Unicorn Washi Tape Wall Art

Unicorn Washi Tape Ideas – 3 Stunning Crafts

Washi tape is one of my favorite crafting materials. It’s easy to use, easy to detach and you can use it in so many ways. You can make awesome crafts with unicorn patterned washi tapes. I like to mix unicorn washi tape with other washi tapes; polka dots, flowers, other animals, patterns…

I’d like to share my favorite unicorn washi tape ideas with you. I hope these ideas will give you some crafting inspiration!

To get started, I will say a few words about washi tape in general. It’s good to know about different qualities of washi tapes, so that you can choose the right quality for your craft project.

The first way to use washi tape for unicorn crafts I’d like to introduce you is washi tape wall art. The walls of your home have a big impact on the overall look of the room. Washi tape is an excellent material for changing your walls into something magical.

The second washi tape craft idea I’m going to talk about is using washi tape for bullet journaling.

To finish the post, I’m going to show you my unicorn Christmas card crafts. Washi tape is the only material I have used for decorating these Christmas cards.

I think you will be surprised how much you can do with just washi tape and your imagination.

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What Is Washi Tape?

The original Japanese washi tape is made of rise paper, and only natural fibers. Usually, washi tape is a little transparent. Washi tape can be solid color, or it can have patterns; polka dots, flowers, glitter, animals… And of course, unicorns!

The great thing about washi tape is, that it’s easy to detach without leaving sticky marks or damaging the surface, so it’s non-residue. You should only attach washi tape on a clean and smooth surface. This ensures the washi tape will properly stick to the surface.

How to Choose the Right Type of Washi Tape?

Not all washi tapes are the same; they come in different qualities. Usually, more expensive washi tapes have a better quality. These Japanese high-quality washi tapes stick to the surface much better than the cheaper ones. You can trust the strength of the high-quality washi tapes.

High-quality washi tape is strong enough to hold a post card on the wall. The cheaper washi tapes normally won’t be sticky enough for this task. For washi tape wall art, you should only use the high-quality washi tapes.

Cheaper washi tapes are not as high-quality as the Japanese washi tapes. These washi tapes are made outside Japan. They are not recommended for washi tape wall art, but you can still use them for other crafts. For example, you can use them for bullet journaling and card crafts.

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1. Stunning Unicorn Washi Tape Wall Art

It’s easy to forget about the walls of your house, even though walls have a big impact on the atmosphere of a room. I hated the old worn-out wallpaper in my room (my home office). I pulled it off. Even the bare concrete walls pleased me more than the old wallpaper. I realized that walls can completely change the look of a room.

I did want something to cheer up the white concrete walls, but didn’t feel like pasting a new wallpaper or painting the walls. Luckily these are not the only options.

With washi tape, you can make your own wall art. You get unicorns on your wall, a princess castle… Anything you like.

I was also unhappy with my closet doors. The paint was worn-out and I considered re-painting the doors. However, I decided to decorate them with washi tape instead. Washi tape is great for decorating walls and doors, because it won’t damage the surface and it’s easy to detach. This makes washi tape an ideal material, if you’re renting and don’t want to leave permanent marks on the walls or doors. Nevertheless, a quality washi tape sticks to the surface well.

As you can see on the image (below), I decorated one of my closet doors with colorful unicorn and glitter washi tapes. The featured image of this post also shows off my closet door. I did break the rules a bit, because the glitter washi tape is cheaper type washi tape that doesn’t stick to the surface firmly. However, these glitter washi tapes have lasted on my closet door surprisingly well.

I also made a Princess castle wall art with different patterned washi tapes. I made this wall art a year ago, and it still sticks to the concrete wall perfectly. This is not exactly unicorn wall art, but it’s close enough to the theme to be mentioned here. Think about a medieval princess castle. Maybe the princess has a unicorn friend in a magical forest nearby…

unicorn washi tape wall art 2   princess castle washi tape wall art

I wanted more unicorns, colors, glitter and joy to my home, and that’s what I got! All I needed was washi tape and my imagination.

