Do Unicorns Have Magical Powers

Do Unicorns Have Magical Powers?

Do unicorns have magical powers? Unicorns are mythical and magical creatures, so they do have many magical powers. Each unicorn has unique powers; no two unicorns have exactly the same kind of powers.

However, there are some common magical powers most unicorns possess. Today, we are going to talk about the magical unicorn powers from horn to tail.

So, we are going to start from the unicorn´s horn, and talk about the magical powers of unicorn horns first. Then, let´s discuss the healing powers of unicorn tears and blood.

Next, we are moving on to unicorns’ mane and tail; we will have a look at the magical powers of unicorn hair.

We are also going to discuss other supernatural abilities of unicorns, such as their ability to tell the truth from a lie. We will finish this post by answering, if unicorns can grant wishes.

Do Unicorns Have Magical Powers? – Unicorns and Their Magical Horns

Unicorns hold many of their powers in their horns. They are able to glow their horns, which is cool, but not necessarily mind blowing. However, unicorn horns have many healing powers. A Unicorn is able to heal a wound by touching it with its horn.

Unicorns can purify water with their horns. It has been believed in history, that drinking from a unicorn horn would protect from disease and poisoning. The truth is, though, that a unicorn horn alone has no magical properties. A unicorn horn only has magic, if it´s attached to a unicorn.

Unicorn Oracle Cards - Unicorns in Forest

Unicorn Tears Are Rare and Powerful.

Unicorn tears are very powerful for healing. A single unicorn tear is powerful enough to heal hundreds of people! Unicorn tears are extremely rare; a unicorn might only cry a few times in hundreds of years. A unicorn only cries, if it´s overwhelmed with grief.

Paradoxically, unicorn tears come from extreme grief, but they can heal wounds of the heart as well as physical wounds. The answer to the question “how to heal a broken heart” seems to be unicorn tears.

Unicorn Blood Is Healing.

Just like unicorn tears, unicorn blood is also believed to heal wounds and injuries.

On the first Harry Potter novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher´s Stone, Harry Potter finds a unicorn killed by the evil wizard Voldemort. Voldemort has killed the unicorn to use its blood for healing himself. Killing something as innocent as unicorn will lead to a cursed life, even though the evil lord will stay alive thanks to the unicorn blood.

The Magical Unicorn Hair

The hair of a unicorn´s mane and tail is magical. A unicorn hair can make any cloth indestructible. Unicorn hair also have healing properties; they can heal wounds. Unlike a unicorn´s horn, a unicorn hair doesn’t need to be attached to a unicorn to remain magical. Because of this, if you happen to find a unicorn hair, you can use it!

Where do you find unicorn hair? Look around in a forest. However, a unicorn hair´s magic is a hundred times stronger, if a unicorn has given it to you. It is not nearly as powerful, if you just find it or take it from a unicorn without its consent.

Unicorn hair is a magical ingredient some wizards have in their magic wands in the Harry Potter novels. Harry Potter himself almost ended up having a magic wand with a unicorn hair. However, a wand with a phoenix hair turned out to be more suitable for him.

healing unicorn hair

Unicorns Are Fast and Strong.

Unicorns are the fastest animals in the world. They can run extremely fast, and they never get tired. A unicorn can run all day without needing to rest. Their legs never hurt.

Usually unicorns won’t let people ride on them. If you´re ever lucky enough to ride a unicorn, though, you will get to your destinations faster than any other way, at least on ground.

Unicorns Can Tell the Truth from a Lie.

Unicorns are pure creatures, and they always seek the truth. It is no use lying to a unicorn, because unicorns can tell, if a person is telling the truth or a lie. In Taoist mythology, the Chinese unicorn, qilin, was used in the court to tell if the defendant was guilty or innocent.

Unicorns love the truth, and when they hear the truth, they feel like they are being pulled towards it. The truth calls for a unicorn. When unicorns hear a lie, it´s the opposite; they feel like something is pushing them away from the liar.

Can Unicorns Grant Wishes?

The unicorns’ ability to grant wishes intrigues many people, for obvious reasons. However, unicorns won’t grant wishes for just anyone.

If you would like a unicorn to grant your wish, first of all, you need to ask politely. You always need to talk politely to a unicorn, especially if you are asking it a favor.

Second of all, you must thank the unicorn, even if the unicorn won’t grant your wish. After all, the unicorn took the time to listen to your request. You should be grateful even for that.

Now that I think about it, I would probably be grateful even if I just got a chance to see a unicorn!

What kind of wishes unicorns might grant, then? They won’t grant any selfish wishes. If you want something for yourself, like money or glory, a unicorn won’t give it to you. Unicorns only grant unselfish wishes. Only if it´s something good you wish for others; if you want to help or save others, a unicorn might make your wish come true.

do unicorns have magical powers granting wishes

Unicorns Are Magical – From Horn to Tail

Unicorns are perhaps the most powerful of all magical beasts. Each unicorn has unique powers, but they all share some common magical powers.

Unicorns have magical horns, but only if the horn is attached to a unicorn. Unicorns are able to purify water and heal wounds using their horns.

Unicorn tears are extremely powerful for healing, and also extremely rare, because unicorns hardly ever cry. Unicorn tears can heal a broken heart as well as physical wounds. Unicorn blood can also heal wounds and injuries.

Even the hair of a unicorn is magical. If you find a unicorn’s mane or tail hair, you can use it. However, a unicorn hair is a hundred times more powerful, if a unicorn has given it to you willingly.

Unicorns are known to be extremely strong and fast, and they can tell the truth from a lie. Sometimes, they even grant wishes, but only if the wish is unselfish and comes from a pure heart.

What do you think, do unicorns have magical powers? Which magical unicorn power do you find the most fascinating? Have you heard of any other magical unicorn powers? Please share in the comment section below.

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    The symbolism of a unicorn is incredibly special. I love all of the special powers you have outlined here. How cool that a unicorn’s tears can heal wounds and injuries! I have never realized how many different cultures unicorns are part of before. That is very cool, and I loved learning about the unicorn’s role in Taoist mythology. 

    1. blank

      Yes, unicorns are part of so many cultures, in one way or another. The Asian unicorns are different from the European ones, but nevertheless unicorns exist even in Asian cultures. Thanks for leaving a comment and taking time with my website!

  2. blank

    Something I don’t seem to get is that I used to think unicorns never existed but since you say it’s magical, I could still hold on to that claim, except you want to prove me otherwise then. Anyway, I think the most interesting part of the unicorns power is it’s hair. Whether removed or not, one can make use of the hair for magical and healing purposes. Can also be used to make an indestructible cloth, more like an amour.

    1. blank

      Hi, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, you can make an armor from unicorn hair. Unicorn hair is stronger if a unicorn has given it to you, compared to unicorn hair you just found accidentally. But it still has some magical qualities, even if a unicorn didn’t give it to you personally.

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