Unicorn vs Dragon

Unicorn vs Dragon – An Epic Tournament

Have you ever wondered, which one is more powerful, a unicorn or a dragon? If a unicorn and a dragon would have a battle, which one would win? Dragons, alongside unicorns, are one of the most famous magical creatures. Maybe we should put them in a test and arrange a unicorn vs dragon tournament!

We found a volunteer to represent both magical creatures. Hippolyta the unicorn and Ember the dragon signed up for the tournament as soon as they heard of it.

This tournament is not a battle with a purpose to harm the opponent. The purpose of the tournament is to find out, which one is a more powerful magical creature, a unicorn or a dragon. Therefore, the contestants will take part in epic quests to test their magical powers, intelligence and courage.

While this is a unicorn website, dragons are highly valued here. Who doesn’t remember the awesome PlayStation game Spyro the Dragon, for instance?

I assure you, unicorns will not be favored in the unicorns vs dragons tournament! Hippolyta the unicorn and Ember the dragon will be judged based on their performances in the tournament, not based on their species.

Are you ready for the first quest in the unicorns vs dragons tournament? Let’s go!

Unicorn vs Dragon, Quest 1: Treasure Hunt

Hippolyta the unicorn and Ember the dragon seem a little nervous but excited about their first quest. They both seem like the perfect individuals to represent their magical species in the tournament.

Hippolyta the unicorn is a beautiful light brown unicorn (“of course all unicorns are not white”, she laughs) with a glowing horn, white mane and tail and purple eyes. She looks strong but slender, like a very fit horse with magical powers.

Ember the dragon is significantly larger than her unicorn opponent. Ember must be 20 feet tall from her head to tail. Her skin has a soft green shade, I suppose the correct word is khaki green. She is covered in scales, and spinal nodes run down her long back. Ember looks fierce with her sharp teeth and large wings.

But when you look at her eyes, warm brown with a hint of orange, there is warmth and unexpected kindness.

Their task on the first quest is to find a treasure hidden in a cave. Hippolyta is to enter the cave first. Let’s see how she’ll do in an environment completely alien to unicorns.

Hippolyta the Unicorn Overcomes Her Instincts.

Hippolyta looks hesitant, as if she wouldn’t want to enter the cave at all. This was to be expected; unicorns don’t like enclosed spaces. Entering a dark cave is not natural for unicorns, and Hippolyta must overcome her instincts to even get started with the quest.

She seems to gain courage and enters the deep, dark cave. The base of the cave is rocky and rough. A unicorn’s hooves are not ideal for walking in this kind of environment. Unicorns are used to moving on grass and forest floor, not in rocky and slippery caves. Hippolyta needs to watch her every step to keep her balance.

Hippolyta’s glowing horn is a great asset in the darkness. Her horn functions as a kind of flashlight as she carefully moves deeper and deeper in the cave.

Finally, our unicorn friend sees something radiant in the distance. Hippolyta carefully lands in the bottom of the cave. She has found the treasure chest full of gold and gemstones!

Dragon in a Cave – Like a Fish in the Sea

Ember the dragon has a cutting edge in this quest. Dragons are known to guard treasures hidden in caves, and very often dragons live in caves.

Indeed, Ember moves in the cave with ease. It’s as if her reptile-like legs were made for crawling in a cave. Ember constantly breathes a little fire to light her way in the dark.

Ember finds the treasure in no time, much faster than Hippolyta.

Quest 1: Ember the Dragon Wins.

Hippolyta the dragon was clearly an underdog in the first quest. Unicorns are not used to moving in caves, while dragons are naturally good at it.

Both contestants did find the treasure, while Ember the dragon found it significantly faster than Hippolyta the unicorn. They both were clever to use their magical powers to find their way in the dark cave.

Hippolyta deserves credit for her courage; she was able to overcome her natural instincts and enter the cave, an environment alien to unicorns. Nevertheless, the first round goes for Ember the dragon.

Unicorn Vs Dragon - Dragon in a Cave

Unicorn vs Dragon, Quest 2: Saving a Kingdom

Our brave contestants are ready for the second quest. This time Ember the dragon will start. She must land to a valley. There she will find out what is expected from her.

Ember the Dragon: “Dragons May Bring Good Luck, But We’re Not Healers.”

