Unicorns in Scotland - The Figurehead of HMS Unicorn

Unicorns in Scotland

The unicorn is a significant part of Scottish identity. Keep reading to learn more about unicorns in Scotland and why unicorns are so highly valued there.

Unicorns in the Middle Ages - The Unicorn in Captivity Unicorn Tapestry

Unicorns in the Middle Ages

Imagine a world with knights in their shiny armors, mighty castles, fierce dragons and graceful maidens. Explore the meaning of the unicorns in the Middle Ages.

Do Unicorns Have Babies - A White Baby Unicorn with a Glowing Horn

Do Unicorns Have Babies?

Do unicorns have babies? Today, we’re going to answer this question. We will also talk about how unicorns care for their foals. Cute baby unicorns coming up!

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