Unicorn in a Dream

Unicorn in a Dream

It is said that “dreams are the playgrounds of unicorns”. Did a unicorn actually appear in your dream? What does a unicorn in a dream mean?

We are going to explore the meaning of unicorns as a dream symbol, and possible explanations for different types of unicorn dreams.

Is It Normal to Dream About Unicorns?

In a perfect world, I would dream about unicorns all the time. Well, I do, in the daytime, when I’m awake. But I don’t see many unicorn dreams at night, even though I wish I would. We can’t choose our dreams, unfortunately. I often have nightmares, instead of sweet unicorn dreams.

However, last night I had unicorns in my dream! I’ve only had a unicorn dream once before, and it was during a nap. I was so happy that unicorns returned to my dream, even though my dream last night was really weird (my dreams usually are).

What does it mean, if you see a unicorn in a dream?

Are Your Dreams the Playgrounds of Unicorns? – Unicorn as a Dream Symbol

So, are your dreams the playgrounds of unicorns? Do unicorns visit your dreams all the time? What does is mean?

A unicorn is, obviously, a symbol of magic. A unicorn’s visit in your dream can mean you need more magic in your life. You might want more playfulness and creativity in your life.

Above all, a unicorn in a dream is a very positive omen. You should consider yourself lucky because a unicorn decided to visit your dream!

It is rare to have a unicorn dream. As I said, I’ve only had unicorn dreams twice, even though I think about unicorns a lot when I’m awake.

A unicorn dream means something good and magical is going to happen in your life. You should get ready for a positive change because your dreams are going to become true in the near future.

Unicorn on Bridge

Different Types of Unicorn Dreams

We have talked about unicorns generally appearing in a dream, but how about different types of dreams with unicorns? We should also pay attention to how we interact with the unicorn in our nightly adventures.

Dreaming of Riding a Unicorn

If you dream about riding a magical unicorn, joy and prosperity await you, so this is a very positive sign.

A Dream About Killing a Unicorn

As you can probably guess, if you have a dream of killing a unicorn, this is a bad sign. This means you are about to destroy something that is meaningful to you, possibly an important relationship.

A Unicorn Approaching You

If a unicorn, or unicorns, approach you in a dream, this means something positive is going to happen to you. This could be a new relationship, a trip, or anything you desire in life.

A Unicorn Running Away from You

If the unicorn is running away from you instead of approaching you, it is a negative sign. This kind of dream means you are letting your goals escape from you, and you are not being true to yourself.

Saving a Unicorn

Did you save a unicorn in your dream? This indicates you wish to nurture your dreams and desires. You are willing to fight for the thing you want to achieve in life.

Dreaming of Giant Unicorns

I received a comment from a reader, who had seen a dream of gigantic unicorns. Dreaming of unusually large unicorns means your dreams and life goals are big.

Unicorn in a Dream – Share Your Unicorn Dreams with Us!

Read more about unicorns as a symbol, and the spiritual meaning of unicorns.

If you want to know how unicorns sleep, you might be interested in this post on unicorns’ sleeping habits.

Has a unicorn ever visited your dream? What do you think it means? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. I had 2 dreams of a unicorn 1st was last year or two years ago were I saved a unicorn from getting shot by poachers he only had a scratch he took me to his place in a castle where I met his younger brother they both healed me with magic my 2nd dream which is yesterday dream I went over the rainbow dream I saw the same two unicorns but they we’re shocked on my appearance they took me to a mirror and I had a unicorn horn growing out of my forehead my normal hair had silver highlights they were talking if I may be a part unicorn those two unicorn has a magic power to change their appearance to look like humans one .I saved name is emerald he had blonde hair and a white horn his little brother name is moon he had black hair and a black horn they are both princes and they call me princess Sarah

    1. Wow, you had very extraordinary unicorn dreams! Saving a unicorn is definitely a positive omen. Thank you for sharing your fascinating unicorn dreams with us!

      1. A few nights ago I dreamed of a beautiful white unicorn, a lot of people were admiring it when it arrived in sight ..then It got trapped into a black magician’s blanket (belonged to a man named Frank) and teleported to Windsor Castle .
        A rescue operation was created and the unicorn was saved successfully , it was challenging as we (me and a few others in the rescue team) had to know the weak points of the magician , not to fight him but to destabilise what’s more dear to him…and it was at his wedding day. The wedding ended up being cancelled (I was there as a guest and the magicians mother recognised me and was actually lovely to me ). the unicorn , a boy, 1-2 dogs were released from a basement’s massive cellar…it was a very challenging operation to say the least but successful in the end

  2. I had a dream about an unicorn last night. I was in the dessert when a greenish/blueish and yellow unicorn approached me. I said to it you’ve been here the entire time and it shook it’s head as if to say yes. It then became night time and the unicorn glowed very bright and was even more beautiful then the stars shining. I was sooo amazed at it’s beauty, and then I woke up at 5am on the dot. I thought it to be very nice considering I’ve been through a lot these past few years of my life. I also thought it to be strange because i want another tattoo and I said it would be an unicorn. I don’t know what it means, but it did make me feel like my day was going to be great.