Ember the dragon has arrived in the valley. She sees a young, beautiful woman crying. The woman is wearing a crown. Ember takes this as a sign that the woman is a princess. Ember approaches her and looks at her with an interrogative look on her face.

Dragons can’t speak, so Ember can’t ask the princess what’s the matter. Luckily the princess speaks to Ember. She knows a dragon and a unicorn will arrive in turns to her kingdom. Otherwise, she might have already fled screaming, because dragons don’t always have such a good reputation.

– Half of my people have plague. Soon most of the people of our kingdom will be dead, unless someone can cure them. Could you please help? The princess cries.

Ember looks hesitant, but she’s willing to try to help. At least she knows dragons won’t get infected with plague, so she doesn’t need to be scared of approaching the sick people.

The dragon points at her back, and the princess climbs on it. Ember and the princess riding on her back fly to the nearby village. This is a very small kingdom, it consists of only the castle surrounded by the village. The kingdom has such a small population to begin with, that the ongoing plague is a disaster for its future, unless a noble magical creature is able to rescue them.

The sobbing princess and the dragon arrive at a small house. It is one of the many houses in the village, that have a plaque with a skull painted on it hang on the door. Ember takes this as a sign of warning, that someone in the house has the plague.

Ember the dragon opens the door. She sees there is only one room in the house. There is a bed in the corner, and in the bed, there is a woman who looks awfully sick. She has black tumors on her neck and hands, and she is too tired to keep her eyes open.

Ember tries to enter the room to see what she can do, but she´s far too big to fit through the door. How is she supposed to help, if she can’t even get in?

Ember notices there is a fireplace in the room. At least she could light the fire to keep the poor woman warm. Ember manages to push her neck in the room, close enough to the fireplace, so that she can light it. Ember breathes fire to the fireplace, and the dry wood in it catches fire immediately. The plagued woman doesn’t seem to react to the warmth.

Disappointed with herself, Ember the dragon closes the door and turns to face the devastated princess.

– It didn’t help, did it? It´s OK, you did your best, the princess assures.

– I´m sorry. Dragons may bring good luck, but we’re not healers, Ember admits.

When There’s a Plague Pandemic, Call a Unicorn.

It´s Hippolyta the unicorn´s turn to try to save the kingdom. The princess has returned to her original spot in the valley. Her kingdom is still suffering from a plague pandemic, so she is convincingly crying again, when Hippolyta arrives.

Hippolyta senses the princess’s distress, and speaks to her telepathically: What’s wrong, friend? Hippolyta can’t speak verbally (only one in four unicorns can), but she can communicate with humans using telepathy. The princess hears Hippolyta’s thoughts and replies:

– Half of my people have plague, and soon our kingdom will be destroyed. Could you please help us?

Hippolyta can feel the princess speaks the truth. The truth calls to her, and she decides to grant the princess’s wish and save her people.

I’ll help you. Take me to the sick people, Hippolyta thinks and again, the princess can hear her thoughts.

The princess takes Hippolyta to the village. One by one, Hippolyta the unicorn visits the plagued people and touches them with her horn. A unicorn can heal any disease with its horn, even plague. Even those nearly taken away by death immediately get well, when Hippolyta heals them.

Even a unicorn can’t bring people back to life, so Hippolyta is unable to return from the death those who have already died from plague. But now she has healed the sick ones, and the kingdom is saved. Hippolyta even purifies the water of the well, so that there is no more danger of contaminated water in the village.

The princess is eternally grateful to Hippolyta. She declares that from now on, a “Hippolyta festival” will be celebrated every year in her kingdom.

Quest 2: Unicorns Are Masters of Healing.

It is obvious, that Hippolyta the unicorn wins the second quest. She managed to heal all the plagued people and save the small kingdom just by using her horn. Hippolyta even purified the water of the village well, so that there is no longer contaminated water.

Ember the dragon tried her best too, and she was willing to help. Unfortunately, dragons are not natural healers. Breathing fire doesn’t help heal sickness.

Unicorn vs Dragon, Quest 3: Diving Deep

It’s time for the final quest in our epic unicorn vs dragon tournament. Hippolyta the unicorn and Ember the dragon have both won one quest, so the final quest will define the winner of the tournament. Who is it going to be, a unicorn or a dragon?

Hippolyta and Ember have gathered by a lake. Both our contestants look nervous. Even after two exhausting quests they don’t look tired, though, because they are magical creatures. Their magical energy keeps them going.

