Unicorn vs Horse

Unicorn vs Horse

Remember our post Unicorn vs Dragon – An Epic Tournament? That was about a tournament between two magical creatures, Hippolyta the unicorn and Ember the dragon. Today, we have a different kind of tournament – Unicorn vs horse, Derby of Hooves!

This time, Hippolyta the unicorn will challenge a non-magical equine, horse. It would not be much fun, if the horse would not have any chance to win the tournament. So, we are not going to give our hoofed contestants a challenge, that only a magical animal could beat. Instead, they will face a challenge, that you could expect an equine to survive.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Which One Is Faster, a Unicorn or a Race Horse?

The Derby of Hooves takes place in a secret location in Scotland. We can not reveal the exact location, because we need to guarantee the privacy of Hippolyta the unicorn and her family. If we would publicly announce the exact place where Hippolyta the unicorn lives, too many people might travel there in hopes of seeing a unicorn.

On the Derby of Hooves, the contestants will compete for speed. This is a horse race, except for the fact that one contestant is a unicorn. We want to test which one is faster, a unicorn or an athletic race horse. As we are testing the contestants’ speed, not stamina, they will participate in a sprint, a short-distance race.

Our brave contestants are ready for the tournament. Hippolyta the unicorn is a majestic sight, as you can expect from a unicorn. She has a light brown coat, purple eyes and a glowing horn. You can almost see an aura of light around her.

Mr. Magic Hooves is a Thoroughbred stallion. He has a brown coat, dark mane and tail and brown eyes. There is no glowing horn on his forehead. Nevertheless, there is something royal about him too. A full-grown horse is always a noble creature.

unicorn vs horse race

Mr. Magic Hooves also happens to be a race horse with an impressive history of winnings. He is muscular and agile.

Mr. Magic Hooves has arrived with his jockey, Mark. Mark will ride Mr. Magic Hooves on the race, because the stallion has not been trained to race without a jockey.

Mark seems a bit nervous as he looks at Hippolyta the unicorn; can even a race horse match a unicorn at speed? Mr. Magic Hooves, on the other hand, looks arrogant, if you can say a horse looks arrogant. He seems very confident about his chances to win a unicorn.

A Unicorn in a Horse Race Means Some Special Arrangements.

Mr. Magic Hooves has to carry a jockey on his back, but Hippolyta has refused to accept a jockey to ride her. However, she has agreed to carry some weights on her back to make the race equal.

Hippolyta and Mr. Magic Hooves will race on an oval race track. The race is run on a distance of a quarter mile (400 meters), so this is a very short distance race.

The speed record of a race horse is around 43 miles per hour (70 kilometers per hour). Mr. Magic Hooves may not quite reach the speed record, but he is still extremely fast. We might expect him to gallop at around 40 miles per hour (65 kilometers per hour) at most. At this speed, Mr. Magic Hooves would finish the course in less than 30 seconds.

Mr. Magic Hooves, with Mark on his back, and Hippolyta, saddled with some weights, go to the starting gate. With only two contestants, this might be the smallest race ever!

As a unicorn, Hippolyta hates guns, so we had to make some more special arrangements for her. Hippolyta does not approve with the race being started by firing a starting pistol, so we had to bring a phoenix bird to cry the starting signal.

Ready, Steady, Go!

Onyx the phoenix sits on a roost, Hippolyta and Mr. Magic Hooves stand at the starting gate, ready to start out.

Suddenly, Onyx screeches at the top of his magical lungs. A horrifying cry, like Mother Earth was set on flames, like horrible ghosts were woken up from their graves (I don’t honestly understand, how can the sound of a gun shot be so bad compared to this screaming), sends the contestants off the gate.

derby of hooves

For a second, Onyx’s cry is not the loudest sound around. There is a sound like an explosion, and a massive dust cloud.

Onyx is still screaming, when Hippolyta crosses the finish line. She has finished the course in 1.11 seconds. Mr. Magic Hooves has just started the race, when Hippolyta has already finished the course. The 25.02 seconds it takes for Mr. Magic Hooves to reach the finish line must feel like the longest 25 seconds of their lives for Mr. Magic Hooves and Mark.

When Mr. Magic Hooves finally reaches the finish line, he does not look as arrogant as before the race. Mark shakes his head in disbelief. They must still be shaken by the shock waves and the loud sonic boom caused by Hippolyta’s supersonic race.

Here’s the thing; unicorns gallop at the speed of sound, or faster. This means 767 miles per hour (1,235 km/h) or 1,125 ft per second (343 m/s). Hippolyta might have finished the course even faster without the weights.

It is official now; even the fastest race horse can not beat the unicorn at speed.

Unicorn vs Horse – Derby of Hooves

So, Hippolyta the unicorn won the Unicorn vs horse Derby of Hooves. Even champion race horse Mr. Magic Hooves did not have a chance against a unicorn.