    1. What an amazing dream you had! I had never heard of a glowing unicorn appearing in a dream before. It must mean something good is coming into your life; light is taking over the darkness.

  3. I had a very moving dream last night. I have very vivid dreams every night, where I visit the same place over and over. Every dream I pick up where I left off the night before and they’re pretty realistic.
    Last night’s dream, I had finally left a relatives house that I had been visiting the past few years.
    I was walking along a picturesque path of cherry blossoms and maple trees. Lots of bright light, and the trees almost seemed to twinkle. I see a large figure in the distance, and it approached me. It’s three massive unicorns standing in a row, to where at first I thought it was a conjoined mythical creature. They were white and blonde haired. The three heads looked at me, sniffed me specifically, and then stood tall on their hind legs, with their front legs gently kicking (like a praise). They were probably 30 feet tall.
    Any insight? This dream really moved me and shifted my energy positively.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Wow, even just reading about your dream made me visualize it on my mind. It must have been an amazingly vivid dream, when even reading about it has such a strong impact.

      Your unicorn dream was definitely a positive sign. The unicorns approached you in the dream, which is generally a good sign (a unicorn running away from you would not be so good). A unicorn coming to you in a dream can mean a new relationship or an upcoming trip.

      White unicorn in a dream is also a very good sign. The unicorns looking at you and even sniffing at you could mean your deepest desires are about to come true. Your dreams are gently approaching you, and you should take the opportunity when it arrives. Apparently, your dreams and desires are big, as the unicorns were that huge. That’s the only possible explanation I can think of for why the unicorns in your dream were so massive.

      I think the emotions your dream triggered in you are very important for understanding the meaning of the dream. You said your dream moved you and gave you positive energy. That is also a good sign and convinces me about the positive meaning of your unicorn dream.

      Thank you so much for sharing your unicorn dream with us! Reading about it totally made my day. I’m just about to go to bed soon, and now I feel very hopeful about the dreams I might have tonight. 🦄💤

  4. In the past I have dreamed many things, but a Unicorn isn’t one of them. I would say (and it’s just my opinion) seeing a Unicorn in a dream is probably good luck. Perhaps something majorly good is going to happen or something is going to bring a lot of peace; But only if the Unicorn was seen in a good situation and not in a dream where a bunch of bad stuff was occurring, if that makes sense lol. 

    1. Hi Nate,

      General unicorn dreams are a very good omen. This means something magical is going to happen, you will have peace and abundance in your life. You are on the right path. 

      Like you said, that’s the case when the unicorn is seen in a good situation in the dream. That’s when the unicorn in a dream is a good omen, but there are situations when a unicorn in a dream could be a bad omen too.

      If you have a dream about a unicorn attacking you, this can be a bad omen. Someone could be taking an advantage of you; someone is not as good and pure as they appear.

      If you would kill a unicorn in a dream (a horrible thought!), this means you are the bad guy in real life. You need to change your behavior, or you will chase the good people in your life away.

      I have also heard a black unicorn in a dream would be a bad omen, but I don’t want to believe it, because I like to think unicorns of all color are good and innocent. 🦄

  5. I hadn’t really thought about it, but I have never heard anyone mention having a dream that had a unicorn in it (and I know a lot of people who are a bit obsessed about their unicorns)! Lucky you that you had a recent dream with this positive omen. What else can you tell us about the dream itself? Was the unicorn a big part of the dream or just a smaller element of it?

    1. Hi Aly,

      As far as I remember, the unicorns (there were more than one!) in my dream were a small part of the dream. The unicorns didn’t do anything special, they were just standing there. But that should be a good sign. Me and the unicorns were somewhere outdoors, on grass.

      I remember I felt good about the presence of the unicorns, the atmosphere was peaceful and good. That’s also a good sign in a dream.

  6. I dreamed about a beautiful big unicorn laying between two large locust trees on my property down hill from my deck, so illuminating, and summoning me out to see him. Amazingly serene and comforting warmth.