Hippolyta and Ember must dive into the deep and chilly lake. They don’t know what they need to do in the lake yet. They will find out, when they reach the bottom. Hippolyta must go first.

Unicorns Can Swim, But Can They Breathe Underwater?

Hippolyta the unicorn plunges underwater with ease. Unicorns are good swimmers, and Hippolyta is not an exception. Thanks to Hippolyta’s magical horn, the water of the whole lake is immediately purified, when Hippolyta dives in it. Ember the dragon is going to enjoy diving in a pure lake, thanks to Hippolyta!

Now that the lake is magically purified, the water is clear, and it’s easy to see around. But the lake is deep, and Hippolyta must swim all the way to the bottom. Unicorns can swim, but can they breathe underwater?

I’m afraid not. Unicorns are strong and magical, but they need air to breathe. Hippolyta swims deeper and deeper, while holding her breath. She’s starting to feel dizzy. Is she going to make it?

When a Dragon Can’t Breathe Fire

Ember the dragon is waiting for her turn by the lake. Hippolyta is taking long underwater, and Ember is getting worried. She knows unicorns can’t breathe underwater any better than dragons. What if something has happened to Hippolyta? Sure, Ember would be the winner of the tournament, if Hippolyta would drown. But Ember wouldn’t want that. She decides to act.

Ember dives in the lake. The water feels strange in her throat. It tastes very pure, like the purest spring water. But it puts out the magical fire in Ember’s lungs. She´s anxious, because she can’t see Hippolyta. When dragons get anxious, they breathe fire. Now Ember can’t breathe fire, and it makes her even more anxious. She’s starting to panic.

Suddenly, Ember sees something shiny below her. Is that the treasure they were supposed to find? No, nobody said there would be a treasure in the lake, they didn’t say what the task in the lake would be. But what else could it be, unless a treasure?

But Ember is not here after a treasure, she’s come to save Hippolyta. Ember doesn’t care abut victory, if it means Hippolyta’s death.

Then Ember realizes the shiny object is attached to a horse-shaped, limp body drifting in the water. Hippolyta! Ember swims towards Hippolyta as fast as she can. When she reaches her, she grabs Hippolyta’s neck gently in her large mouth.

Hippolyta is much smaller than Ember, and Ember has no trouble swimming back to the shore holding the unconscious unicorn. But is it too late?

unicorns vs dragons a dragon hero

A Dragon and a Hero

Ember the dragons carries Hippolyta the unicorn to the shore. The unicorn is lying on the ground eyes closed. Her horn is no longer glowing.

– Oh, no. Was I too late? Please wake up, Hippolyta. I knew it, dragons are not much of healers. I was useless, I couldn’t save you, Ember cries.

Ember cries large dragon tears right on top of Hippolyta’s body. Slowly, the unicorn opens her eyes.

– What happened? Who won the third quest? Hippolyta asks, confused.

– Hippolyta! You’re OK! Wait, is that because…?

– Holy unicorn! Are these dragon tears? Ember, you saved me! Your tears saved me! Hippolyta exclaims.

– Is it true? You mean dragon tears can heal too? I thought only unicorn tears were healing, Ember asks in surprise.

– I thought it was just a legend, but this proves it. We, unicorns and dragons, share the ability to cry healing tears, Hippolyta comprehends.

Unicorn vs Dragon – The Indisputable Champion

Hippolyta the unicorn insists Ember the dragon must be announced as the winner of the unicorns vs dragons tournament. And who could say no to a unicorn? Ember the dragon is the champion.

Isn’t the result a bit of a disappointment for us, considering this is a unicorn website? Didn’t we all hope a unicorn would win the unicorns vs dragons tournament?

I must say, I’m not disappointed at all. Unicorns are already getting all the glory. Dragons are usually left with the role of a villain. But now, for once, the dragon and the hero are the same person.

In the nearby kingdom, Hippolyta the unicorn is still celebrated on her annual festival. But Hippolyta the unicorn, and all unicorns who know about Ember the dragon’s heroic act, now celebrate an annual Dragon Day to honor Ember the dragon.

dragon vs unicorn

So, what did you think of today’s post? Was the result of the tournament what you expected? Who did you think would win, a unicorn or a dragon? Please share your magical thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. This is weird. But it’s so cute. I’m not even sure why I’m leaving a comment here. hahaha 🙂 Good job by the way!