The thing is, unicorns gallop at the speed of sound.

No other animal in the World reaches the speed of sound; no animal is as fast as the unicorn.

The fastest non-magical animal, peregrine falcon, reaches “only” the top speed of 242 miles per hour (389 km/h). This is flight-diving speed. Obviously, the top speed of the horse, 55 miles per hour (88 km/h) could never be fast enough to beat the unicorn.

Galloping horses are a magnificent sight. Unicorns, on the other hand, gallop so fast, that when you would notice a galloping unicorn, it would already be far in the distance.

Can you imagine an animal running at the speed of a fighter aircraft? There has to be magic involved, when an animal is so fast. This explains why unicorn is the only animal capable of such extreme speed.

Was the result of this race what you expected? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Loved the story. I also have a horse spirit guide who is chocolate colored and appeared when I became a healer. I did shamanic rides with this power animal and it was beautiful. Later when the unicorn started appearing in my visions I always had a feeling like we were going so fast but I never rode on him. I felt like his energy pulled me along into the visions. It wasn’t the galloping ride of my usual power animal the horse. It felt like I became a rocket and could see anywhere but in fast motion. I questioned how? He replied “divine magic” I looked for wings or a lasso he could’ve put onto me but none were seen. He smirked when he saw my perplexed face. I didn’t expect this, I didn’t recieve a manual or guide book, and I didn’t summon or even believe I could have these shamanic experiences.. It is sublime. Thank you for your beautiful web site, it brings joy, wonder and magic into everyday life.🦄🐴

      1. I never thought of that. Cacao the horse is a beautiful chocolate colored horse in myvisions. I ride him bare back and we travel by the seashore leading into the forest. He has also taken me into the Arabian dessert and I’m not sure where, but saw people dressed like bedouin? The buildings looked primative and not modern. The sun risen beach and enchanted forest brought back a sense of child like innocence. The dessert felt like I was trying to remember something. I have also cats, black jaguar, leopard, lion, wolf, fox, butterfly, dragonfly,hawk,and owl power animals that I work with. They all express that they came because I love animals and sometimes do volunteer work. Other healers saw them around me too. I do journeys with cacao and it sets me free. Magical? Possibly. 🐴

  2. In order to enjoy this article, one has to be a fan of whimsy. I say that there is not enough whimsy in the world.  The question is, are we being invited to join in the fun, or to take the race seriously? The choice is clearly the reader’s.  For anyone reaching the conclusion of the story, it is clear that someone has taken this story in a serious light.  

    This worked for me, because all the while I was reading the story, I was imaging reading it to a child.  Thus doubling the pleasure in reading the story. Like the author, I believe in Unicorns (sometimes). I am a longtime fan of science fiction and fantasy literature, and have experienced unicorns before. I hope to encounter this unicorn again.

    1. I agree, there is not enough whimsy in the World, and that’s something I want to create more with my unicorn website. I love science fiction and fantasy literature too! 

      If you enjoyed reading about Hippolyta the unicorn, you might be delighted to know, that she appears on our website from time to time. 🦄

      The first time she showed up on this website on an interview with a unicorn. Hippolyta the unicorn also taught us some facts about European unicorns, and confronted a dragon in an epic tournament

  3. Hi,

    I love your site, and I love unicorns! Great site, and it is a great way to encourage adults to keep their light and childlike states alive, as I believe this is really important in order to live a happy sparkling life.

    I love unicorns as magical creatures. As for here on Earth, I think horses are the most magical creatures, at least mine is, ha ha ha :D. I own a black warm blood stallion, his name is Gigantic. 😄

    The funny thing is, I never liked black horses, I was even a bit scared of them, but then totally ´coincidentally´ I got to know Gigantic and fell in love immediately. So, now I own a black horse myself, hi hi, it´s funny how life can turn out.

    As for the unicorns, I have been a card reader, and I have quite a few card decks with unicorns on it. I think I currently have 3 unicorn card decks, one of them is a deck from Doreen Virtue, if you would like to look into it. I think you can find them on the Hay House website or on Amazon. 🙂

    Have an amazing and magical day,
    Kind Regards,

    PS: I also took the quiz, it turns out I am 99% unicorn, ha ha, love it!

    1. Hi Erika,

      Thank you for your lovely message. I agree with you; in order to live a happy life, you need to keep connected to your inner child.

      Horses are lovely animals too. I don’t own a horse, and I have tried horseback riding only a couple of times. But there is a horse stable near to where I live, and sometimes I go to greet the horses, when they are outside. They even come to greet me, and I pet them a little and talk to them. Please say hi to Gigantic for me! 🐴

      You can read tarot cards? That’s very interesting! I actually have online unicorn oracle cards on this site, give them a try if you’re interested. 🙂

      Nice, you’re very unicorn then! I also got 99% on that quiz.

      Have a magical day,