  7. Last night I dreamed of being on a ski mountain in the summer. I was surprised to see a bear up on the summit. Then I saw another and another and another. Must be 3 babies with their mother. Then a 5th bear and this one was huge. I’m excited and pointing out the bears. As soon as I am fully focused on the largest bear a white, gleaming, glowing unicorn runs out from the same location and down the mountain towards me. I’m in awe. But no one else is responding to this sight. I come to understand that I’m the only one who can see it. It felt amazing and it’s the only time in my life that I have dreamed of a unicorn

  8. Last night I dreamed about a bunch of mice running under my blanket (on top of me), and off the bed. In the middle of all the mice was a tiny unicorn the same size as the mice. He was the only one out of hundreds of mice. It felt like a nightmare.

  9. I had a dream last night that a mother unicorn and her baby where in the front yard of my mother’s old house. Both where white with rainbow manes and tails)

    They were peaceful and very bright and beautiful. I tired to take a picture but when I looked at my picture after they left it was just bright light. In the dream I figured out it was a lesson to enjoy life hide behind the phone/camera.

  10. I believe unicorns 🦄 to be real. First off I dreamt of a unicorn talking to me telepathically and saying how their magic is of God and how if they could, they would heal the entire world but, like God, we need to have faith in order for them to heal us. I literally started to cry in my dream thinking about how beautiful the visit with the unicorn was. How I didn’t want to forget the encounter, the unicorn neighed and said to me. “You won’t forget me, and I won’t forget you. You have a good heart and spirit and we don’t come to those who are evil.” They showed me a vision of people they encountered and people who they healed. I also saw how the unicorns, and God viewed the world; they said that the world was beautiful and perfect yet, humans made it less so because of how we acted. It was so beautiful, that’s when I woke up. I was so sad that the dream had to end, literally heartbroken but I know the unicorn will heal my life I just have to have faith. God willing.

    I know that my dream was a rare occurrence but, I hope the “encounter” will touch me and others that needs a help in hand. That needs a push in the right direction, and faith in miracles again.

  11. I dreamed of 2 white dogs that were unicorns while I was cuddling my daughter’s shit tzu in my arms. None of the dogs were barking.

  12. I had a dream last night, in the dream i saw plenty of UNICORNS maybe around 10-15 UNICORNS in the RIVER and it was RAINING at the same time, I was so excited when i saw these BEAUTIFUL UNICORNS, I was all alone starring at them while it was raining. But what happened in the dream is that, suddently i saw one of My Cousin brother stoning one of the UNICORNS which made me shed TEARS, i really cried in the dream. I shouted at Him Noooo don’t do that, but it was late for me to stop him throwing the stone at the UNICORNS. Within a minute My Cousin Brother got very ill because the UNICORN was very angry with him.

    1. Thank you for sharing your dream, Abu. The first part of it sounded exciting! It’s really sad to see other people hurt animals even in your dreams. It’s really good that you tried to stop that from happening.

  13. Just before I woke up this morning I dreamt I saw a unicorn in a forest, and a fairy was standing beside it. She wasn’t small and she didn’t have wings, but in the dream I knew she was meant to be a fairy. I have no idea if the two of them saw me too, or what would have happened if the dream had gone on- but after a second or two I woke up. I was disappointed that it didn’t go on, but I have loved fairies and unicorns my whole life, and I like to think it was a good sign!

  14. Lastnight 7/7/2023 for the first time in my life, I dreamt of 3 or 4 white unicorns drinking at a peaceful river. I think i was on a hill watching and admiring what I was witnessing. Then all of a sudden another white unicorn walked up and it’s horn started to turn rainbow colors. I was not scared and everything seemed very peaceful.

  15. Last night I had a dream of a white unicorn with brown golden wings, flying all around my house. It felt like it was releasing its magic over my house. I was outside in my dream looking at this magical unicorn and it looked at me as if telling me I’m protecting you.
    I had never ever dreamed of a unicorn before or thought much about unicorns before.

  16. The unicorn in my dream was huge and beautiful but its mane was blue and its horn has a blue and pink spiral what does that mean?

    1. What a amazing creature to behold in a dream! It sounds as if you may have encountered a type of rainbow unicorn which can be a sign of success. Follow your dreams and embrace the strength and kindness that unicorns represent.

  17. Sometime last year I had a dream of riding a white unicorn in a city park in an old neighborhood where I lived from 11 to 18 or 19 years old before we had to move away from that place.

    My childhood really was deep in that place and it’s so nostalgic to think of it.

    I don’t remember if I mounted the unicorn or if I was already riding it but I rode it around in that park and it felt powerful and fast and similar to a horse, but it was completely under my control and I think I could just tell it where to go and it would do so.

    It was powerful but very smooth in it’s stride.

    unicorns over the past recent several years have become a very big part of my spirit and this dream to me I think means that I’ve completely embraced them and perhaps they too have chosen me just as well.

    With unicorns, my soul feels like it finally found that one deep and dearest friend that I was looking for my whole life.

    Here’s the first way the unicorn riding dream helped my life really straighten up.

