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How to Be a Unicorn? – 5 Proven Tips

Wouldn’t it be fun to be a unicorn? But the question is: How to be a unicorn? Should you just glue a unicorn horn to your head? No, I’m not talking about how to look like a unicorn. Today’s post is all about getting in the mental state of the magical single-horned creatures.

These 5 proven tips will help you achieve the unicorn mindset.

1. Help Others, But Don’t Be Naive

You might think unicorns always help others because they are pure souls. Actually, unicorns don’t always help people. Unicorns only help those who are sincere, and they only grant unselfish wishes. No use hoping for a promotion or winning in a lottery from a unicorn!

A wish that a unicorn might grant, would be something like saving a caring princess’s kingdom from destruction. Unicorns also take time to consider, whether they will grant a wish. Humans are quick to makes wishes, and unicorns want to be sure they make the right decision.

How should you apply the unicorn mindset, when it comes to helping others? Be kind and help other people, but don’t be a doormat. Don’t sacrifice your own happiness, and don’t help anyone do anything that harms others.

2. Choose Your Friends Carefully

Unicorns are friendly, but it takes time and trust to really become close with a unicorn. To bond with a unicorn, you should experience a quest together.

A quest could be something like saving a treasure from a dragon’s cave or catching apples from a tall tree. The quest you take together builds a bond between you and a unicorn.

So, if you don’t instantly make friends when you meet new people, don’t worry. Neither do unicorns.

3. Connect with Nature

Unicorns can not live without nature and sunshine. Many unicorns live in a forest, and they have a deep connection with the forest and trees.

You don’t need to move in a cottage in the middle of a forest, but spend time in nature. Connecting with nature is very important for humans too.

Spending time in a forest lowers blood pressure, helps focus, boosts the immune system, reduces stress, and helps you sleep better. You also get in a better mood. Taking a walk in a forest makes you feel like a happy little unicorn!

4. Enjoy Your Life – Including Sweet Treats

Unicorns just love sweets. They don’t have much self-control when it comes to treats. They could eat cupcakes and ice cream all day long.

If you are one of those people, who constantly think about diets and calories, relax a little. It’s not the end of the world, if you eat a chocolate bar after a long day of work, or can not resist a danish in a coffee shop.

Unicorns don’t count calories, and it’s the big picture that matters. If you eat mostly healthy food, some sugar now and then is not a big deal. Do unicorns only eat sugar, then?

No, they eat grass, leaves, fruits, oats, and flowers, so they don’t worry about the dessert. Read more about what unicorns eat.

You should think about the mental side too; you are probably happier if you can enjoy life and treat yourself from time to time.

Reward Your Unicorn with Cupcakes

5. Chase Rainbows!

Rainbows are hard to catch, but unicorns chase them because they love rainbows. In fact, they love rainbows so much, that they even eat them!

Unicorns have fun while catching rainbows; they play with them. So, they are not only after the treasure, but they enjoy the ride too.

How should you interpret this? Should you chase rainbows to be like a unicorn?

Not necessarily. You should go after the things you really want, even if they are hard to get. Chase your dreams! And while chasing your dreams, enjoy the journey too, not just the outcome.

How to Be a Unicorn? – Be Deep and Wise, and Remember to Play

Unicorns are deep and thoughtful creatures. They don’t instantly trust people, but they are willing to grant a sincere wish.

Are you someone who is always there for others? That’s great, but don’t let others take advantage of you. Consider how sincere the help-seekers are, and take care of your own needs too.

Unicorns don’t instantly make friends. They like to take a quest with a person to build a bond. Don’t worry, if you don’t make friends easily. A deep friendship built on trust is long-lasting, and that is the kind of friendship unicorns value.

Do you like to spend time outdoors, or do you find it hard to put on sneakers and go for a walk? Unicorns love nature, and they have a deep connection with a forest and trees.

There are so many health benefits in spending time in nature, that you should go out for a walk right now. You can start with short walks, the most important thing is to get out regularly. Let nature boost your happiness and unicorn spirit!

Unicorns have a relaxed attitude when it comes to sweets. They eat lots of vegetables too, so they don’t worry about the sweet treats they also like to munch on.

If you have a sweet tooth, be kind to yourself and allow yourself occasional treats. The big picture is what matters, and this is also true when it comes to diet.

Unicorns are known to chase rainbows and eat them. Should you do the same to be like a unicorn? No, rather chase whatever it is you really want. Chase your dream, and enjoy the ride.

So, here we have 5 proven tips on how to be a unicorn. Try them and start living your own magical unicorn life!

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  1. At my now previous work place I have been known to be hard to get close to and slightly unusual. (Being a healer, reiki master,into crystal healing, and ruby red highlighted long hair.) The people that I let in usually say that I’m someone who can always be helpful and know things, except for gossip which I will shut down. Over all I prefer quiet time in nature: rainbows, full moon wishes, waterfalls, Walking in the rain, viewing cloud shapes, flowers, trees, caring for cats. Bring slightly vain, I love wearing sparkly jewels, high heels and makeup. I take forever to get ready for special events. Having a sweet tooth, I try to make them as healthy as possible and am a vegetarian. Drinking tons of water, I hardly ever catch a cold but get sick from strong aromas and harsh chemicals in environment. Longevity runs on both sides of my family. My family has been known to live over a hundred years old and look younger than most. Once I had been scheduled to work 48 hour shift with only 3 hours break. I slept in my car, went back to finish the marathon work schedule. As the months went by, my schedule I survived on less than 4 hours of sleep a night. After the evil manager left my schedule became normal and I became a legend at work. Co workers began asking me the source of my power. I survived on will power, mini-meditations, self healing reiki, intention-setting, connecting with nature, believing that there is a higher power that will protect me. I envy the unicorns stamina and not needing much food or sleep. I would love to be like a unicorn but am okay for just being in the now.🦄🙏❤️

    1. 48 hour shift, wow, that’s just inhumane! Yeah, but we must remember unicorns have magical powers, that’s why they can survive with so little sleep and no food. As humans, we need to respect the needs of our bodies. 💖

  2. Apparently I need more glitter in my life. I only got 2 / 5 on my quiz so I’ve still got a way to go.
    Now if I’d been a super smart unicorn I would have read the 5 tips BEFORE taking the quiz! I just know I would have aced it then.
    Thank you for such a lovely article.
    Everyone needs more unicorns in their life.