Unicorn Life Lessons - 3 Unicorns Standing in Water

3 Unicorn Life Lessons

Imagine you could call a unicorn hotline and ask for unicorn life lessons. What kind of life lessons would the unicorn share with you?

Let’s talk about the magical life lessons we can learn from the unicorns. We all need a little unicorn wisdom, so let’s find out what the top 3 unicorn life lessons are!

Unicorn Life Lesson #1: Enjoy Your Life

Unicorns are good at enjoying their life. Unicorns are always playing and having fun. It seems their life is all sunshine and rainbows!

This is something we can learn from unicorns; do what you love!

But isn’t it selfish to just have fun and think about your own enjoyment? No, it’s not. You came on this planet to enjoy your life.

Besides, you are much better equipped to help others, when you enjoy your life and treat yourself. It is not a coincidence that unicorns are known for their healing powers. Unicorns are so good at making themselves feel great, that they know how to make others feel better too.

Unicorn Life Lessons - A Group of Unicorns

Unicorn Life Lesson #2: Love Yourself

All unicorns love and value themselves. Now, if you would speak with the unicorn on the unicorn hotline, the unicorn on the phone would ask you to love yourself too.

But it’s easy for the unicorn to say “love yourself”, right? Unicorns are all magical and beautiful and sparkling creatures; of course they love themselves! And on top of that, everybody else love them too!

The thing is, you are magical, beautiful and sparkling too. Unicorns can see that, because they see the magic inside you. They see the inner light in us.

Unicorn Life Lesson #3: Make Your Life Magical

Now that you know unicorns want you to enjoy your life and to love yourself, we can talk about the third life lesson unicorns wish to share with us: “Make your life magical.” What does it mean?

Basically, it means you have the right to wish for a better life, and you also have the ability to make your life better and more magical. Do you wish to find love, abundance or friendship in your life? You are entitled to it, and you can get everything you want.

But you should also appreciate and be grateful for what you already have. Because even after you achieve your big dream, you will always have new dreams. Happiness comes from being happy about the good things you already have in your life, even if there is something about your life you wish to change.

Unicorns appreciate every little thing around them; how warm the sunlight feels on their skin, how lovely the birdsong sounds, how beautiful the rainbow looks when it reflects on the lake.

When you notice all the good things you have, you feel better. And when you feel good, you attract more good things into your life.

Unicorns are also fantastic day dreamers, and this is a way to attract the things you want in your life. It is especially important to imagine your dream life as if it were already reality. Imagine how it would make you feel if you already had the thing you want.

Dreaming Unicorn and Castle

What Do You Think of the 3 Unicorn Life Lessons?

So, these are the top 3 unicorn life lessons the unicorn on the unicorn hotline would share with us: 1. Enjoy your life, 2. Love yourself and 3. Make your life magical.

What do you think of these life lessons? Do you think they are good ones? Do you find it easy or hard to live by them?

Do you think the unicorn on the unicorn hotline might have any other unicorn life lessons to share with us? If so, what do you think the lessons would be? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Have a magical day!

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  1. These are great lessons! Easier said than done, but still great and I am definitely going to try to live by them! πŸ¦„

  2. Lovely lessons to live by. My healing crystals, plants, aroma oils, flower essences, and arts and crafts and story telling sparks magic for me. Celebrating the seasons, seeing rainbows, cooking and baking treats makes us all merry and joyful. Wind chimes and holiday decor brings energy into our home. My unicorn, Angels, and power animals came to me when I became a healer and helped me during sad times. Even on days when I have a bad hair day, zits, feel tired I feel like I am glowing with their magic.πŸ¦„β€οΈπŸŽƒ

  3. Hello I love the unicorn theme and lessons combined!  I love the lessons you speak of but I would love you to elaborate on a future article on how do enjoy your life, love yourself and making your life magical! Things like that are way easier said then done! 

    I really love the look and feel of your site! It’s great!

    Thank you!