What Is a Rainbow Unicorn?

What Is a Rainbow Unicorn?

Rainbows and unicorns are a great match. Sunshine, unicorns and rainbows, and some glitter on top. What else do you need? Unicorns even eat rainbows; read more about that on the post on unicorns’ diet.

But is there such a thing as a “rainbow unicorn”? What is a rainbow unicorn? Is it a unicorn species, or are all unicorns rainbow unicorns, whatever that means? This is a mystery we are going to solve today!

What Is a Rainbow Unicorn? – A White Body, a Rainbow Colored Mane and Tail

Rainbow unicorns seem to be all over the place these days. There are so many rainbow unicorn goods available; toys, clothes, games… A YouTuber has uploaded a video on how she became a rainbow unicorn. I just found out there is even an energy drink called “Rainbow unicorn”!

With all these rainbow unicorn products, and even rainbow unicorn people, it’s amazing how little information there is available on what exactly is a rainbow unicorn.

The most visible features of a rainbow unicorn are its rainbow colored mane and tail. Actually, the rainbow colored mane and tail are the only features that make the rainbow unicorn visibly different from the classic unicorn.

The coat of the rainbow unicorn is white, the same color as the traditional coat color of the classic European unicorn.

Cute Unicorn Pictures - Rainbow Unicorn Sleeping on Cloud

The Amazing Living Habits of the Rainbow Unicorn

The appearance of the rainbow unicorn seems to be everything most people know about this colorful unicorn species.

Yes, I think we can call the rainbow unicorn a unicorn species. It is a very modern unicorn species; the numerous rainbow unicorn products have appeared very recently.

There’s almost no information available on the living habits of the rainbow unicorn, but I managed to find out something.

The rainbow unicorns enjoy living a more individual lifestyle than the European unicorns. Rainbow unicorns like solitude more than living in a group, unlike the classic unicorns that prefer living in small family groups.

You might imagine rainbow unicorns would live on sunny fields, but surprisingly, they often live in isolated, damp areas. They even like swamps.

Rainbow unicorns are known to be able to control the weather.

Famous Rainbow Unicorns

As I mentioned, rainbow unicorns are super popular these days, so it’s not surprising they can also be found in popular culture.

A rainbow unicorn is seen on the Disney/Pixar animated film Inside Out. The rainbow unicorn character, called Rainbow Unicorn, is an imaginary friend and an actress. She has a rainbow colored mane like a rainbow unicorn is expected. In the movie, Rainbow Unicorn has starred in a dream sequence called Fairy Dream Adventure, Part 7.

There is also a 2019 animated television series called Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty. It is about a magical cat that is part rainbow, part butterfly, and part unicorn. Sounds pretty confusing to me! I wonder if this counts as a rainbow unicorn. I guess it does, because the character is part unicorn (and part rainbow).

In the My Little Pony series, there are some rainbow unicorn pony characters. In the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, there is Rainbow Dash, a blue Pegasus with a rainbow colored mane and tail.

Rainbow Unicorn Symbolism

Being super popular in the modern world, it’s not surprising that the rainbow unicorn has a symbolic meaning in the human world.

First of all, the rainbow unicorn is the ultimate symbol of the LGBT community and gay pride. Both rainbows and unicorns are associated with the LGBT community and gay rights, and the rainbow unicorn mixes them both; a unicorn and the rainbow colors.

what is a rainbow unicorn gay pride

Existence of the YouTubers who call themselves “rainbow unicorns” also suggests the rainbow unicorn symbolizes a unique and colorful person. Some people call themselves “unicorns”, which also symbolizes a unique individual. A person calling themselves a “rainbow unicorn” seems to be an even more unique individual, who is not afraid to be who they are, and who loves all the colors of the rainbow.

What Is a Rainbow Unicorn? – A Trend, a Unicorn and a Symbol

With all the rainbow unicorn merchandise around these days, it’s confusing to figure out what the rainbow unicorn actually is. I hope this post has helped you get some answers.

The rainbow unicorn is a unicorn species with a rainbow colored mane and tail. While there is very little information available on its living habits, some stories say rainbow unicorns like solitude more than “classic” unicorns. Rainbow unicorns often live in isolated, damp areas, even near swamps.

Rainbow unicorns are also seen in popular culture, such as in the animated film Inside Out and in the My Little Pony series.

