Unicorn Toilet Paper - Unicorn, Lion and Butterfly Crafts Make of Toilet Paper Tubes

Unicorn Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is what we are going to talk about today, and not just any toilet paper. Discover the happiness of unicorn toilet paper! Why is it so awesome?

Unicorn toilet paper is a perfect gift, and it has been proven to work for potty training.

Recently, people around the world have been hoarding toilet paper because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Toilet paper memes have filled the social media.

Imagine the memes you could make with a picture of a unicorn toilet paper roll in your house! That would be something else.

When it comes to unicorn toilet paper, it is not something you would normally hoard. In fact, you won’t even find unicorn toilet paper in regular grocery stores. But don’t worry, I will give you links to access these enchanted toilet papers.

Make wiping magical with these top-rated unicorn toilet papers!

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getDigital Unicorn and Rainbow Toilet Paper – a Novelty Gift

GetDigital sells cute rainbow unicorn toilet paper claiming the unicorns bring “magic and friendship” to your bathroom (well, they do!).

This toilet paper is sold as single rolls with 200 sheets, so the price is quite high for a single roll of toilet paper. The manufacturer promises the toilet paper is skin- and eco-friendly. The roll even comes in a cute pink gift box, so this toilet paper is a perfect gift.

The customers on Amazon have rated the GetDigital unicorn and rainbow toilet paper quite high, 4 stars on average. It is on Amazon’s choice list for “unicorn toilet paper”.

Based on the customer reviews, this toilet paper is not as soft as the manufacturer claims; many customers actually say it’s quite rough. Nevertheless, most of them seem pretty happy with their purchase.

Here’s a screenshot of a review left by a verified purchaser on Amazon:

Unicorn Toilet Paper Review
getDigital unicorn & rainbow toilet paper review by a verified purchaser on Amazon.

This customer thinks the toilet paper is expensive, but cute and “totally worth it”.

Another reviewer also mentions the toilet paper is not soft, but she found it helpful for potty training:

Unicorn Toilet Paper Review
Review by another verified purchaser on Amazon. Click image to read more reviews on Amazon.

getDigital Unicorn and Rainbow Toilet Paper Pros and Cons


  • Cute
  • Printed with food-grade coloring > skin- and eco-friendly
  • Comes with a pink gift box
  • Perfect gift
  • Helps for potty training (based on reviews by verified purchasers)


  • Expensive, you get only one roll for the price
  • According to customer reviews the paper is rough

Kartika Unicorn Toilet Paper Tissue 4 Rolls Pack – Birthday Party Limited Edition

The unicorn toilet paper 4 rolls pack by Kartika offers the best value for money, since you get 4 rolls of unicorn toilet paper for the price.

I wonder why the getDigital unicorn toilet paper is on Amazon’s choice list, since Kartika unicorn toilet paper is clearly better value for money. Maybe it’s because there are more reviews on the getDigital toilet paper.

While there are not as many reviews on this toilet paper, most of the reviews are very positive with 4.6 stars average.

Here’s a screenshot of two Amazon reviews by verified purchasers:

Unicorn Toilet Paper Reviews
Kartika unicorn toilet paper reviews by verified purchasers on Amazon.

The first reviewer asks why waste a magical unicorn for wiping your butt. Well, that is one way to think of it. But you mostly look at the toilet paper before you use it, right? And the unicorns are likely to bring you joy in the bathroom. Not to mention that unicorn toilet paper is a hilarious gift.

The second reviewer says her granddaughter “was super excited and laughed”, when she brought her the unicorn toilet paper. Small things, like unicorn toilet paper, bring great joy to children.

Kartika Unicorn Toilet Paper Pros and Cons


  • Funny design with pooping unicorns
  • Best value for money compared to other unicorn toilet papers on Amazon; you get 4 rolls of toilet paper for the price
  • A hilarious gift
  • Kids love it (based on reviews by verified purchasers)


  • Still expensive for toilet paper, but you can’t expect to get unicorn toilet paper for the same price as regular toilet paper.

Seymour Butz – 2 Rolls Rainbow Unicorn Funny Toilet Paper

The Seymour Butz rainbow unicorn toilet paper is super cute! The prancing unicorns and rainbows are sure to bring fun and joy to any bathroom.

The manufacturer promises this toilet paper is safe for skin with food-grade coloring and eco-friendly print. I would hate the idea of cute print on toilet paper harming the nature, which is something you don’t need to worry about with this toilet paper.

Seymour Butz has actually designed their unicorn toilet paper for children’s sensitive skin, and they recommend it for potty training.

The family owned company even offers you a replacement or money back guarantee, when you purchase this toilet paper on Amazon. They seem very confident you will love this unicorn toilet paper. In fact, it has received 4.7 star average rating on Amazon, which is top rating out of the unicorn toilet papers sold on Amazon!

Have a peak on the positive reviews verified purchasers have left on this toilet paper on Amazon:

Unicorn Toilet Paper Reviews
Seymour Butz unicorn toilet paper reviews by verified purchasers on Amazon. Click the image to see more reviews on Amazon.

Seymour Butz Unicorn Toilet Paper Pros and Cons


  • Super cute design!
  • Skin- and eco-friendly
  • Recommended for potty-training (by manufacturer)
  • Perfect gift
  • Kids love it (based on reviews by verified purchasers)
  • Covered by manufacturer’s guarantee


  • Expensive for toilet paper

Get Your Unicorn Toilet Paper Today!

As we have discovered, unicorn toilet paper is a novelty item and a perfect gift. Kids love it, and it has been successfully used for potty training.

If you want to make your own toilet paper meme, posting a meme with a picture of unicorn toilet paper is going to be a hit on social media.

Don’t wait until your favorite unicorn toilet paper runs out of stock! Click on the link below to find the selection of unicorn toilet papers on Amazon.

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  1. It looks more like an artwork than a toilet paper. I am sure my daughter would rather decorate her room with some of it.

    I like the review, the way you have presented it is very entertaining. I can definitely confirm that you will not find this artwork of toilet paper in our normal grocery store.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re right, these toilet papers are like piece of art. I’ve never seen unicorn toilet paper in any grocery store either. 

      Thank you for leaving a comment!