Do Unicorns Poop - A Glitter Rainbow Unicorn Poop

Do Unicorns Poop?

Today, we’re going to talk about something everyone wants to know, but many are embarrassed to ask. Well, we are not, so here it comes: Do unicorns poop? And if they do, do they poop rainbows, glitter, or something less glamorous? Now it’s time to find out the truth!

Do Unicorns Poop?

Humans poop, horses poop, dogs poop, and snails poop. All animals poop. How about unicorns? They are magical creatures, after all. Maybe they don’t magically need to poop?

Unicorns do need to poop, so the answer is yes, unicorns poop. Unicorns don’t need food to survive, but they do like eating. And when they eat, of course, they have to poop as well.

What is unicorn poop like, then? Is it glittery pink or rainbow-colored? Surely it isn’t smelly like regular poop?

Do Unicorns Poop Rainbows?

It seems to have become a kind of modern unicorn myth, that unicorns poop rainbows. OK, I sort of get it. Unicorns do love rainbows, a lot. Unicorns even eat rainbows from time to time. I can see the logic; if unicorns eat rainbows, they must poop rainbows as well, right?

But let’s think about what rainbows actually consist of. Rainbows mostly consist of water. If unicorns would poop rainbows, their poop would be mostly just water and not solid at all.

Of course, people often imagine unicorn poop to look like pretty, rainbow-colored piles. So, not actual rainbows and more like regular poop, just rainbow-colored.

Do Unicorns Poop - Rainbow Colored Unicorn Poop
People often imagine unicorn poop as rainbow-colored.

Neither of these beliefs about unicorn poop is exactly correct. Unicorns don’t poop rainbows; unicorn poop is solid like regular poop. Unicorn poop doesn’t exactly look like the pretty rainbow-colored poop in the picture above, either.

There is some truth to this myth, though. Unicorn poop is colorful. It can be any color of the rainbow, and it is often pastel-colored.

But unicorn poop is not always the same color, and it doesn’t necessarily have all colors of the rainbow. Unicorn poop can be a solid color, or it can have two or more colors.

Do Unicorns Poop Glitter?

This is another modern unicorn myth: Unicorns poop glitter. I’m sorry, but I’m gonna have to bust this myth. Unicorns don’t poop glitter. Glitter is usually made of plastic, and unicorns don’t like plastic.

Yeah, but does unicorn poop look glittery? Is it all shining and sparkling? Well, unicorn poop does have a kind of magical shimmer. It’s not exactly glittery, but it is radiant, unlike any other animal’s poop.

Is Unicorn Poop Smelly?

Now that we know what unicorn poop looks like, the next thing we want to know is what unicorn poop smells like. Does unicorn poop smell bad like human poop or dog poop?

As you probably guessed, unicorn poop never smells bad. Unicorn poop always smells magically sweet. It smells like freshly mowed grass, sweet meadow flowers, and a sunny summer evening.

Does Unicorn Poop Have Magical Properties?

So, unicorn poop magically always smells sweet and lovely. Does unicorn poop have other magical properties? Unicorn hair, unicorn blood, and unicorn tears have healing powers. Maybe unicorn poop has too?

There is very little data on the healing powers of unicorn poop. Unicorn poop is much more common and easier to find than unicorn tears. But maybe people feel uncomfortable about touching poop, even if it’s unicorn poop with a sweet scent.

However, there is evidence that unicorn poop does have healing powers. Squeezing it in your hands can relieve stress and anxiety. Spreading unicorn poop on your skin can heal skin diseases like eczema and acne.

What do you think? If you happened to come across unicorn poop, would you be willing to try if it has healing powers? What do you think unicorn poop looks like? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Oh, we do have data on Unicorn poop’s magical property. Our head of Unicorn lore did in-depth dirty research. Getting hands deep so to speak.

    1. Thank you for the tip, I checked your post and learned some new stuff about unicorn poop. I didn’t know the swirl pattern is distinctive to unicorn poop, that was interesting to learn.

      How come I never thought of eating unicorn poop! Of course, it makes perfect sense. Rubbing it to your skin has health benefits, so eating it must be even more beneficial.