What Do Unicorns Do for Fun - 3 Unicorns Play in Water

What Do Unicorns Do for Fun? – 10 Magical Hobbies

Have you ever been wondering, what do unicorns do for fun? Do unicorns have hobbies? (In case you’re wondering what unicorns’ occupation is, it’s being a unicorn and being magical.)

Check our list of 10 magical unicorn hobbies!

What Do Unicorns Do for Fun?

Many of the unicorns’ activities take place in nature. Unicorns love spending time in nature and running and walking in a forest. Find out more about where they live.

Just observing the wonders of nature; stars, Moon, and clouds, brings unicorns pleasure.

Of course, unicorns love to play too. They know how to have fun, and they enjoy chasing rainbows and eating sweets. Unicorns are keen travelers as well.

10 Magical Unicorn Hobbies

1. Running in a Forest

Running is one of the unicorns’ favorite hobbies. Unicorns love running in a forest. They can run even hundreds of miles a day!

2. Walking in a Forest

Naturally, unicorns love taking peaceful walks in a forest too.

3. Moon Gazing

Unicorns love the Moon, and Moon gazing is one of their favorite hobbies.

spiritual meaning of unicorns unicorn and full moon

4. Chasing Rainbows

Unicorns love rainbows more than anything! Unicorns love chasing rainbows as well, even though they are very difficult to catch.

5. Star Gazing

Few things are as magical as the night sky. Unicorns agree about this, and they love star gazing.

6. Cloud Gazing

Unicorns are never too busy to gaze at the clouds passing by in the sky.

7. Spending Time in Nature

Unicorns love nature and spending time there.

8. Playing

Unicorns are very playful creatures, and they love playing all day.

9. Eating Sweets

Unicorns have sweet tooth, and they love chocolate and cupcakes.

10. Travelling

This might be surprising, but unicorns are big travelers. Unicorns can run at the speed of sound, so it is very easy for them to travel around the world.

What Do Unicorns Do for Fun? - Unicorn Running in a Forest

Did any of the unicorn hobbies on the list surprise you? Do you know any unicorn hobbies that were not mentioned? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. Hello!
    For what you teach a unicorn can have several hobbies.

    It can chase a rainbow, it has the ability to swim, run through the forest, observe how a cloud moves. 

    The truth surprises me that they are able to grant us wishes. 

    Tonight I would love to dream of a white unicorn that showed me looking especially for his friendship. 

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Claudio,

      Yes, unicorns have a wonderful magical power; they are able to grant wishes. However, unicorns only fulfill unselfish and sincere wishes. 

      Thank you for your comment, have sweet unicorn dreams!

  2. Unicorns are one of the most precious and fun loving creatures God made on earth. They are innocent, beautiful and nice. I am not surprised by most of the hobbies you listed here that the unicorn loves except joking. Seriously? Is it true that unicorn loves joking? Comedy?

    Best regards to you!

    1. Ha ha, unicorns don’t exactly do stand-up comedy or anything like that,. But they like to have fun and don’t take life too seriously. That’s why joking can be mentioned as a unicorn hobby. Thank you for leaving a comment, have a magical day!

      1. You forgot to add, hide-and-seek, racing up mountains, and dodging the surf. Occasionally they also test their strength and skills against each other in a sparring contest.

        1. Hi Rylee,

          Thank you for sharing these additional unicorn hobbies with us! I didn’t know unicorns play hide-and-seek and race up mountains; always happy to learn something new about unicorns.

  3. All the visions seemed to occur in all these natural settings. I also noticed that my unicorn loves the feel of the winds blowing through his beautiful mane. My unicorn likes to suddenly appear along side me nuzzling against my shoulder to show his presence. He loves to gallop at the speed of light leading me deeper into the visions, taking me to the cosmos or an enchanted forest. He loves the smell of flowers and treats baking. My unicorn has a sense of humor and loves the silly songs and story time I share with my husband and daughter. There is still much to discover about my unicorn guide. I want to learn more.πŸ¦„β€οΈ

    1. Yes, unicorns definitely spend all their time in nature. Their connection with the nature and Mother Earth is very deep.

      Your unicorn sounds exactly like I imagine unicorns to be; I’ve always thought unicorns have a good sense of humor, and they love baked goods; cupcakes and stuff. 🧁🍰