    Up until that dream I was trying very hard to find places to ride horses since I used to do that and enjoyed it and was good at it.

    But common horses of the world have led me to both good and bad experiences.

    I’ve had problems with horsepeople and they haven’t been too nice to me and they just don’t trust other people.

    I once used to sort of get into that whole cowboy thing, but over time I saw cowboys as hateful people who don’t want anything to do with anything, and they are hard to live with and I don’t like how they treat their families.

    So that’s one way horses have led me to hurt.

    And horses are also so difficult to understand and keep them happy and I’ve had issues between me and the horse as well.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the best times of my life riding on some horses and I was very well physically conditioned when I still rode.

    But after dreaming about riding that unicorn I realized a greater gift it gave to me.

    riding that unicorn was like hundreds or thousands of wonderful horse rides packed into one.

    I realized shortly after that dream I longer cared if I ever ride horses again.

    I have a great life in so many other ways and I certainly don’t need to get hurt by the world any more than it already has hurt me.

    Perhaps horses were never worth the pain and hardship, even if it had it’s benefits as well.

    Unicorns have shown me how small and miserably people live in their shallow beliefs and shelled up souls.

    they have even made their own God into a small and miserable being who can’t truly help anyone and they keep everyone prisoner to their religions.

    I’ve made healing and teaching stories about unicorns and I think they have filled an empty space inside of me and they feel so present and there with me, even though they aren’t here in a way I can see or touch them yet.

    But maybe someday somehow it can become real.

    I have a good job and I have a free gym membership and I don’t have too many obligations and I don’t care about ever having relationships with anyone and I like to live alone.

    I have figured out a lot more of the puzzle with unicorns and I wish I had really known them earlier in my life and wish I had known this kind of comfort in my spirit long ago.

    they are everything good about horses and nothing bad and they are so much more than horses and in fact so much more than any creature in the whole world.

    maybe the horses still did something good for me, but the best part of unicorns is that nobody owns them like livestock.

    They come and THEY choose who they follow and nobody can come between that.

    They are a type of pure light that this world knows nothing about yet.

    1. Unicorns are a very special creature. To be chosen by one in a dream shows that they trust your soul. I am so happy that you have been aided in your journey of finding peace from this dream you experienced. Unicorns are healers who spread joy and provide an inner strength to those who trust them. They can help heal wounds to our spirit and lead us along a path to happiness. I hope you continue your journey of self-love and finding the magic in our world.

      1. Thank you for your response.

        The reason I have unicorns with me is because there is no magic in this lost and dying world.

        I have a more advanced soul than many others and I know certain truths that they will never see.

        The human race is hateful and ignorant and they don’t want true healing or magic.

        They call such stuff unholy and the work of the devil and whatnot.

        But the truth is that they call anything new and different evil because they have been taught to assume the worst.

        this world has tried many times to drag me down and make me into one of it’s slaves or puppets or something like that.

        And it’s tried to sicken my soul.

        but the reason why I chose unicorns is because they are the only being who operates at the same level as I do in my spirit.

        finally I had a true friend and champion and I had a being who could shield me if I asked it to.

        I am a seer of sorts and I see the evils of all this world’s religions and how they operate and why they are the biggest cause of suffering in the world.

        Religion drives violence on a massive scale and it also destroys families within their own homes.

        I see two kinds of gods in the universe of all things.

        I see the broken one who exists in the doomed and tyrannical faiths of this world who plays from both good and evil sides and who has us all at it’s mercy like a big experiment.
        A few times I can’t even tell the differences between God and the devil when reading about it.

        Or the other true and actual holy god I have found and know about is one who does not exist in the earth religions or scriptures.

        the only God I know and pray to is one who only knows of goodness and compassion and it only can ever be capable of those things.

        it would never hurt me in the name of good or love.

        Unicorns are beings who also come from that true God and who define it’s holiness.

        In fact I think unicorns are too good for this world and that’s why they aren’t here except for those who accept them in spirit.

        They give me hope that one day somehow I will escape all the torture and betrayals I have been dealt.

        A day when I’m no longer here where I can escape and go to a place my spirit can be healthy, whole and prosper.

        A place where I never have to return to any dark morbid worlds again.

        I like to think and see myself someday and somehow riding a unicorn as my valiant war steed into a far better world and existence where everything else can be forgotten and where I can become the spiritual person I was meant to be.

        Where love there is real and everlasting and where nothing can force me to do anything against my will and I have a powerful mind and can learn how to use my magic there.

        My brain is failing and that is one of the things that torturously limits me on earth, but one day if I can escape my binds then my brain will be as strong and intelligent as my spirit and I will then be a wizard.

        sometimes perhaps already my spirit has figured out what my brain could not.

