Best Unicorn Songs for Kids

Best Unicorn Songs for Kids

Many children love unicorns. They want to read unicorn books, play with unicorn toys and listen to unicorn songs. Today, we are going to list the best unicorn songs for kids.

You can find all these songs for free on YouTube, and make a unicorn song YouTube playlist.

Unicorn songs are easy to find on YouTube, but sometimes, you don’t know what the song is really about, until you listen to it. The title might say “unicorn song”, but the song might not be for kids. It may have some bad language, and the lyrics are not always suitable for children.

So, we collected unicorn songs, that are appropriate for kids and the whole family. Enjoy!

Toy Fan TV: The Llama Unicorn Song

“Oh! My llama unicorn!” The llama unicorn song by Toy Fan TV is about the magical llama unicorn, also known as the llamacorn. This magical creature is half unicorn, half llama.

Even grown-ups can’t help but dance to this song with a catchy melody and dance beat. This happy song has a cute music video with dancing llamacorns and unicorns. The llama unicorn song is a 100% child-friendly party song!

ITS Music: Unicorn Song

The Unicorn Song by ITS Music is a jovial song for kids. The music video features a cute prancing rainbow unicorn. The video also has lyrics, so you can sing along!

Parry Gripp and Brianne Drouhard: Space Unicorn

The Space Unicorn song is a whimsical pop rock song with cute lyrics. The animated music video features a green unicorn soaring through space.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal: Uni the Unicorn Song

The Uni the Unicorn Song is based on Amy Krouse Rosenthal‘s Uni the Unicorn children’s book. Uni the Unicorn is a story about a unicorn, who believes little girls exist, even though grown-up unicorns try to convince her little girls are not real.

The Uni the Unicorn Song is about the same theme as the book; Uni the Unicorn believes in little girls, and becomes friends with a little girl she meets.

Little Baby Bum: The Lion and the Unicorn

The Lion and the Unicorn is an old nursery rhyme and folk song. It is based on the symbolism of the lion and the unicorn in the history of United Kingdom. The lion symbolized England, and the unicorn was the symbol of Scotland. Since 1603, the lion and the unicorn have represented United Kingdom in the Royal coat of arms.

The rhyme also appeared in Lewis Carroll’s novel Trough the Looking-Glass. 

The Lion and the Unicorn Lyrics

The lion and the unicorn
were fighting for the crown
The lion beat the unicorn
all around the town

Some gave them white bread
and some gave them brown
Some gave them plum cake
and drummed them out of town

Magical Unicorn Life: Magical Unicorn Life Song

The official Magical Unicorn Life Song is my original work. This song is about being yourself, being magical and living your own magical unicorn life. The message is valid for unicorn fans of all ages!

Magical Unicorn Life Song Lyrics

I need some magic in my life
It´s time to live my life like it´s mine
I´m tired of just black and white
Give me rainbow colors and sunshine

I want to live magical unicorn life,
live magical unicorn life,
live magical unicorn life,
live magical unicorn life...

Magical Unicorn Life: Magic in the Air (Unicorn Is Hiding)

Magic in the Air (Unicorn Is Hiding) is another original Magical Unicorn Life song. It is a Halloween themed unicorn song. It is dark around the Halloween, but unicorns are hiding somewhere very near, and they bring light in the dark!

Magic in the Air (Unicorn Is Hiding) Lyrics


Can you feel the magic in the air? 
Can you feel the magic? 
A unicorn is hiding somewhere nearby 

Verse 1: 

Little bit of sunshine is showing through the clouds 
Can you see the rainbow? There´s no doubt 
a unicorn is nearby chasing it around 
A unicorn is hiding on your background 

Verse 2: 

It´s been raining all day, it´s darker every night 
But I can see a sparkle, there´s something bright 
It´s almost Halloween and the pumpkins are alive 
A unicorn is hiding in the Moon light 

Toddler Tunes: My Angel Unicorn

My Angel Unicorn is a sweet feel-good song targeted for young children. The lyrics are about spending magical time with an angel unicorn.

Magical Unicorn Life: Unicorns Hatch from Easter Eggs

Unicorns Hatch from Easter Eggs is a unicorn themed Easter song for unicorn fans of all ages. What if you found mysterious Easter eggs in your garden, and mini unicorns hatched from the eggs?

Unicorns Hatch from Easter Eggs Lyrics

I was watering my garden plants in sunshine  
(And then it happened)
Then I noticed three rainbow colored eggs
(They were sparkling in sunlight)
I thought someone was messing around
(But then the eggs started cracking)
(Something's coming out, something's coming out)


Unicorns hatch from Easter eggs, Easter eggs, Easter eggs
(What´s going on here?)
Unicorns hatch from Easter eggs , Easter eggs, Easter eggs
(What´s going on here?)
Unicorns hatch from Easter eggs, Easter eggs, Easter eggs
Unicorns hatch from Easter eggs, Easter eggs, Easter eggs

Three mini baby unicorns hatched from the eggs. Can you believe it?
(Since when are unicorns 2 inches tall?)
I must admit they were the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life
(Glowing their golden horns)
I didn't even know mini unicorns exist
(They were sent from the outer space)


Best Unicorn Songs for Kids – Which One Is Your Favorite?

So, we have listed the best unicorn songs for kids you can find free on YouTube. Now you can make a unicorn song playlist on YouTube!

Did you find any favorite out of these songs? Do you know any other good unicorn songs for kids you would like to share? Please let me know in the comment section below.

I added my original unicorn songs in the list as well. We will publish more unicorn songs on YouTube in the future, so make sure you subscribe for our YouTube channel.

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    I have a little girl and she is obcessed with unicorns. I try to keep up with her and find the best cartoons for her to watch and songs for her to listen to (about unicorns of course). Thank you so much for sharing this article, there are a couple here we didn’t know, and she is over the moon listening and singing along.

  2. blank

    What a fun touch these songs have! They’re mostly for children but let’s be real, some of the lyrics in the songs can be really relatable for adults as well. I loved the variety they had and the fun melodies they brought. Growing up this would’ve been the perfect playlist for me, but again, it’s never too late, right? Thanks for the fun suggestions. 

    1. blank

      Thank you, Stephanie!

      I agree, it’s never too late, especially when it comes to unicorns. 🦄

      Some of these songs are more for kids, but like you said, some of the lyrics are relatable for adults too. And I must admit I found myself dancing and singing along the Llama Unicorn Song and the Angel Unicorn song.

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