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Where Do Unicorns Live?

Have you ever been wondering, where do unicorns live? What is the ideal natural environment for unicorns? What are the top destinations on Earth to spot unicorns?

Today, we are going to find out the top unicorn locations. First, I will talk about where in the World unicorns can be found. Next, we are going to see what kind of natural environment unicorns can be found in. Finally, I am going to reveal the top destinations in the World to find unicorns.

Where in the World Do Unicorns Live?

Most unicorns live in Europe and North America, but they can be found around the World. Unicorns even live in Africa and Australia. The only continent where unicorns cannot be found is Antarctica.

In different parts of the World, there are different unicorn species. The classic European unicorn is found, naturally, in Europe and North America. The Japanese unicorn only lives in Japan, and the Chinese unicorn lives in China.

What Kind of Natural Environment Do Unicorns Live in?


The most common natural environment for unicorns is a forest. Unicorns have a deep connection with nature and trees. They love running in the forest. Unicorns hide behind the trees, which offer them protection.

The deciduous forests in Central and Western Europe and North America are natural homes for unicorns, as they have been for thousands of years. Unicorns also live in the boreal forests of Northern Europe and North America.

Unfortunately, deforestation and logging have narrowed down the natural habitats of unicorns. Over the last couple of hundred years, the number of unicorns has diminished, because the unicorns no longer have enough forests to live in.

The rare Japanese unicorns have faced the same fate; much of the forests of Japan have been cut down. There are only a few Japanese unicorns left these days.


Quiet mountain areas, especially those with waterfalls, are popular habitats amongst unicorns. Unicorns love waterfalls! Unicorns are usually born near waterfalls, so it is natural that they like to live near them. Waterfalls often create rainbows, which also attract unicorns.

High on the mountains, there are not many trees. The positive thing about unicorns is, that in the mountains there are not many people either. While mountains do not offer much shade of trees for unicorns, these magical creatures are able to find peace on top of mountains. Humans may cut down trees, but they are not able to cut down mountains.

Mountains are often associated with spirituality, and many mountains are considered sacred. The spiritual energy of mountains is appealing to unicorns, which are considered very spiritual animals.


Meadows are known to attract unicorns. In meadows, unicorns can find grass and tasty meadow flowers they love to eat. Meadows also offer some shade, and unicorns often sleep in them.

In the Middle Ages, when a young maiden encountered a unicorn, this often happened in a beautiful meadow on a sunny day.

where do unicorns live meadows

Alpine meadows combine two environments unicorns like; mountains and meadows. Alpine meadows inhabited by unicorns include the Central European Alps, the Himalayas in India and Nepal, and the Andes in South America.

What Are the Top Destinations to Spot Unicorns?

Now we know that unicorns like to settle in forests, mountains, and meadows. But are there any specific locations on Earth, where unicorns are known to appear more often than elsewhere?

These are the top destinations to spot unicorns.

1. Scotland

Scotland has the highest unicorn population in the World. This is not surprising, since the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland, and Scotland is perhaps the most unicorn-friendly country or region in the world. They even have National Unicorn Day on April 9th!

The Scottish Highlands with beautiful mountains, hills and lochs, woodlands, and beaches, has been a magical home for unicorns for as long as they have existed.

unicorn habitats scotland

2. Harz Mountains

Perhaps the most famous mountain area in the World to spot unicorns is the Harz mountains in Germany. Two well-known unicorn sightings have taken place in the Harz mountains.

The Legend of the Unicorn Cave

There is a German folktale about the Steingrotte cave, which is known as the Unicorn cave. This is the same cave, where the “unicorn skeleton” was found in the 17th century.

According to the folktale, a mystical old woman lived in the cave. The woman was a healer and fortune-teller. She helped many people, who traveled long distances to meet her.

The local authorities did not like these healing activities; they claimed the old woman was a witch. Soldiers were sent to capture the woman, and even a monk accompanied them in order to convert her.