        My spirit told me I needed unicorns

        unicorns have superior brains.

        1. This world can be a dark place at times. I am glad you have connected with unicorns, that they bring you an inner power and peace to make it through those dreary times. Hold them close and let their love wash over you. ❤️🦄

          1. Another spirit animal connection I so far have a good connection with is with wolves.

            Wolves are really quite opposite of what everyone has made them into.

            when I see what hardships wolves have been dealt and the limitless demonic acts humans have committed against them, and I can relate to them and understand their viewpoint.

            They are a real victim of persecution in a world that is constantly persecuting everything.

            Together with the unicorns I think I’ve found a balanced and powerful source of strength and protection for my survival.

            Certainly I’m better off now than I was before I found both.

            I always had some connection to wolves and they always had a certain appeal and meaning to me.

            But now I see exactly what they experienced at the hands of humans in this world

            Humans stole this land from them and lies were told to promote the slaughter of them.

            The same with native peoples of this country.

            how curious it is that religion also was used against wolves and they are used as the allegory to describe an evil person.

            And here’s where these people get one thing so messed up.

            Their God made all natural things and he supposedly loves all his creation, wolves included.

            He supposedly didn’t make a mistake and everything has an important reason and place here.

            Yet people said that wolf killing is ok and believe that God is ok with using his wolves to make false allegories and that he would even condone them for killing off wolves and stealing the land for farming and families.

            You know another thing is that unicorns are commonly seen as caretakers of their forests and we can hope that maybe they will protect wolves from unjust hunting.

            I’m actually very proud of my spiritual knowingness and if it makes me an outcast, then so be it.

            Maybe I like to be different.

            If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s the rigid and brittle people who try to be too much the same and they are shallow and intolerant and I don’t like how they treat their families and especially their children.

            Boys are only allowed to have common toy horses but not unicorns, because the foolish parents believe they are opening a door to gender questioning and what’s stereotypical for boys or girls when it truly has no connection whatsoever and it doesn’t even need to be part of the equation.

            It’s a horse with a horn vs. a horse figure without a horn.

            Unicorns also once used to be a powerful symbol of masculinity.

            But then there are plenty of people who don’t even allow their children any kinds of fantasy stuff altogether, because they are taught that fantasy and the imagination is evil by default.

            They are prisoners to their parents as well as their parents’ beliefs and I suffer when their spirits are smothered out of them.

            if people think I’m weird or wicked because I like to show my spiritual connection with the wolves and unicorns by wearing clothes or jewelry with them and they think that makes me evil, then I just laugh at that stupidity because I know who I Am, I’m proud of who I Am and I’m not a fool and I’m not going to spend the afterlife in some dark place they might try to scare me with.

            maybe if more people had just been nicer to me throughout my life, then I would have believed their God was a nice guy as well.

            But I don’t even think I come from their same God to begin with.

            I’m a being from a very different place that they know nothing about and I don’t know where that place is in the universe, but I intend to do whatever it takes to make sure I don’t get trapped here again or forced to live someplace even worse.

            I want to believe that when I die, I can call the unicorns and wolves and together they can get me through the hereafter so that I’m in a place that no harm will ever begin to come to me.

            another powerful tool I’ve managed to help myself survive this world is by writing stories with characters who feel like they are right here with me and they are my friends and I feel loved by them.

            Perhaps they are indeed here and I just don’t see them.

            I’ve written several unicorn stories and I’ve made wolf stories as well.

            I never once had a very true and trustworthy friend in my life.

            I don’t believe such people actually exist and I don’t care or even want friends here.

            so I made up my own friends and the books are my escape and everything works out the way it should.

            it doesn’t even have to be perfect and it could still be far better than what’s here.

            I’m also a music creator and I’ve made songs for my very own stories and they truly take your mind and soul away to a true, pure and beautiful world apart from here.

            To me there’s no simple imagination, it’s a spiritual bridge and it knows what makes a world beautiful and what doesn’t.

            wolves have become increasingly popular as well as unicorns nowadays.

            I see more people wearing wolf clothing and I’m happy that a few more parents will also allow their children to have interests in wolves and wear wolves.

            For me however I discovered I needed both.

            So I thought I would share this other spiritual awareness with you as well about my other spirits.

            I guess sometimes we need several and each one is an important ingredient to what makes a good soup for the body and soul

            1. Our spiritual connections with different animals are a part of what makes us who we are. It sounds like you have definitely found yours!

              My heart breaks with how the wolves have been treated. No creature should be persecuted in any way. Wolves are majestic animals and have a powerful relationship to the spiritual world. The Native Americans, among other cultures, can see this. Your insight and love for them gladdens me.

