unicorn Fun Pouch has 4-6 new unicorn gifts each month
  • The Unicorn Fun Box comes with 6-9 new unicorn gifts every month
  • Items include: Unicorn toys, story books etc. (the kid’s box), make-up, stationary etc. (the teen box)
  • Best for: The kid’s box is best for younger children. The teen box is best for kids from age 10 and up, teenagers and young adults.

2. Magical Unicorn Candle

The unicorn candle is an adorable gift idea for Christmas, birthday or baby shower. This baby unicorn candle can be placed on top of a birthday cake as a birthday candle. It also makes a beautiful room decoration.

This candle will definitely bring Christmas spirit in your house! The blue-eyed little winged unicorn looks just like a unicorn angel, doesn’t she?

The unicorn candle comes in a gift box, so it’s easy to give as a heartwarming present to a unicorn lover.

  • Novelty unicorn candle
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Size: Length 2.68 in / Width 2.68 in / Height 3.31 in (with package)
  • Best for: Adults and teenagers, or as a birthday candle for a child’s birthday
Best Unicorn Gift Ideas

3. Glowing Light Up Unicorn Plush Toy

Unicorn plush toy is a great gift for a unicorn-loving child or young-at-heart adult. If you want your unicorn plush gift to be unique, a light up unicorn plush toy is definitely something new and exciting.

This super cute LED plush toy glows in 7 different colors. You can easily switch the lights on and off with a switch on the unicorn’s foot. The lights operate with batteries.

Unicorn Gift Ideas - Unicorn LED Plush Toys
  • LED lights operate with batteries
  • Size: 10 inches / 25 cm
  • Best for: Children over 3-years old, young-at-heart adults

4. Unicorn Slippers

If you’re looking for a unicorn gift to give in the winter time, these soft and fluffy unicorn slippers are worth consideration. These cute slippers are very warm, so if you know someone who loves unicorns and complains about cold feet, this is the perfect gift!

  • Warm and fluffy unicorn slippers
  • Available in sizes 5-10 (US size)
  • Best for: Unicorn-loving women or teenagers with cold feet
Unicorn Gift Ideas - Woman Wearing Unicorn Slippers at Home

5. Unicorn Spirit Guide Pendant

Is unicorn your spirit animal? Unicorn as a spirit animal teaches you to find your inner child and creativity. Your unicorn spirit guide encourages you to believe in your inner strength and magic, and to be your unique self.

If you want to take your unicorn spirit animal’s guidance wherever you go, the beautiful enamel unicorn spirit guide pendant is just what you need. This beautiful unicorn necklace also makes a unique gift idea for a unicorn lover.

The unicorn pendant is available in 5 different colors. But you can personalize your gift even further if you want. Find an inspiring message from a unicorn spirit guide on our free online unicorn oracle cards. Then, write down the message on a beautiful greeting card and give it together with the unicorn pendant.

Unicorn Necklace Purple
  • The unicorn necklace pendant symbolizes a unicorn spirit guide
  • Available in 5 color options
  • Best for: Women, teenagers

Unicorn Gift Ideas – Which One Is Your Favorite?

Did you find any favorite out of the unicorn gift ideas we listed on this post? If you did, please let me know which unicorn gift you liked the most!

If you still need more ideas for a unicorn themed present, check the magical selection of our unicorn shop here in Magical Unicorn Life. Click on the link below, and you will be taken to our shop page. Have a magical day!

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