    Just my key takeaway, You don’t always have to be the winner to be the “real” winner! Does it even make sense? I mean in life, to be a good leader, you don’t have to be in the spotlight. Being a good leader means helping the people around you, even your enemies, grow, together with you.

    All the best, Kristi!

    1. Hi AJ,

      Yeah, that makes sense. You’re quite right about that. It’s not always the goal that is the most important, but the journey. Being the winner is not as important as what you learn on the way, whether you win or not.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  2. Hi Kirsti. What a brilliant story, even at my age it had me spell bound. I simply had to know who would win the contest. Would it be Ember the Dragon or Hippolyta the Unicorn. 

    I have a 6 year old great granddaughter who absolutely loves unicorns. She went through some very difficult years from about the age of three, she was always sick and it was eventually discovered that she had Diabetes1 . Her best friend through this terrible time was a stuffed unicorn that my wife had bought her. Nowadays she has a pump that helps to keep her alive and her love for unicorns has flourished. I will be printing off your story and reading it to her, I’ll also let her mother know about your incredible website. Please keep writing these fantastic tales. Jim

    1. Hi Jim,

      Thank you so much for your comment! It warmed my heart to hear your great granddaughter’s story; how unicorns helped her survive a difficult time. That’s what unicorn magic is all about; they bring magic and joy to our lives, even during the most difficult times. I hope your granddaughter will like this story!

  3. I always tend to think that unicorns would never be involved in fights and battles. I have the imagination of peaceful and calm creatures. I think dragons are vicious and ruthless! Your description of the opponents sounds just like I had imagined. I have the perfect image of the unicorn and the dragon, and I can already sense the the dragon is ready to pounce. I feel like I have watched this fight from the start to finish. I am surprised that Hippolyta wins even one round. Quite impressive. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t have put them together in the ring. Thanks for this intriguing and breath catching series.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Carol!

      You’re right, unicorns are not fighters. That’s why this tournament was rather a contest, in which the opponents had to perform tasks.

      In my imagination, dragons are not evil either, but rather benevolent creatures. I think of them more like they are represented in the Chinese culture. Maybe I wanted to bring that side of dragons to this story too, so Ember the dragon turns out to be a kind dragon, rather than a savage.

  4. I love the article about dragons vs unicorn. I grew up in a culture that saw dragons as bringers of good luck. I saw unicorns as pure and beautiful. It wasn’t until my parent’s health began to deteriorate and the daily struggles of adulthood finally brought me to tears. I was devastated. A wreck. I became a healer to help my family. One day I saw in the sale pile a tiny dusty beat up unicorn with part of its horn blunted off. I bought it and took it home, and rebuilt the horn. It looked so beautiful! We decorated it by our window near all the crystals and plants. After a while I started noticing a unicorn appearing in my visions and assisting me in all spiritual work. I was amazed and after that a dragon started appearing. I never expected the unicorn and dragon to come. So I looked up dragons and unicorn energies and came upon your site. Synchronicity?🙏

    1. Thank you so much! That was such a beautiful story. You found a beat up unicorn with a broken horn, repaired it and took good care of it. And then you started receiving blessings from unicorns. That is amazing!

      Certainly it must be synchronicity that you found my website. Btw, I’m curious, what kind of healing do you do? Energy healing? Reiki?

      Thank you again for leaving a comment and sharing your story with us. Have a magical day! 🦄🐉

      1. I’ve been certified in several reiki and practice several shamanic and energy healing types and crystal healing. The crystal healing was also unexpected. I passed by a shop one day and I felt something in my body and heard something. Out of innocence and curiosity I went in and my journey with crystals began. The healer part I searched for to help my parents. The healers I found told me that I had a gift for intuitive healing, so the journey to reiki, shamanism, Angel healing, crystals. I’ve also been doing Ascension studies as a way of communing and thanking the divine for sending me all these teachers. My reply I got was that I learn from everyone and everything around me. I jokingly said “internet? Blogs?”. And so I began going on the Internet and saw many beautiful magical blogs. I am new to unicorns and found your site. Love it.🦄

        1. Thank you so much! 🌈 Wow, that’s awesome. I have received reiki healing in the past, and I really liked it. After the healing session, all my anxiety was gone. It was like magic. I should have a reiki session again!