              Continue to create, and spread your love and connection to wolves and unicorns through your stories and music. No matter our gender, background, or religious beliefs, we are all human.

              Thank you for sharing your story with us. My heart fills to know that you have found solace with the unicorns, that they bring you strength and peace. 🦄🐺

              1. Yeah and you know it’s so unexplainable why people always loved dogs, but couldn’t connect that same familiarity with wolves and knowing that all dogs were once wolves.

                probably because the fools never even bothered to study wolves and all wise, legit and ancient knowledge about them was lost.

                I think the first ever real wolf study was in the 1940s.

                Only then after many a millennia of wolf slaughtering and still ongoing today.

                I say people always loved dogs, but in fact I know long ago people only loved their dogs in the way they might also love or rather hate a human slave.

                Were dogs only loved because they were less likely to fight to the death if they were kept as servants and beaten and forced to eat whatever their masters fed them?.

                I Thank you so much for listening again and again.

                I could just go on about unicorns and my experiences with them.

                Now I will tell you this.

                Most days I think back about how they could have possibly made all the difference for me in the past if only I had connected with them more and used their magic to help me with my hurt and anger at the world when I was younger.

                They may have even kept me out of certain kinds of trouble and I might have gained enough ability and wisdom to keep from making some of the more bad choices I made which very nearly cost me my life and freedom, in which case there’s no life if there’s no freedom.

                The saying goes “live free-die free”

                You can’t have one without the other.

                Because there were times when I truly felt I was forced to commit certain actions considered criminal because I was doing what I had to do in order to protect my spirit.

                But there was one time I was in fact wrong about my instincts when I committed a crime.

                If I had only found unicorns in my spirit back then I might have simply said to the world, “you know what, I don’t need anything else here and I don’t care, so just keep all your hurts and betrayals to yourself” and I wouldn’t have lied, stole or fought with other people like I used to.

                As it was back then, I felt like other people were my enemies hindering my spirit and trying to stop it from healing or growing or achieving enlightenment.

                At one time I felt like the world was stealing from me, so then I finally stole back.

                If I had unicorns like I do now, then I might have been able to say that all this other stuff didn’t even matter to me anymore.

                I can only think and wonder of how if only I had unicorns on my hardest days.

                I can still remember one horrible night back in 2011 I think when I was 21 and I was drowning in grief and loneliness.

                I was on the floor crying into the dense carpet rug and I felt like I was crying the very life out of my body.

                that night marked the beginning of when I truly was becoming aware that this God wasn’t my friend and he wasn’t going to help me in a way that was truly pure or loving.

                There may as well have been no people, no animals or anything living on the earth back then because that’s how alien and lost I was to it.

                there was absolutely no life force or anything sacred that was going to help me in this world.

                I cried out that I only wanted a friend, I just wanted another being who was as pure and different as me and who came from a place of purer more intelligent and evolved spiritual beings like me.

                Nowadays I’m thinking wow, that kind of pure friend sounds just like a unicorn.

                and if only I had been able to summon my imaginary healing story friends like I do now and I could have pictured and felt them sitting right there with me and telling me I was not truly alone and it was all going to be ok.

                but even if it helped me, it might still not have been enough because there were hard and bad things going on in life back then.

                But early this year in February there was a very scary occurrence in my life that revived those same horrible things I felt that night in 2011.

                Of course maybe I had other terrible lonely times in between then and now.

                It’s the kind of hopelessness that makes your very spirit as well as living body feel so deeply poisoned.

                It even took me all the way back to my ultimately miserable childhood where most days I wanted to die and I was constantly angry or depressed.

                The occurrences of this February was like being trapped in a sad and scary torture film and I just wished I could die to get out of it, but I also felt an intense and burning need to stay alive pulling me away from those feelings.

                It was like a safeguard that I didn’t know I had.

                A voice told me in my soul “what if there really is no escape from this pain and I still continued to deeply suffer in the spirit world?.”

                for all I don’t know, I might be worse off.

                As much as I wanted to die, I painfully knew I couldn’t, not now.

                The voice told me that I MUST finish what I want to do in this world and I know for certain I will be very angry if I didn’t get to finish it.

                And there are still a few good things in life and it is possible for me to have fun in the world.

                At least until something goes wrong and I’m not allowed to have that fun, but that’s not even something I need to think about.

                I try to stay in the moment.

                But since hearing that voice, I made a whole To-Do list of several things I want to live for.

                For example there is a 3 book series I want to finish reading called Chronicles Of The Wolves.

                And there are things I want to do and maybe places in the world I would like to see.

                And then there are activities I like to do such as exercise and seeing how strong or healthy I can get my body.

                Then there are video games that look fun and exciting and I would like to play those.

                Just anything to be alive to see it happen.

