Unicorn Species

What Is a Llamacorn - Llamacorn Head on Pink Background

What Is a Llamacorn?

What is a llamacorn, one of the most popular unicorn hybrid animals these days? You know, unicorn hybrids; caticorn, dogicorn, slothicorn… And of course, llamacorn!

What Is a Slothicorn?

What Is a Slothicorn?

Everyone seems to be talking about slothicorns these days. What is a slothicorn, exactly? We are going to find out all about it!

Japanese Unicorn Kirin

The Japanese Unicorn Kirin

Today, we’re going to talk about one of the rarest unicorn species in the World. This unicorn lives in Japan and it is called kirin.

Which Type of Unicorn Are You - Winged Unicorn on Pink

Which Type of Unicorn Are You?

There are many different unicorn species in the world. Have you ever wondered, which type of unicorn are you? Take our exciting quiz and find out!

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