The rainbow unicorn has a symbolic meaning in the human world. It is the ultimate symbol of the LGBT community. The rainbow unicorn also seems to be a symbol of a unique and colorful person.

These days there are rainbow unicorn toys, clothes, games and even energy drinks all over the place. This may make the rainbow unicorn seem very commercial. But people sell what other people buy, and there seems to be a market for rainbow unicorns.

After all, a unicorn with a rainbow colored mane and tail is like an ultimate representation of magic, joy and colors. I suppose that’s what the world needs these days.

Let me know what you think about rainbow unicorns! Is there anything else you know about them, or are they a mystery to you? Please share your magical thoughts in the comment section below.

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8 thoughts on “What Is a Rainbow Unicorn?”

  1. blank

    I wasn’t aware this was an actual thing! I’m a little confused when it comes to how fictional are these characters? Also, I LOVE the fact that it symbolizes the LGBT+ community. I am part of the community and I didn’t know about this information. So nice to come across articles like this that shine some light into this targeted community. What better than doing it with a representation of a symbolic rainbow unicorn!  

    1. blank

      Hi Stephanie,

      Yeah, rainbow unicorn is an ultimate symbol of the LGBT community. Rainbows and unicorns separately are also LGBT symbols, and rainbow unicorn kind of mixes them both.

      The famous rainbow unicorn characters such as Rainbow Unicorn in the animated film Inside Out and Rainbow Dash in My Little Pony are very much fictional characters. Fictional rainbow unicorn characters seem to be all over the place these days, but there is little information available on the rainbow unicorn as a unicorn species, or what the rainbow unicorn actually is. This is something I tried to answer on this article.

      Thank you for leaving a comment! Happy to hear the symbolism of rainbow unicorn was a positive surprise to you.  

  2. blank

    Hi Kirsti, 

    Somehow, browsing the net for information on horse breed, I came across your article about rainbow unicorns. It is such cute information, and it is so nice to dream about lovely and colourful rainbow unicorns roaming around in their solitude. 

    I have also learned something new. I knew that rainbow represents LGBT but I have never noticed the Unicorn symbol. I´ll be checking it out next time I see an LGBT event. I live in Madrid and they celebrate big over here. 

    Thank you for the sweet information. Please keep narrating and sharing magical knowledge about these lovely unicorns. 

    Best. Marisa

    1. blank

      Hi Marisa,

      It seems many people don’t know the unicorn is a symbol of the LGBT community, even though they know about the rainbow symbolism. Maybe even many LGBT community members don’t know about it, because I haven’t seen so many unicorns in gay prides, mostly just rainbow flags.

      Happy to hear you enjoyed this post and learned something new!

  3. blank

    Once a friend mentioned the rainbow unicorn to me but I found it very very interesting to hear that there was something called that bit like you have said, there is not much data about it. I see that they really do like the swamp, does this mean they enter it because that would seem dirty to me. I think that it is a very nice thing that you can give us some good information about the unicorn. I should watch that series though.

    1. blank

      Hi John,

      Exactly, even though rainbow unicorns are everywhere these days, there is very little information on what they actually are. This is something I tried to answer on my post.

      I haven’t found information on why rainbow unicorns like swamps. Maybe it’s because they like solitude and swamps are usually quiet. I wonder if swamps are dirty, though, but anyway, it wouldn’t matter to a unicorn. That’s because unicorns keep themselves magically clean. 🙂

  4. blank

    I must say what a beautifully constructed site, makes me wanna know about rainbow unicorns. I did your quiz and I am the magnificent winged unicorn! makes perfect sense! I travel around the world and enjoy nature and dream about success… How do you know all this about unicorns? Is there some secret books I have missed? In that case,
    I would like to give these books away as x-mas presents… My sister’s children will love this!!! All the best!

    1. blank

      Thank you, Bernie! We are the same species, then, I also got winged unicorn on the quiz. 🙂 

      I do have some book recommendations, if you’re looking for unicorn books with lots of unicorn information. Unicorns – Magical Creatures from Myth and Fiction written by Mia Di Francesco is a good one. It’s not very long, but it has a lot of information on different kind of unicorns. Unicorns in fiction are also introduced, and there are lots of images in this book.

      Another book I recommend is Chris Lavers’s The Natural History of Unicorns. This book has basically all the information about the history of unicorns. This is not light reading, and it’s quite academic, but if you really want to know everything about the origin of unicorns, this is the book you should read. 

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