Cute Rainbow Unicorn Under a Rainbow

15 Cute Unicorn Pictures

Unicorns are truly magical creatures; they have the power to cheer you up, no matter what is going on in your life. Unicorns are always there for you when you need them. These cute unicorn pictures will prove it!

Unicorns are associated with happiness, magic, child-like innocence, and of course, cuteness. All these qualities can be found in the magical unicorn images I’m sharing with you. Let these fantastic unicorns fill your heart with joy and magic! We add more adorable unicorn images as we find them, so you’re always welcome to come back and find more unicorn magic on this post.

Cute Unicorn Pictures

Why Are Unicorns so Kawaii?

Why are unicorns so kawaii we can’t resist them? Their innocence is part of the charm, and the fact that they are often portrayed with big, glimmering eyes.

These magical creatures are often pastel-colored, or pink, which is the ultimate color of cuteness. There is something adorable about the horn on their forehead.

I’m especially crazy about chubby unicorns with short legs. Chubby unicorns look like such adorable, funny unicorn babies you just can’t resist!

1. Cute Rainbow Unicorn

Cute Rainbow Unicorn Under a Rainbow

This cute unicorn has a rainbow mane and tail with a golden horn and is standing in a field of flowers under a beautiful rainbow.

2. Starlight Unicorn

Cute Starlight Unicorn on a Cloud

This picture is of a super cute starlight unicorn with a silver mane, tail and horn enjoying a moment in the clouds surrounded by twinkling stars.

3. Cotton Candy Unicorn

Cotton Candy Unicorn

Cotton candy unicorns are well-known for their love of, you guessed it, cotton candy! This particular unicorn has a pink and blue mane and tail with a golden horn and is standing in front of a cotton candy stand (big surprise).

4. Mermaid Unicorn

Mermaid Unicorn in the Ocean

This picture of one of the rarely seen mermaid unicorns features a turquoise mane and tail with a golden horn playfully swimming in the ocean.

5. Pretty Winged Pastel Unicorn

Pretty Winged Pastel Unicorn

This adorable pastel-colored winged unicorn is so pretty! Surrounded by flowers, she is so magical and girly. Her glimmering blue eyes shine like diamonds.

6. Little Rainbow Unicorn Sleeping on Cloud

Little Sleeping Rainbow Unicorn

This sweet little rainbow unicorn with a heart on her cheek got a little tired after playing all day, so she fell asleep on a cloud. Aww!

7. Cool Sitting Rainbow Unicorn

Cute Unicorn Pictures - Cool Unicorn

This sitting rainbow unicorn is wearing sunglasses and looking super cool.

8. Pretty Unicorn Lady

Cute Unicorn Pictures - Lady Unicorn

The pretty unicorn lady has a purple and pink mane; perfect! She has her eyes closed and she has a golden horn. She looks so elegant surrounded by beautiful flowers, a rainbow, clouds, and Moon.

9. Cute Chubby Running Unicorn

Cute Unicorn Pictures - Cute Chubby Unicorn

This cute chubby running unicorn is surrounded by pink hearts. Is there anything as cute in the world as a chubby little unicorn baby?

10. Cute Baby Unicorn on Rainbow Swing Picture

Cute Unicorn Pictures - Cute Rainbow Unicorn on Swing

What an adorable baby unicorn we have here! This little rainbow unicorn is enjoying swinging on a swing attached to two smiling clouds and a rainbow.

11. Chubby Sleeping Unicorn

Cute Unicorn Pictures - Cute Sleeping Unicorn

This chubby unicorn is sleepy. There is something so adorable about sleeping unicorns, do you agree?

12. Kawaii Winged Unicorn

Cute Unicorn Pictures - Cute Winged Unicorn

This little winged unicorn is perfectly kawaii! She has a pink mane and tail, and even pink hooves. She also has a pink heart on her cheek. Her horn is rainbow-colored. You can just see she is ready to fly.

13. Two Unicorns in Love

Cute Unicorn Pictures - Cute Unicorns in Love

Aww, these two unicorns are in love.

14. “I Believe in Myself” Unicorn

Cute Unicorn Pictures - Believe in Myself Unicorn

“The most important thing is that I believe in myself.” This little unicorn knows it!

15. Two Fairies Grooming a Unicorn

Cute Unicorn with Fairies

This piece of unicorn art is straight from a fantasy world. Here we have two fairies grooming a unicorn’s mane and tail with brushes! Oh my, the lucky unicorn looks very content.

Magical Unicorn Pictures – Which One Do You Think Is the Cutest?

I’m sure you are feeling a lot better after looking at all these sweet little unicorns. Which one of the magical unicorn pictures do you think is the cutest? Please let me know in the comment section below. If you enjoyed cute unicorn pictures, you might also like our post about unicorn songs.

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  1. My favorite is #8 for sure. But great post. I think I have actually seen all of the unicorns before during some part in my life. I do not know why, since I am a guy, and usually men or boys do not see these sorts of things regularly.

      However, I just think life has made me come across a lot of unicorns, and I am okay with that, lol. They really do make you a little happy inside, and I enjoy looking at them. Thank you for the post. It has made me smile. 

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thank you for sharing your favorite cute unicorn picture with us! I think unicorns are for everyone, not just for kids and not just for girls. Grown-ups and guys can enjoy their magic too.

  2. Thank you for your post. I love unicorn and it is inspirational. As soon as I I see them, I am full of energy. They are magical creatures and cheer me up.

    I particularly like the Cute Baby Unicorn on Rainbow swing. The rainbow attaches to clouds. The little cute baby is happily swinging in the sky. From her face and her eyes, we can see that she is so happy. She is not selfish and she invites all of us to play with her.

    Yes, Let’s play and enjoy the beautiful things together.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Thank you for sharing your favorite cute unicorn with us. The swinging rainbow unicorn sure is an adorable unicorn baby!

  3. My niece used to be crazy about unicorns when she was little. I believe she still has a couple of her unicorn dolls and pillows, and she is in her 30s. This is a unique topic, and hopefully your joy about unicorns translates into people looking for baby gifts to find you. You have some very inspirational pictures and words, especially in this day and time.

    1. Hi Gary,

      Thank you so much for saying that. By the way, I’m in my 30s too, and I have unicorn stuffed animals and other cute unicorn stuff in my home. 😄

      Yeah, I thought the world would need some cute unicorns with everything going on now.

  4. Hi, thank you so very much for your amazing post on cute unicorn pictures to cheer you up. They are really cute enough to make one joyful. I became really emotional watching the video, and I really love the sitting rainbow unicorn wearing sunglasses and looking super cool. Also, the little winged unicorn is not left out. Thank you.

    1. Hello Joy (what a lovely name!),

      Thank you so much for sharing your favorite cute unicorns. Have a magical day. 💗