Beautiful Unicorn Pictures - Two Magical White Unicorns Taking a Walk

11 Beautiful Unicorn Pictures – Welcome to Fairy Tale

Unicorns have inspired our imagination for thousands of years. The beauty, magic, and innocence of unicorns make them truly unique mythical creatures. Today, we have 11 beautiful unicorn pictures to welcome you to a fairy tale! You might also like to view our post featuring cute unicorn pictures.

1. A Unicorn Mom and Baby in Enchanted Forest

This unicorn picture is very touching; it features a unicorn and her baby in a magical forest. I think this picture represents the purity of unicorns because both the mother and the baby unicorn look so innocent. The white color of the beautiful unicorns highlights their purity even more.

how do unicorns live eating grass

You can tell this unicorn mother is a very caring and loving parent for her foal. There is so much affection between this unicorn mom and her baby.

2. A Unicorn and Full Moon

In this picture, a beautiful white unicorn sparkles magically at the full Moon. Unicorns love Moonlight, and Moongazing is one of the unicorns’ favorite hobbies.

Unicorns are often associated with the Moon, as both unicorns and the Moon are seen as symbols of the feminine yin energy.

healing unicorn hair

3. 3 Young Unicorns Play in Water

This picture of 3 young unicorns has a playful tone. You can tell these young unicorns are enjoying themselves while playing on the beach.

3 Unicorns in Water

Unicorns are very playful creatures, and they love playing with each other. Many unicorns also love water and swimming.

4. A Winged Unicorn Mounting on Water

This stunning image features a majestic winged unicorn mounting on seawater, ready to take off and fly.

a winged unicorn mounting on water
A Winged unicorn, or pegacorn, is an offspring of a unicorn and Pegasus.

5. A Unicorn Takes a Walk in a Forest

As we know, unicorns have a deep connection with nature and forests. This unicorn is taking a peaceful walk in a beautiful forest. The unicorn is walking on a forest path full of beautiful lavender flowers.

spending time in nature

The beauty of nature, the lush trees, the fragrant flowers, and the magical unicorn make this picture like a portrait of a paradise.

6. A Unicorn Meets a Fairy

This fascinating picture features an encounter of two mythical creatures. A magical unicorn meets a little fairy sitting on the grass. While you can only see a silhouette of the unicorn and the fairy, the atmosphere of this image could not be more magical.

Beautiful Unicorn Pictures - Unicorn and Fairy

7. Two Unicorns and Northern Lights

Here we have two unicorns walking side by side with breathtaking Northern lights in the background. The Northern lights suggest that these unicorns live in the Arctic region. Unicorns are not as common in cold regions as in milder environments, but unicorns do exist even in the Arctic region.

Two Unicorns and Northern Lights

Antarctica is too cold even for unicorns, though, so we can safely assume these unicorns are not looking at Southern lights.

8. A Black Unicorn by Moonlight

Not all unicorns are white. While white is the traditional color associated with unicorns, unicorns can be any color of the rainbow. This picture represents a beautiful black unicorn in a mystic landscape by Moonlight.

Black Unicorn by Moonlight

9. Two Unicorns in Fantasy Land

This captivating unicorn picture represents two unicorns playing in a picturesque landscape. It looks like a true fantasy land with a magnificent castle, beautiful flowers, mountains, and of course, a rainbow in the sky.

Unicorns in Fantasy Land

10. A Unicorn in Dream Land

This unicorn picture is fascinating. The unicorn is standing on a bridge hanging in thin air in the middle of clouds. It is like a scene out of a dream.

A Unicorn in Dream Land

11. A Unicorn in a Forest

In this image, a unicorn with a light brown coat is standing on her two hind legs in a beautiful forest. The unicorn is enjoying herself in a peaceful forest.

A Unicorn in a Forest

I hope these beautiful unicorn pictures have brought some joy and magic into your day. When you need something to cheer you up, nothing works like unicorns. And sometimes, pictures do the magic better than words.

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Did you find your favorite image out of these unicorn pictures? If you did, please let me know which unicorn picture was your favorite by writing your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. So beautiful. All are so special. The ones flying in the cosmos feel like my visions of merging with father sun and mother moon and stars. The ones in gardens remind me of shamanic journey to heaven. The mother and baby foal reminds me of my love for my daughter. The one on the bridge dream like, reminds me of the tunnel portal the unicorn and angels guided me to. All the unicorns have perfect flowing hair,almost like a shampoo commercial or a cover of a romance novel! I bet they never get bad hair days, zits, or feel fat. I wish I looked that good all the time! They’re like the photogenic super models of the magical world. hahaha….I’ve caught unicorn fever…..

    1. Thank you! Happy to hear you liked these unicorn pictures. Your visions are very beautiful.

      You’re right; unicorns don’t have bad hair days. That’s because unicorns remain magically perfectly clean, and of course, that means their mane and tail hair too. And unicorn mane and tail hair even have healing properties.