                As for my childhood, I had a good childhood except I was meant to suffer with emotional and spiritual and behavioral problems for no reason.

                I didn’t even know why I felt so tormented back then, but now I understand that it was probably because my spirit was screaming out that it never wanted to be put here in the first place and it was being forced to participate in living in a world that was too impure for what it was designed to handle.

                But of course people were the source of a lot of my problems back then as well.

                My spirit knew exactly why it was suffering and I didn’t grasp the concept that maybe I never asked to come here, but maybe I was forced to live here whether I liked it or not.

                I was always a spirit that needed cleaner fuel to run on.

                so believe me, my inner spirit-engine has had plenty of time to get worn down, clogged and damaged from being fed improper fuel.

                Now to tell you something about my first encounters with unicorns as a child.

                I think my first ever unicorn toy or contact with a unicorn was this plush purple colored, I think it was, a plush unicorn from Toys R Us and I was drawn to it because I saw it had fiber optic light up hairs and that just stuck with me so I went on and on about it to my mother and we went back and she was impressed I knew right where it was.

                I think I simply got it for the light up mane and maybe tail too?.

                There was also a solid plastic unicorn toy which had a light up horn and made magic sounds.

                Again maybe it was because I was drawn to the colored lights and not so much that it was a unicorn.

                Then there was someone who gave me a ceramic white unicorn once, but I think it accidentally broke later on.

                In the middle to late 90s it was also possible to sometimes come across The Last Unicorn on TV.

                I saw it once or twice perhaps but probably fell asleep or lost interest.

                Now it’s a very beautiful and emotional film and I played the theme song on piano this year.

                then I found an old children’s book we had about this unicorn who got his horn stuck in a tree and all the trial and error ways of getting unstuck.

                unicorn toys were always acceptable in my household and I’m glad to know I didn’t have a picky crazy mother who raised me to become miserable and stuck up like how other parents make their children and coming up with all these reasons why unicorns and imagination aren’t good.

                all that time unicorns were always right there with me in one way or another.

                and wolves were too because I see myself wearing wolf shirts in old photographs.

                But perhaps the biggest thing that has surely and dramatically improved my mental and spiritual health and functioning was that I had to simply stop trying to connect with God, the earth, and his animals.

                Those time proven things cannot offer me a solid foundation, and if I try to connect with them too much, they will truly hurt me and betray me.

                I function on an entirety different spiritual energy than them.

                If God is smart enough and is capable of the mercy to NEVER force me to live here again, then I can forgive him in time.

                I have lowered myself into deeper darkness with the choices I’ve made a few times, but I know it was almost always because the world and its people put that darkness into me first.

                If I ever find myself in a pure and better world, then all that evil can be left behind and forgotten and I won’t ever have to turn into a dark person just trying to defend myself.

                People and fascism made me into what I Am.

                If they wanted me to be a better person, they had every possible chance to treat me like how they wanted to be treated.

                I came upon an interesting article I want to share about how unicorns want us to forgive others and move on.



                Possiblity it’s what the unicorns would want me to do in the world, but they don’t force me to do it.

                1. Thank you for sharing your story. It takes a lot of courage to be open about past struggles. It sounds like you’ve been through some really difficult times, and it’s inspiring that you’ve found ways to keep moving forward.

                  The connection you have with unicorns is truly special. It’s wonderful that these creatures have provided such a positive force in your life. The comfort and strength they bring you are very real.

                  As a young girl, I found friendships I never knew possible with unicorns. They provided me comfort and confidence in this crazy world.

                  Again, thank you for sharing your story. I wish you all the best as you continue to find healing and strength with your unicorn companions.

                  1. I was going to tell you something different, but I felt that I needed to share this first.

                    Twice now I have found two different things online telling of how unicorns are the doorway to an evil path and how I’m feeding into something far worse if I let them into my soul.

                    The links are at the bottom of this message.

                    The video however does tell me to use my own best instincts and follow my heart.

                    My heart tells me that unicorns have clearly filled a painful void within me that was weakening and destroying me throughout my life up until recent years.

                    I would have certainly died sooner without it.

                    I also know I have given an honest effort and attempt to love and connect myself to this earth and it’s earth beings, but each time I have tried to ultimately connect to this earth and it’s God, I have suffered the ultimate pain and betrayals.

                    my heart tells me that this world’s God is not a healthy or healing god for me.

                    there may be a better God out there who can help me and love me, but that one isn’t here.

                    also my heart immediately tells me that it’s the false demon God who has sent me these web articles and videos so that I would reject unicorns and lose the one thing that has kept me alive through the ugliest days where I may have otherwise killed myself.

                    there’s no way I can turn away from unicorns now and try to become an earth person here and connect with the earth and it’s living beings.

