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Dreams are the playgrounds of unicorns.


It is said that “dreams are the playgrounds of unicorns”. Did a unicorn actually appear in your dream? What does a unicorn in a dream mean? Let’s find out the symbolism behind this quote!

Unicorn in a Dream – Is It Normal To Dream About Unicorns?

In a perfect world, I would dream about unicorns all the time. Well, I do, in the daytime, when I’m awake. But I don’t see many unicorn dreams at night, even though I wish I would. We can’t choose our dreams, unfortunately. I often have nightmares, instead of sweet unicorn dreams.

However, last night I had unicorns in my dream! I’ve only had a unicorn dream once before, and it was during a nap. I was so happy that unicorns returned to my dream, even though my dream last night was really weird (my dreams usually are).

What does it mean, if you see a unicorn in a dream?

Are Your Dreams the Playgrounds of Unicorns? – Unicorn As a Dream Symbol

So, are your dreams the playgrounds of unicorns? Do unicorns visit your dreams all the time? What does is mean?

A unicorn is, obviously, a symbol of magic. A unicorn’s visit in your dream can mean you need more magic in your life. You might want more playfulness and creativity in your life.

Above all, a unicorn in a dream is a very positive omen. You should consider yourself lucky because a unicorn decided to visit your dream!

It is rare to have a unicorn dream. Like I said, I’ve only had unicorn dreams twice, even though I think about unicorns a lot when I’m awake.

A unicorn dream means something good and magical is going to happen in your life. You should get ready for a positive change, because your dreams are going to become true in the near future.

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Has a unicorn ever visited your dream? What do you think it means? Please let me know in the comment section below!


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