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unicorn wind chimes

I´m still holding on to the summer, but let´s face it; autumn is coming. Unicorns aren’t going anywhere, though. Autumn brings stronger winds, making it an excellent time to decorate a porch with adorable unicorn wind chimes.

Unicorns and wind chimes are a good match; they are both kind of magical, and both have a long history. Wind chimes were already used in Ancient Rome. The tones of wind chimes are believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.

Wind chimes typically have tubes or rods made of metal. The tubes and the weight they strike against are suspended in the air, so that wind makes the tubes move against the weight. This makes the wind chime play.

The different notes of a wind chime play randomly, because they are based on how the wind moves the tubes. Because of this, the music wind chimes play is considered Aleatoric or chance-based music.

The wind makes a wind chime sing and unicorns dance. What a great way to bring joy to a porch!

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Jones Home & Gift Magical Rainbow Unicorn Wind Chime / Sun catcher

This super cute garden ornament doubles as a wind chime and a sun catcher. When the wind breezes through the hollow tubes, the wind chime plays C, C#, D# and F# sounds.

The adorable little unicorn, clouds and the heart have dazzling glitter on them. As a sun catcher, this ornament creates a beautiful play of light with sunshine.

This wind chime hangs long, a total of 29 inches (approximately 74 cm). The wind chime is 6 inches (approximately 15 cm) wide.

Jones Home & Gift magical rainbow unicorn wind chime is made of resin. This wind chime is so cute, it is my favorite.

Aluminum Tuned Tubes Metal Unicorn Wind Chime

This silver colored unicorn wind chime is a hand crafted, long-lasting decoration. It is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

According to the seller, this wind chime symbolizes “miss” and “love”, making it a beautiful gift.

You can also make this wind tube quiet, if you want to. By adjusting the position of the clapper, the wind chime will become a quiet decoration. If you want to hear the tones again, just adjust the clapper back down.

The total length of this wind chime is 18.7 inches (approximately 47 cm). The length of the aluminum tubes is 6.1 inches (approximately 15 cm).

Carson Unicorn Fireworks Fun Chime

Carson unicorn fireworks wind chime features a rainbow unicorn on a cloud. The materials used for this wind chime are metal, glass marbles, mesh, tin, beads and faux gems.

This wind chime hangs very long; the total length of the wind chime is 31 inches (approximately 79 cm). The width is 5.5 inches (approximately 14 cm).

Glory Land 14 Inch Unicorn Wind Chime

A cute unicorn dances on the Moon and stars on the Glory Land unicorn wind chime.

The wind chime is made of cast metal, and it has a pewter color finish. The green color of this wind chime is perfect for a garden.

The chimes are laser etched solid aluminum. The teardrop shaped weight is made of clear acrylic.

Unicorn Wind Chimes Bring Magic To Your Porch.

We have introduced our favorite unicorn wind chimes. Wind chimes are a great way to decorate your porch, especially if they come with unicorns! A wind chime is not only a decoration, but also a musical instrument. The wind is the musician that plays this instrument.

For more unicorn garden decoration ideas, see this post on unicorn garden ornaments.

Do you like wind chimes? Do you already have a wind chime, or would you like to get one? Which one of the unicorn wind chimes introduced on this post is your favorite? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Great to know about unicorn wind chimes here through this article and though I was ignorant about the wind chimes generally, you have explained it well to me to understand. The unicorn wind chimes that you listed are all looking excellent and radiant but I prefer the gentle appeal of the aluminum tune tubes metal unicorn wind chime. It looks radiant and very pure.

    1. Thank you for your comment, and for sharing your favorite wind chime. Nice to hear you learnt about wind chimes in general too.

  2. A rainbow unicorn on a cloud is awesome and I think I should really get that one. Decorating a porch with a good wind chime of unicorn can give it a really colourful look. I like the idea and I am ecstatic of getting that design up already. Thank you for this beautiful idea.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment and for sharing your personal favorite.

  3. Hi Kristi. You are giving me ideas here. I have always loved wind chimes. In fact where I am writing from is my patio and there are two hanging near to me. I like the unicorn themed chimes especially that silver coloured hand crafted one  with the option of making adjustments to the volume and tone. Where  live is windy especially in the afternoons so I can see myself enjoying these. Thank you for the information and the displays.

    1. Hi JJ,

      That´s awesome, you already have two wind chimes on your patio! I love wind chimes too, they create soothing and fascinating tones in my opinion. Some people think they´re noisy, but personally I love the sounds they make.

  4. I love wind chimes and have several.
    They make great ornaments outside my home.
    I have a new grandson who would love the unicorn wind chimes.
    They love the sounds and sights of these.
    These really are beautiful and I agree that they would make for very nice gifts too!
    It’s just relaxing to listen to the sound of the wind chimes.
    Whereas I have seen many wind chimes, the unicorn stands out and I guess it’s because I’ve always loved unicorns.
    How long do these last?

    1. Hi Rob,

      That´s great you already have several wind chimes. I also love the relaxing sound of wind chimes. You´re right, unicorn wind chimes are not the most common ones. 

      I would say these unicorn wind chimes are long-lasting, especially the Tuned tubes metal unicorn wind chime, because it´s hand crafted. According to the seller it “can last a long time”.

      All of these wind chimes are made of metal, which is a long-lasting material. Of course some parts of these wind chimes are other materials, like the hanging string. But if a hanging string would break at some point, it would be easy to replace with another string.

  5. Wow. A unicorn wind chime would be totally awesome. Thanks for explaining how the wind chimes work and the meaning of aleatoric music. That’s a very interesting concept that I never knew before. I always like to wind chimes though. You have a very magical website and I like how you use your imagination on here. I will keep this page for future reference because it will be a good place to get gifts.

    1. Hi, thank you so much for your feedback, it was very encouraging. 

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