Unicorn Valentines Shirt

unicorn valentines shirt

Valentine’s day is approaching. How about a unicorn Valentines shirt to celebrate the occasion? We have just launched our original unicorn Valentine’s design!

The new Valentine’s unicorn design is available as unisex and women’s premium t-shirts, unisex hoodie, women’s slouchy sweatshirt and a mug.

“You Are My Magical Unicorn” Is a Cute Valentine’s Day Design.

The Valentine’s day design features a text “You Are My Magical Unicorn” and a pink little unicorn surrounded by hearts.

This is a design for unicorn fans who like cute, romantic designs, or who just want to add unicorns to the Valentine’s day.

What would be a better compliment to your loved one, than saying “You are my magical unicorn”? Your special someone makes your world more magical, like a unicorn.

Get Matching Shirts, or Give Your Sweetheart a Cute Valentine’s Day Gift.

The unicorn Valentines shirt comes in different colors. You can get a premium unisex t-shirt, women’s premium v-neck t-shirt, a unisex hoodie or women’s slouchy sweatshirt. How about getting one unicorn shirt for you, and one for your sweetheart?

This super cute shirt makes an excellent Valentine’s day gift. The same design is also available on a mug; that’s another great Valentine’s gift for a unicorn fan!

unicorn valentines mug

Get Your Unicorn Valentines Shirt on Our Shop.

What do you think of our new Valentine’s unicorn design? Would you like a unicorn Valentines shirt for yourself, for your loved one, or matching shirts for both?

Please let me know your opinion in the comment section below. If you want more information on our Valentines unicorn gear, have a look at our Teespring shop on the link below.


  1. Many thanks to you for sharing with us in such a wonderful article and through you I got the opportunity to discuss a wonderful topic. Valentine’s Day is a very special day for all of us and on special days we want to wear some special dresses. In this article of yours I found some wonderful t-shirts designed with Valentine’s Day special unicorn. I love all these T-shirt designs and I will soon buy one of these T shirts for myself and I hope that many of you will buy T-shirts from here after reading the article.

    1. Hi Shanta,

      I agree with you, on Valentine’s day I want to wear something cute and romantic. Pink color is always a bonus. And of course, unicorns. ^^

  2. Hey there! This will be a very funny but soul captivating gift for any lover around the world, especially for ladies as unicorn symbolizes feminine energy and innocence. It will make that day different from every other day. For me, I’ll go for the hoodie.

    nice design! With a great magical felling!

    1. Hello,

      That’s great to hear you found your favorite product out of our Valentine unicorn gear. 

      These are definitely a great gift for a lady, but guys can wear unicorn shirts too. 

      Thank you so much, it means a lot to me you like this design.

  3. Thank you for sharing these funny lovely shirts. They’re a great option to share during San Valentine’s celebration. Getting along for at least this type of couple coordinated dressing shows up how well we’re getting along.

    I love the coffee cup, it’ll makes a great gift for my little unicorn!

    I wish you a happy and magical San Valentine’s celebration!

    1. Hello Juan,

      I’m happy to hear you like our unicorn Valentine’s mug and shirts.

      Thank you, I wish you a magically fun Valentine’s day too!

  4. I truly need to initially value your exertion in assembling this incredible site and composing this article. On the 14th of the month ahead is Valentine’s Day. I am glad to see your article because from here I found the best Valentine’s Day gift for my dear husband. I want to gift this unicorn mug. I also liked the unicorn matching t-shirt. I want to buy these items. If I bought this t-shirt, Can I be given two T-shirts of the same color? Thanks for this post.

    1. Hello,

      I’m happy to hear you found a Valentine’s day gift for your husband here. If you want matching shirts with your husband, you can get them with the same color for both. 

      For men, I recommend the unisex premium t-shirt. Ladies can have either the unisex t-shirt or the women’s premium v-neck t-shirt. If you get the unisex shirt for your husband and the women’s t-shirt for yourself, black, white and navy are the colors available in both models. That way, you can get matching shirts with the same color.

      If you also want the mug with the same color, it also comes with white, black and navy color. So, you can even get a matching shirt and mug if you want.

  5. I cannot believe that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner again. It is not that I do not love my spouse but I am running out of ideas on what to give him. (You see, we have been married for 6, together for 10) I think the coffee mug is cute, It is something that we can use together every morning and it will remind him that he got it on Valentine’s Day, lol. I might throw in on some homemade chocolate and cookies as well. 


    1. Hi Nuttanee,

      I know, how can it be Valentine’s day again? Only a week to go! I must congratulate you for your long marriage and long relationship, that’s very impressive. Me and my husband are just reaching 5 years together and 3 years married this year.

      Yeah, a unicorn mug will certainly remind your husband that he got it from you. ^^ That’s a lovely idea by the way, to give homemade chocolate and cookies with the mug. Homemade sweets will make drinking coffee from the new mug even more enjoyable! Thank you for sharing this great Valentine’s gift idea.

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