Why Is a Unicorn Called a Unicorn - A Carousel Unicorn

Why Is a Unicorn Called a Unicorn?

Unicorn is a legendary mythical creature with a single horn in the middle of its forehead. But why is a unicorn called a unicorn? Why is it not called unihorn?

Funny Unicorn Quotes - Woman in a Unicorn Onesie Having Fun

Funny Unicorn Quotes

Unicorns have the ability to inspire us, make us believe in magic and even laugh. We have some funny unicorn quotes to cheer you up!

Beautiful Pegasus Pictures

Pegasus, the divine winged horse of Greek mythology, always inspires us. Today, I have some beautiful Pegasus pictures to share with you.

Are Unicorns Horses with a Horn_ - A Galloping Unicorn

Are Unicorns Horses with a Horn?

Are unicorns just magical horses with a horn? We will discuss the similarities and differences between horses and unicorns; their lifestyle, diet, appearance and so on.

The Origin of the Unicorn Myth - A White Unicorn Rearing Up at Night

The Origin of the Unicorn Myth

What is the origin of the unicorn myth? We are going to trace the unicorns across history. We will visit ancient Greece, India and China to find out the truth.

Unicorn Cake Decorating Ideas - a Unicorn Cake on Pink Background

3 Unicorn Cake Decorating Ideas (+ Bonus Cakes)

Today, we are going to have yummy time with sweet and gorgeous unicorn cake decorating ideas! We have 5 unicorn cake ideas with a bonus cake gallery for you.