Spiritual Meaning of Unicorns

Spiritual Meaning of Unicorns – Magic from the 7th Dimension

Unicorns are popular creatures in spiritual and religious scripts. They can be found in the Bible as well as in Buddhism and Taoism. Today, I´d like to talk about the spiritual meaning of unicorns outside organized religions.

Let´s start with the spiritual symbolism of a unicorn horn. We will also discuss the association of unicorns and femininity, purity and innocence. What does a unicorn as a spirit animal teach us? Can unicorns move between dimensions?

Do you need unicorn energy in your life? To finish with today´s post, we will learn, how to call for a unicorn when you need one.

Unicorns and Intuition – Unicorn Horn as a Symbol

Have you ever wondered why a unicorn horn is attached to its forehead? On the forehead, or actually between the eyebrows is where the “third eye” is. The third eye is one of the seven chakras, center points of energetic body in yoga. The third eye is associated with intuition, enlightenment and higher consciousness.

A unicorn´s horn is in the forehead, in the same place where the third eye is. Therefore, unicorns are seen as symbols of higher consciousness and intuition.

Unicorn as a Symbol of the Moon

Unicorns are associated with the Moon. They are connected with the feminine yin energy and femininity. The Moon is also seen as a symbol of femininity and passive yin energy.

unicorn and moon

In the history, it was believed only a virgin could tame a unicorn. The connection between unicorns and femininity can be seen in this belief; a virgin is obviously a young woman.

The Pure and Innocent Unicorns

Unicorns symbolize purity and innocence. The myth of the virgin and a unicorn comes from the belief, that unicorns are so pure and innocent, only a virgin who is as innocent as a unicorn could tame one.

The white color is often associated with unicorns, because the white color is a symbol of purity. It is the traditional color of a woman´s wedding dress, even though most Western people don’t expect a bride in a white dress to be a virgin anymore.

It is no longer a common belief, that you must be a virgin to see a unicorn, but it is said only those with a pure and innocent heart are able to see one. Unicorns are attracted to pure and genuine people, so they only show themselves to such people.

Unicorn as a Spirit Animal

Unicorn might be your spirit animal that teaches you valuable lessons in life. Unicorn as a spirit animal symbolizes uniqueness. Your unicorn spirit guide encourages you to be your unique self. You should free your inner child and open your heart to the magic and wonders of the world. Unicorns can bring us joy and teach us to enjoy life more.

It´s not just the world that is magical, there is magic in your own heart. Unicorns encourage us to find that inner magic, our inner strength. They help us overcome hard times in life.

A unicorn spirit animal asks you to be creative and keep dreaming. Believe in yourself and pursue your dreams! As a loyal friend and teacher, a unicorn is always by your side on your journey of life.

Unicorns and Dimensions

It is said unicorns can move easily between dimensions, but that they actually live in seventh dimension. That is the same dimension where angels live. Magical energy exists outside space and time, so unicorns can bring magical energy to any dimension, even in the one we live in.

Unicorns are often described as a symbol of travel, because they are able to run extremely fast and travel to other dimensions.

Sometimes, it is said unicorns bring messages to us from angels in the seventh dimension. I´m not so convinced about that. I think the unicorns have their own message for us, and their message is powerful enough, so they don’t need to bring messages from anyone else.

How to Connect with Unicorns?

Do you need some unicorn energy in your life? Now we know unicorns can move between dimensions, so they can come to our dimension too. But how to call for a unicorn when you need one?

First of all, you need to believe in unicorns to attract them. You can visualize them and meditate on them. You can ask them to appear in your dreams. I think unicorns appearing in my dream would be awesome!

The Spiritual Meaning of Unicorns – A Powerful Spirit Animal

Unicorn is a powerful spiritual symbol. The horn of a unicorn is associated with the third eye chakra, because the unicorn horn is on the forehead of a unicorn, the same spot where the third eye chakra is. The third eye chakra symbolizes intuition, enlightenment and higher consciousness. Therefore, unicorn is also a symbol of intuition.

Unicorn is a symbol of Moon, femininity and yin energy. Innocence, purity and white color are often associated with unicorns.

Is unicorn your spirit animal? If that´s the case, you have a powerful spirit guide that teaches you to be your unique self and pursue your dreams. A unicorn spirit animal encourages you to release your creativity and inner child. With a unicorn spirit animal you become more and more aware of the fact that the world is a magical place.

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spiritual meaning of unicorns unicorn dimension

The world is magical, because unicorns are able to bring their magic to any dimension and move between different dimensions. It is said unicorns live in seventh dimension, the same dimension in which angels live.

If you need unicorn energy in your life, the first thing you need to do is believe in unicorns. Then, you can visualize unicorns and meditate on them. Ask them to appear in your dreams, and maybe one night that will happen!

So, what do you think about the spiritual meaning of unicorns? Do you know about some other spiritual symbolism associated with unicorns? Do you think unicorn is your spirit animal? Have you even been lucky enough to see a unicorn? Please share your thoughts and experiences on the comment section below!

10 thoughts on “Spiritual Meaning of Unicorns – Magic from the 7th Dimension”

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    Claudia H. Blanton

    Hi there! I love unicorns, but never really thought much about their spiritual meaning. I am usually more drawn to non-mystical animals when it comes to spirit guides (I prefer to work with the Dragonfly and the Hummingbird). I have also worked with the Spider and Deers before in my spiritual practice. The purity of the Unicorn is surely appealing. Thanks for the detailed insight – blessings! 

    1. blank

      Hi Claudia,

      That´s interesting, I never thought of dragonflies, hummingbirds and spiders as spirit guides before. I knew deer is a spirit animal. What do these animals symbolize to you as spirit animals?

  2. blank

    So much learnt about a unicorn within such a very concise and precise post such as this, it is great to know of. Unicorns have always being a fairy to me. Though I do not believe too much in the spiritual realm of the world and how the world operates, I however believe in the unicorn to be an epitome of the spirit that brings good fortune and blessing. Their uniques beauty and center horn always make me wonder if there can be anymore beauty as theirs. I never knew about them being for virgins and the fact they can be tamed by an innocent virgin. Wow! That’s nice. I’ll try to invoke one to my dream and pray it it works

    1. blank

      That is an old legend that only a virgin can tame a unicorn. But in reality, no one can really tame a unicorn, even a virgin. You can become a unicorn´s friend, but you can’t tame one.  

      I agree, unicorns are one of the most beautiful creatures in the universe! I hope you’ll see dreams about unicorns, I also keep trying. 🙂

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment!

  3. blank

    I am surprised that it never occurred to me, that it was a logical thing for Unicorns to be associated with intuition due to the horn placement. I mostly focused on the purity aspect of them. Thanks for the insight! Blessings!

  4. blank

    Hi Kirsti,
    I love the Unicorn realm. First I became aware of having two unicorn guides, I wanted to know their names and was preparing to sit in meditation when suddenly I got both of their names. It was amazing. Later they introduced me to their daughter, then the whole family.
    I teach Unicorn workshops along with other modalities.
    Blessings and sparkles to you.

    1. blank

      Hi Maureen,

      That’s fascinating! What were the names of your unicorn guides?
      What kind of unicorn workshops do you teach? I’d love to know more!

      Thank you for sharing this, unicorn magic and sparkles to you too!

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