Am I Unicorn Pegasus or Earth Pony - Girl Holding My Little Pony Toy

Am I a Unicorn, Pegasus or Earth Pony?

Let’s dash into the world of My Little Pony! If you have ever asked yourself “Am I a unicorn, Pegasus or Earth pony?”, today is your perfect opportunity to find out the truth.

Take our special Unicorn-Pegasus-Earth Pony personality test. This quiz will reveal which pony matches your personality.

“Am I a Unicorn Pegasus or Earth Pony?” – Which Pony Are You?

So, which pony are you; unicorn, Pegasus or Earth pony? Did you get the result you wished or expected, or something entirely different? Please share your result and what you think of it in the comment section below!

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  1. That was an interesting quiz thanks! I’m an earth pony and now I would like to find out more about the traits of the earth pony to really compare them to my personality and see how that goes! Could you tell me more or recommend a place for further reading? I will share this quiz with friends too.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for sharing your result with us! This article on a My Little Pony fan site is the most comprehensive source of information on Earth ponies I have found.

      Earth ponies have a special connection to nature, animals and plants. Earth ponies don’t have active magic the same way as unicorns, and they can’t fly like the pegasi. The strength of the Earth ponies lies in their good and truthful heart.

      Earth ponies do have magic too; they have a unique ability to grow certain plants only Earth ponies can grow. In other words, Earth ponies are excellent farmers. They are also physically strong and good at manual labor. Earth ponies are good at taking care of animals as well.

      While many Earth ponies are farmers, they are known to work in a variety of professions; as businessmen, photographers, celebrities, musicians, spa workers, nurses, teachers…

      What do you think, does this description match your personality? 🐴

  2. I’m a unicorn. I love baking treats, sweets, wearing colorful sparkly jewels, quiet walks in the forest, I used to pretend I was actually bathing and eating the rainbow whenever it came thru my window as a kid. I remember charging into any situation to rescue an animal.. I remember saying that I would never cut my “shining red mane” off, because it was magical. πŸ¦„

    1. Congrats! You got the same result as me, then. I’m also a unicorn. Well, you truly are a unicorn, if you actually pretended to eat a rainbow! As far as I’m aware, only unicorns eat rainbows. πŸ¦„

  3. I took the quiz a few more times and still got Unicorn. And i’m happy with that now i am smart,loving,caring and love baking treats. and i see that im a unicorn now thx for making this quiz.

  4. This quiz was awesome! I got a pegasus which is surprising! I expected a unicorn but Pegasuses are really cool to! I really kinda struggled on the power one teleportation is cool but controlling the weather is really cool too ! But this quiz was cool.