Unicorn Oracle Cards

Unicorn Oracle Cards

Today, I have something completely new and exciting for you. Magical Unicorn Life’s free online oracle cards are here! Yes, these unicorn oracle cards are totally free.

Even better, you don’t need to download them on your computer. You get to read a spellbinding message from your unicorn spirit guide here and now, on this website.

Unicorn Oracle Cards – What Will Your Unicorn Spirit Guide Reveal to You?

Is there something going on in your life, that you’ve been thinking about a lot recently? Maybe it’s related to love, work, friendship or the overall direction of your life.

If you need to make a big decision, my advice is to listen to your intuition. It is usually right. But these free unicorn oracle cards might give you a little extra help. Maybe your unicorn spirit guide will deliver you the perfect message for your current situation.

How to Use the Free Online Oracle Cards? – Choose the Unicorn Card that Speaks to You.

The online unicorn oracle cards work in the same way as a quiz. First, press start and you will see the oracle cards. All oracle cards have a unicorn themed image on them. Maybe there is an image that you like more than the other ones? Choose a card with an image that feels like it “speaks” to you; an image that feels like it inspires you in some way.

When you have found your favorite image, simply click the card, and you will get a special message from your unicorn spirit guide.

It is similar to tarot card reading, but now you can do it online with this modern unicorn oracle card deck.

Did You Get a Spellbinding Message from Your Unicorn Spirit Guide? – Share it with Your Friends!

So, how was it? Did you like the unicorn oracle cards? Did you get a relevant message from your unicorn spirit guide?

If you found a message you liked, please share it with us in the comment section below!

If you are interested to read about unicorn as a spirit animal, I recommend you this post on the spiritual meaning of unicorns.

Please share todayΒ΄s post in your social media as well, so your friends get a message from their unicorn spirit guide too!

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6 thoughts on “Unicorn Oracle Cards”

  1. Chris Hedges

    Thanks for these cards, Kristi! I used them today and am impressed. The card I pulled inspired me to write a post about creativity and to write a prompt for other writers.

    Great cards. I also want to pass along a compliment from someone who saw the cards from the link on my post. She is impressed.

    We all love unicorns, so I’m glad I found your site.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Wow, I’m so happy to hear these cards worked for you, and you pulled a card that inspired you to write. There must be creative energy in the air now, because I also got inspired to write a short story last night.

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience, and for linking to this post. That’s amazing to hear someone else was impressed with the unicorn oracle cards as well.

      Btw, I just read your blog post. I’m gonna have to try the 10 random words IdeaStream to inspire myself to keep writing too! Sounds exactly the kind of inspiration that works for me.

      Have a magical day! πŸ¦„πŸ’–

  2. Wow, these oracle cards are awesome. For anyone who thinks that this doesn’t work, then I’ll have to tell you to think again, because it really does. I had a bothering question in my heart before flipping a card, and the answer I got was a yes. I think everyone should flip an oracle card and see for themselves. Thank you for bringing this up.

    1. That´s awesome, John! You got exactly the message you needed. It´s so nice to hear it helped you find an answer for an important question. 

  3. HI Kirsti, Cool site πŸ™‚

    I flipped a card and received Have Faith, your dreams will come true, which is exactly the kind of news I wanted to hear.

    I would love to have easy access to these card everyday because I’ve been thinking about getting a set of oracle cards of some kind. I think you mentioned in your about page that you have some skills, so maybe you could make a set for people to download in return for signing up to your site?

    In the meantime I will just have to keep coming back whenever I need a card, which is not a bad thing for your site either. Looking forward to learning more about Unicorns πŸ™‚

    1. Hello Deb,

      Thank you! That´s great to hear you got the news you wanted to hear from your unicorn spirit guide. 

      That’s a good idea, I could make a downloadable version in addition to this. I’ll have to think about it further, thank you for giving me ideas. πŸ™‚

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