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What Is a Llamacorn?

Do you know what is a llamacorn? It is one of the most popular unicorn hybrid animals these days. You know, unicorn hybrids; caticorn, dogicorn, slothicorn… And of course, llamacorn! They seem to be all over the place.

Llamacorn is also knowns as the “llama unicorn”. What is a llamacorn? Where do llamacorns live? What do they eat? How do they have babies?

Today, we are going to find out all about this magically cute hybrid.

What Is a Llamacorn?

Llamacorn is a magical hybrid of a llama and a unicorn. Like most unicorn hybrid animals, llamacorns have inherited a magical horn on the forehead from the unicorns. Otherwise, llamacorns look more like llamas than unicorns.

However, llamacorns can be any color of the rainbow. Llamas can be of various colors too; white, brown, black, or grey. But llamacorns have even more variety; they can be pastel-colored or even pink!

Llamacorns are usually the same size as llamas. Their average height is 5 ft 7” (170 cm)ย  to 5 ft 11” (180 cm). Llamacorns weigh 290 to 440 lbs (130 to 200 kg).

Llamacorns live for a magically long time. While llamas live for 15 to 30 years, llamacorns can live up to a hundred years. Because of the llama blood in them, they don’t live for as long as unicorns, which live for hundreds of years.

Llama is a camelid, but it has horse-like qualities. It is quite large, it has a long neck and a noble posture. As we know, unicorns are also very horse-like, so llamacorn is a very noble animal.

Llamacorns are very social, well-behaved and clever animals.

Sometimes, people think llamas spit at you. They don’t unless they are raised wrong. The same goes for llamacorns; they don’t spit or kick unless you threaten them.

Llamacorns are shy and avoid humans, though. This is a characteristic they have inherited from unicorns.

Where Do Llamacorns Live?

Llamacorns live in the Andes, South America, just like their non-magical cousins, llamas. Llamacorns are accustomed to the dry and cold mountain environment.

Unlike llamas, which are domesticated animals, llamacorns are wild and can not be domesticated. This is because of the unicorn spirit in them. Llamacorns live in wild herds in the Andes.

What Do Llamacorns Eat?

Llamacorns have inherited the unicorns’ magical ability to absorb energy directly from sunlight. So, llamacorns don’t necessarily need to eat to survive, but they eat just because they like to. Llamacorns are vegetarians.

Llamacorns eat everything that llamas and unicorns eat. Like llamas, llamacorns eat hay and bushes. The diet of llamas is very modest, and llamacorns don’t settle for just dry hay.

Just like unicorns, llamacorns happily munch on fruits and sweet treats, such as cupcakes. Llamacorns don’t often have access to this kind of delicacies, but when they do, they just won’t stop eating!

Do Llamacorns Have Magical Powers?

Yes. Llamacorns have magical powers, just like unicorns. Llamacorns can use their magical horn to purify water and heal sickness.

In the same way as unicorns, llamacorns are able to grant wishes. However, they only grant wishes, if you ask very politely. You also need to give a llamacorn some treats, such as carrot cake or chocolate, before you ask for anything.

Llamacorns’ wool is extremely magical and powerful. Wearing a woolly hat made of llamacorn wool for just one day would be enough to cure diseases such as migraine, depression, or psoriasis for up to ten years.

However, llamacorns rarely let humans approach them, let alone shear them. If you would try to shear a llamacorn, it would likely kick you.

A Pink Llamacorn
Image credit: Amberbunting / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

How Do Llamacorns Have Babies?

Unicorns and llamas can not mate, because they are different species. It is believed, that the first llamacorn was born when a unicorn touched a pregnant llama’s belly with its horn.

The baby llama, cria, looked like a regular llama at birth, but at the age of 3 months, it started to grow a horn onย its forehead.

Somehow, the unicorn had transmitted some of its magic into the pregnant llama’s womb.

Magical powers could already be seen in the first llamacorn. When he touched the water with his horn while drinking it, the water was purified immediately.