When the soldiers approached the old woman, a unicorn suddenly appeared from the forest. The unicorn allowed the woman to mount him, and they rode off to safety.

3. The Himalayas

The Himalayas have been home to unicorns since ancient times. The unicorn myth might originate from the Himalayas in the first place.

This unicorn habitat might not be an easy travel destination. However, unicorns do not live on the top of Mount Everest. They prefer the lower areas of these sacred mountains covered by Alpine meadows.

Where Do Unicorns Live? – Quiet Natural Environments

Unicorns can be found all over the World, except for Antarctica. Most unicorns live in Europe and North America.

The most common natural environment for unicorns is a forest. Unfortunately, many forests have been cut down, and there are not as many homes for unicorns left as before.

Unicorns also like quiet mountain areas and places near waterfalls.

Meadows are popular among unicorns. In meadows, unicorns find food and shelter.

When it comes to top locations on Earth to spot unicorns, Scotland is the place to be. The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland, and it has roamed in the Highlands since ancient times.

The Harz mountains in Germany are known for many unicorn sightings. There is a folktale about an old woman and a unicorn related to the Steingrotte cave in the Harz mountains. The Steingrotte cave is known as the “Unicorn Cave”.

The Himalayas have always been a home to unicorns. The unicorn myth might have started on these sacred mountains in the first place. Unicorns live in the Alpine meadows in the Himalayas, not on the snowy top of Mount Everest.

What do you think is the best habitat for unicorns? Is there any popular unicorn habitat that surprised you? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. So sad about the forests being destroyed by humans. I used to visit my inlaws and they lived near a forest filled with giant trees. My daughter and I would take daily walks and one time the trees were very talkative we heard whispering, my daughter was so scared. She didn’t want to go back into the forest the next day. She claimed that the forest was enchanted and the trees were being nosy! She said that the trees were strangers and we are not supposed to talk to strangers! Later we traveled to another spot and she began singing “im walking in the UN-enchanted forest now.” We asked about her song and her happy mood, she said these trees are babies and not nosy at all. Recently my daughter was crying about my parents ancestral forest being destroyed, she worried about all the animals and rare plants. The unicorns and Pegasus and elementals must be worried and sad. I sometimes see in my visions beautiful gardens, lush forests, rainbows, sort of like an alternate dimension where they would live. πŸ¦„πŸ™

    1. I thought enchanted forests are good, though, because unicorns live in them? πŸ¦„πŸŒ²

      I’m definitely worried about forests being cut down. They’re a home for unicorns and many other animals, magical and non-magical.

  2. All the places you listed definitely make nice places unicorns might live in. I would certainly like to travel to some of those locations and experience the atmosphere. 

    It is sad that many of our natural wonders are being destroyed. Humans should definitely make an effort to retain and maintain the natural wonders of our world. 

    Whether or not I see unicorns, it would be lovely to see some of those places. Do you believe unicorns are real?

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I agree, it is sad humans are cutting down so many trees. In my opinion, clearcutting should be forbidden.

      Of course I believe in unicorns! 🦄 I have been to Scotland, but sadly I didn’t see any unicorns. I’d like to go again and visit the unicorn museum. 

      The Harz mountains would be interesting to visit too, because so many unicorn sightings in history have taken place there.

  3. Hi Kirsti,

    I loved reading about unicorns.

    I have never seen in my entire life unicorns, and it’s a such shame as it is a magnificent creature. 

    Do you think they still exist somewhere? I mean, is there a place where they can be protected?

    My children love animals; I will show them this article. I am sure they will love it too!

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Hi Daniella,

      I believe unicorns do exist. In fact, they can be found on all continents, except for Antarctica. 

      Unfortunately, there is no place dedicated to protecting unicorns. But unicorns live in peaceful natural environments, such as forests and mountain areas. They are good at finding such quiet places, where they can live without distractions.