What would be more fun on a sunny day than having some pool time or going to a beach? For unicorn loving kids and adults, these summer activities are even more fun with inflatable unicorn swimming pool floats. They come in all sizes from small to giant ones, so anyone can enjoy lounging on a pool float, whether you´re a tiny toddler or a big grown-up man.

Today, we´re introducing the best high-quality unicorn floats for ultimate summer fun!

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GlobalTronics Giant Unicorn Inflatable Floatglobaltronics giant unicorn inflatable float

This cute rainbow unicorn pool float needs to be on the list of the best unicorn pool floats, thanks to the eco friendly quality material, top ratings on Amazon and the high load capacity.

GlobalTronics giant unicorn inflatable float is HUGE. It can hold 2 heavy adults; up to 500 pounds altogether! It has two handles on its neck, and the instructions show you can even inflate it using a hair dryer.




Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float Glitterolyee giant inflatable unicorn pool float

This is a super cute unicorn float with pastel colors in the mane and tail. It is partially transparent in the ring, showing the glitter sequins inside it.

The unicorn float can hold 2 adults, up to 400 lbs altogether. It has two safety handles on its neck. The material is environmentally friendly heavy-duty vinyl. This float can be inflated with a pump or a hairdryer.



Intex Unicorn Party Inflatable Islandintex unicorn party inflatable island

How about having a magical unicorn pool party with your friends this summer? An inflatable unicorn party island can make your unicorn pool party dream come true!

Intex unicorn party island float is perfect for a pool party of small group of friends; It is designed for up to 6 adults. It has 4 cup holders and a built-in cooler to keep the drinks cool. The island float has a mesh lounging area and a detachable boarding platform.

The super sized winged rainbow unicorn has 7 heavy-duty handles, an anchor bag with a rope and a repair patch.

I can imagine you could have an amazing time with this unicorn island and a couple of friends. The price is not bad either, considering similar island floats can be very over-priced. This unicorn party float sold on Amazon is the cheapest one I found, and it has received good ratings from hundreds of customers.




FLYBOO Baby Swimming Float Unicornflyboo baby swimming float unicorn

FLYBOO baby swimming float unicorn is recommended for 1 to 6 years old toddlers and children. The load capacity is 110 lbs.

The baby unicorn float has 2 air bags on both sides and 2 handles. It also has a safety string, and it´s design to prevent rolling over.

Remember, don’t leave your child unattended in the water. A swimming float is not a life saving device, and adult supervision is necessary, when a child is playing in a pool.



Are You Ready For A Unicorn Pool Party?

These were Magical Unicorn Life´s favorite unicorn swimming pool floats to meet the needs of different age groups. It would be so much fun lounging on a unicorn pool float!

Did you find any favorite out of these pool floats?

Are you looking for something even bigger than these giant unicorn floats? Find out, where you can lounge on the biggest floating unicorn in the world.

Do you have a pool float, or do your kids have one? Where do you play with your pool float? Let me know in the comment section below. 🙂