His human master suffered from gout. The llamacorn touched his master’s aching knees with his horn, and the gout was immediately cured.

The first llamacorn had the wild unicorn spirit inside him, so he escaped from his human masters when he had matured.

In the wild, the llamacorn met a female guanaco. Guanacos are wild relatives of llamas. The llamacorn and the guanaco mated, and their offspring was a magical llamacorn like its father.

It turned out, that when a llamacorn mates with a non-magical guanaco, the llamacorn’s magical qualities, as well as the magical horn, are passed on to the baby.

Llamacorns don’t mate with llamas, because llamas are domesticated. Guanaco is the closest relative to a llama in the wild, so llamacorns mate with guanacos or other llamacorns. Either way, magical llamacorn babies are born.

llamacorn baby

The pregnancy of llamas lasts for almost a year, but when a female llamacorn or guanaco is pregnant with a llamacorn baby, the pregnancy lasts for almost two years. Apparently, it takes longer for a magical creature to develop in the womb.

A llamacorn baby does not have its horn at birth. The horn starts to grow at the age of 3 months, and it is fully developed by the age of 12 months. By this age, the llamacorn baby has already developed some simple magical skills, such as healing small wounds with its horn.

Llamacorn – A Magical Hybrid

Hopefully, this post has given some answers to your question “What is a llamacorn?”.

Llamacorn, a magical hybrid animal, lives in the Andes in South America. Llamacorns have a magical horn, just like unicorns. Llamacorns have magical powers similar to unicorns; they can purify water and heal sickness with their magical horn. Llamacorn’s wool has many healing properties.

Unlike their domestic cousins, llamas, llamacorns can not be domesticated. The unicorn blood inside llamacorns makes them wild at heart, just like unicorns.

What is your opinion about the llamacorn? If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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  1. This is most definitely a new creature in my book. We’ve all heard of unicorns, but I’m guessing most people have never heard of a llamacorn. They are extremely pretty. When I saw an ad on TV once for a circus long ago, there was this lady showing off a goat with a horn. She called it a unicorn and always rubbed its horn so people would know it was real. I believed it was some poor goat who had been through a surgery it didn’t need. How many creatures are like unicorns? I’ve never seen one, but I’m going to keep my eyes open. Thank you!

    1. Hi Cathy,

      The goat had probably had its horns manipulated in a way that makes them fuse together and grow into one horn. Totally unnecessary, but some people just want to make animals look strange or special. 

      There are reports of animals born naturally with one horn, though. This is very rare. I talk about horn manipulation and a case of a naturally born “unicorn deer” on my post about unicorn sightings.

      Creatures that are like unicorns are various. Some are real animals, while others are imaginary. Narwhal is known as the “unicorn of the sea”. Then, there is slothicorn, which is a hybrid of a unicorn and a sloth.

  2. Omg this is so cute! There is a llmacorn?! I remembered reading a book with my neice about llama missing her mama, your post reminds me of that book ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much for sharing the information about llamacorn. I have to share your video llamacorn song with my niece, she will love it! They are so adorable! I think I can encourage my niece to eat more vegetables from llamacorn. Lol Cheers!

    1. Yeah, llamacorn is very popular these days.  

      I also love the Llamacorn song, even though I’m an adult. It’s so catchy! Your niche will love the Llamacorn song for sure, if she likes llamas and unicorns. 🦙🦄

  3. So cute!!! My daughter loves alpacas and llamas. She and I would tell tales of the magical alpacas and llamas dancing around, frolicking, riding on a rainbow, living in an alternate paradise dimension. She especially loves the tales of misbehaving, mischievous loud alpacas and llamas partying. My daughter would love to add a new addition to her collection. A well behaved gentle shy llamacorn. I’ll probably be bombarded with requests for stories of the adventures of nice llamacorn meets the party animal alpacas and llamas. ๐Ÿฆ„

    1. Thank you! Alpacas and llamas are so cute, aren’t they? And when you mix them up with the magical unicorn, you get the amazing llamacorn. What could be better! ๐Ÿฆ™