                    It simply is not possible for a higher being like myself to do so and survive.

                    The earthly beings are not compatible with my energy level and I will get very hurt if I try to open myself to them too much.

                    the demon God wants me to get rid of unicorns and become his slave and not have anything that sets me apart from his other slaves.

                    He would like me to be spiritually blind and stupid and following his other blind and miserable people.

                    yet I can’t help but wonder what will happen if I’m actually wrong and misleading myself with mysticism and fantasy because I simply don’t want to let go of the unicorns.

                    What if I were only following something that makes me feel pure and I don’t want to accept that it might actually be a trap of evil things.

                    but again it could also be the demon God trying to make me cast doubt on my connection to unicorns as a bad thing and lose the one thing that ever filled a very deep hole in my spirit.

                    the saying goes to follow your heart and do what you feel is right.

                    but even with unicorns out of the equation the remaining facts still are this.

                    1. I don’t believe I’m a spirit child of this creator or anything it ever made.

                    2. I believe there is a truer and higher light and love energy than what anyone else except me is capable of seeing or feeling.

                    3. my music has proven to me that there is a better love out in the universe and it doesn’t exist here and I know a thing or two about what pure love and healing should be because of that music.

                    And you know something about story writing is that YOU become the god of whatever world you make up.

                    You can always give it a happy ending, even if the story world is a tough place to be in.

                    From these stories I made up, I’ve seen that I clearly know a thing or two better about building a thriving and peaceful world that this God doesn’t know or care about.

                    and now here’s something more powerful yet!.

                    the night before last night I had a feeling come over me that perhaps I’m here because I will be the one to defeat a very big demon.

                    in quite a few ways that big demon seems like the creator of this world who plays with both good and bad powers.

                    In my heart I know if it is willing to entertain or use dark powers to serve it’s cause, then it’s not entirely pure.

                    And I don’t believe this world’s God is nearly as pure or loving as people try to make it.

                    I’m not sure who or what the demon will be.

                    There’s the other possibility that I hate god based on the bible and churches and how those people act and I’ve missed the actual god.

                    But generally I think he has the wrong attitude and he’s full of himself and he forced me to exist here.

                    I really think that’s why I wanted to die as a child, because a part of me knew this was not something I chose to participate in.

                    all I can do now is hope that unicorns don’t ever become bad for me.

                    I have to keep it clear in my soul about what they would want me to do (good) and what they might warn me not to do (bad).

                    When I found that particular article I shared about unicorn forgiveness, I can see that I saved the article in 2021.

                    2021 was a bad year for me and everyone had something nasty they were pulling on me.

                    Every situation had something set to do me wrong.

                    Maybe the unicorns sent that to me and I didn’t really take it seriously enough.

                    I call myself a pure and different spirit and that’s how I connected myself to unicorns.

                    But I can’t let it become an ego problem where I hurt others and think of myself as greater than life itself.

                    The truth I feel, is that I was forced to live here and I didn’t get to make that decision.

                    I’m stuck here just like anyone else and while I might see the things others do not, I have to not allow it to make me into an antagonizer.

                    being a seer is a tough road with lots and lots of responsibility.

                    For one thing you have to be the seer, but not walk over top of other people because you might be right and they’re the stupid fools.

                    If you are a seer, you will frequently find yourself angry with the stupidity of others and their failure to notice or accept the obvious.

                    And you have to not involve yourself in situations where your gifted foresight and deeper knowing might get someone else extremely hurt and also get you into trouble.

                    seers throughout history have been brutalized because they expose the evils of their society and the lies.

                    Sometimes they are warned as children by a wise person that their gift can be a dangerous one and they will find that in order to survive, they must keep to themselves.

                    My own mother was warned by her grandmother as a child that she was a wise one and people wouldn’t appreciate that power if she showed it.

                    Being a seer can be very painful when you know true rights from wrongs, but you can’t do anything about it.

                    But I also have enough of my own matters to deal with.

                    The biggest one of not being born into this world again where I’m at the mercy of it again.

                    I can’t and won’t take another lifetime of this.

                    Here are the two things that would try to tell me unicorns are leading me down the wrong road.



                    1. Makowa, I am a firm believer that we can guide our path in this life. There are energies out there that will try to lead us astray, and energies that are there to help us along the path of enlightenment. It is up to us to follow our hearts and try to decipher which energy is attempting to lead us down which path.

                      You have found unicorns, which are pure and good, to guide you. Stay true to yourself. Let the love of this world in. You have experienced many pains and hardships during your time on this earth. Remember that the earth is here to aid in your healing. Nature is powerful, it is true and it is good. Let the wind carry away the past. Listen to your heart and the unicorns and you will find yourself filled with love. ❤️