2. Decorate Your Bullet Journal with Unicorn Washi Tape.

I couldn’t survive without my bullet journal! I love that I can make my bullet journal just as cute and colorful as I want. That actually keeps me organized; I wouldn’t even bother looking at a boring planner.

You can add any features you need to a bullet journal. That’s what makes bullet journaling so great. This is a weekly planner view of my bullet journal. I like to decorate these with washi tapes. As you can see, I mixed unicorn washi tapes with other colorful washi tapes. Naturally, glitter is welcome to my bullet journal too.

unicorn washi tape bullet journalWashi tape can be used for decorating bullet journals, scrap books etc. Even cheaper washi tapes work for bullet journaling.

3. Dazzling Unicorn Washi Tape Card Crafts

Washi tape is an excellent material for card crafts. Greeting cards are fun and easy to make, and you can make beautiful unicorn cards with washi tape. Christmas cards, birthday cards, anything you want.

I’m enclosing here images of unicorn Christmas cards I made with washi tape. The decorations on both of these cards are made with washi tape ONLY.

unicorn washi tape christmas card  unicorn washi tape christmas card 2

Well, I did use craft punches for punching the washi tape hearts and washi tape presents. By the way, there are even unicorn craft punches, I think I should get one.

For the Christmas card with the Christmas tree, I used plain green washi tape for making the tree. The Christmas tree decorations are cut and punched of glitter foil washi tape. I used unicorn washi tapes to add some unicorn spirit.

The washi tape unicorn is made of glitter foil washi tape. I just cut lengths of washi tape and made a unicorn with them. Even the eye of the unicorn is made of washi tape. I have a decent collection of different washi tapes, so I always have different colors and patterns for washi tape crafts.

As you can see, you can make unicorn washi tape crafts even with other than unicorn washi tapes. You can craft a washi tape unicorn using solid, glitter or patterned washi tapes.blank blankblankblankblank

With Washi Tape Crafts, the Only Limit Is Your Imagination.

I hope this post has given you some inspiration for unicorn washi tape crafts. Washi tapes come in different qualities, colors and patterns. For me, they are a craft-lover’s dream material.

As I have shown you on this post, washi tape is an ideal material for wall art crafts. The great thing about washi tape is, that it’s easy to detach and it won’t leave permanent marks on the surface. This makes washi tape a good choice if you’re renting and don’t want to leave marks on the walls or doors of the apartment.

Washi tape is also an excellent material for decorating a bullet journal or a scrap book. Maybe you’re like me, and need a bullet journal to get organized. I like colors and unicorns on my bullet journal, and using washi tape is the easiest way to decorate my bullet journal just how I like.

Washi tape is an amazing crafting material for making Christmas cards too. Actually, it’s an awesome material for all kinds of crafts. The only limit on using washi tape for crafting is your imagination.

Is washi tape a familiar craft material to you? Have you used washi tape for unicorn crafts? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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    I haven’t used washi tape before, bit it looks very versatile, and I love that you can remove it without leaving marks, in case you want to change the design. I think this would be an interesting class project, now that Christmas is coming. I could make Christmas cards with my students, using washi tape. The price is good, so I think I could get it approved 😉

    I would also like to try it, for my work room, to brighten it up. You have given me some great ideas. Thank you!

    1. blank

      Hi Christine,

      That’s a great idea, doing washi tape crafts as a class project. There are many Christmas themed washi tapes available as well. And you’re right, washi tapes are quite an affordable craft material.

      Washi tapes certainly brighten up a work room; you can decorate the walls, doors, shelves… Whether you want unicorns, polka dots, flowers, stripes, flamingos… You can get washi tapes with any design.

      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Happy to hear my post inspired your creativity!

  2. blank

    Washi tapes are really cool craft tools and just like you, I often use them with decorating journals. Recently, the kids in my class came up with an idea of using them for every seasonal craft like Christmas and Holloween. Christmas is around the corner and they are already coming up with many fun ways to create ornaments using these tapes. Can’t wait to see the results!

    1. blank

      Hi Cathy,

      Nice to hear you have also discovered this awesome craft material. Absolutely, washi tape is perfect for Christmas, Halloween, Easter or any seasonal craft. They even sell different washi tapes to match each season.

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